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Local Business Marketing

Our favorite tips to help local businesses succeed and thrive within their communities!
How to Market a Product When You're Broke as a Joke

When you don't have a lot of money, you have to get creative. For example, when I was super broke in college, my roommate and I had nothing in our fridge except a tub of butter and a few tortillas. Enter: the butter crisp, a totally unhealthy, but inventive spin on its fancier cousin, the cheese crisp.

Cause Marketing: Give Back and Get Noticed

Interested in trying your hand at guerrilla marketing? We've got you covered! Below is an excerpt from our latest free ebook ( 10 Mind-Blowing Guerrilla Marketing Ideas) that explains how you can use cause marketing to promote your small business (with a guerrilla marketing twist)!

How My Marketing Failures Taught Me to Succeed

How many times have you made plans for your business only to end up doing absolutely nothing with them? When I was just starting out as an entrepreneur, this was one of my biggest problems. I would plan and plan, but never take action. As a result, I'm sure you can guess, my business failed.

Revealed! Google Secrets for Improving Your Website

We know a secret, na-na-na-na-na-nah! ( Disclaimer: We will not be held liable for any unpleasant playground flashbacks that statement may have caused.) Okay. Fine. We won't taunt you about this secret any longer. It's not nearly as fun as we thought it would be and we actually really want to share it with you.

Direct Mail Marketing: Get Your Goods in Their Mailbox

It can be exhausting thinking about all the different ways to market to your customers. But, there's no way to know for certain which techniques will work best with your target audience until you experiment. With your goods.

Cash Mobs: The Ultimate Guide for Promoting on a Budget

"It was incredible! I've never seen anything like it. The store was packed with book-people, arms loaded with large tomes and baskets filled with paperbacks." These words were Melanie Tighe's, owner of Dog-Eared Pages Used Books, as she happily explained the turnout for the cash mob Scott's Marketplace hosted to help save her bookstore from going out of business.

Lights, Camera, Action: Video Marketing for Beginners

"It's too expensive." "Too time-consuming." "Too hard." Yep, we've heard every lame excuse in the book when it comes to why a small business owner avoids video marketing, but we're here to tell you you're wrong. Dead wrong. Creating videos isn't just for those with an endless budget and super-fancy video equipment.

Join the Ultimate Local Business Directory

Looking for a local business directory? Scott's Marketplace, a soon-to-launch online marketplace for local business owners, is all that - and more. By joining, you'll not only have a greater chance at being found online, you'll get a fully functional ecommerce website where you can sell your products. Yep, we know.

4 Simple Steps to Increase Conversion Rates

One of the main goals for launching a website is conversion. Conversion is getting people to act and take action in a manner you want. Newsletter signups, filling out a contact form, clicking on links and ultimately purchasing your products or services are all conversion points.

Free eBooks for Social Media, Blogging, Business Plans, & More!

We asked you to voice your biggest problems and frustrations when it comes to running your local business - and today's blog post is proof that we listened! In fact, our senior manager of social media, Jerilyn Soncrant, turned your comments into a silly series entitled 'Things Local Business Owners Never Say' as a fun way of addressing your issues.

Moss Graffiti: Guerrilla Marketing at Its Greenest

You've heard time and time again that being different gets you noticed. But is it even possible to come up with some kind of amazingly unique marketing plan for your small business without spending a ton of money? It sure is and there's a name for it: guerrilla marketing!

A Surprisingly Easy Way to Reach Your Target Market

There's nothing worse than waiting in a never-ending line, right? And if you've been in one yourself - and who hasn't, really - then you know firsthand just how boring and frustrating it can be. That's why targeting long lines for a marketing campaign can be a borderline genius idea.

3 Ways to Differentiate Your Business With Product Marketing

There are over 28 million small businesses in America, but surprise, surprise, there are not over 28 million unique products. Instead, there are 28 million small businesses competing in just a few hundred markets. I'm not trying to depress you, but merely to point out that whatever you plan on doing for your small business, someone else is probably doing the same thing.

Experiential Marketing Tips: How to Make Your Business Unforgettable
With some of the biggest and most profitable shopping days just around the corner, it's time to start thinking now about what your holiday marketing strategy is going to be. Trying something new this year, like experiential marketing, is a smart move because it'll shake up what your regular customers expect from you and encourage new customers to check out what you have to offer.
Get Your Business Ready for Holiday Shopping Domination

Is it a sin of our society that we associate the change of the seasons with the beginning of another holiday shopping season? Oh well. As far as we're concerned, it's never too soon for a good Halloween-themed movie starring a singing skeleton!

5 Event Marketing Ideas for Seasonal Events

Every year it becomes abundantly clear that people love going outside during the fall season. Whether it's shopping events, farmer's markets, or begging for candy - you name it and the crowds will materialize. So what does this mean for small business owners?

Email Marketing That Won't Make Your Customers Hate You
When I receive a promotional email that I deem annoying, I do what every other normal human does - I delete it faster than you can say "pumpkin beer." But why do I, and countless others, do this? After all, I did sign up for this email list at some point.
Grow Your Business With Our 2014 Marketing Strategy

As we bid farewell to 2013 and all of its wonderfulness (and to our New Year's hangovers) it's about time we reexamined marketing trends as they impact small business owners. From social media, to ad campaigns, to the apps that will enhance your business, we've got the skinny on small business marketing trends from a guy who knows a thing or two about it.

A Marketing Tactic You've Never Tried (But Should!)

If we told you that there's a very simple, budget-friendly marketing tactic that can effectively promote your business (while spreading joy to the local residents in your area) would you want to know more? Of course you would!

How to Define Your Target Market & Make Them Love You!

I'm sure you've heard some variation on the old adage: When you try to be everything to everyone, you end up being nothing to no one. And although sayings like this are often repeated, the true wisdom behind it may not be given the appreciation it's due.

How to Define Your Target Market and Make Them Love You

I'm sure you've heard some variation on the old adage: When you try to be everything to everyone, you end up being nothing to no one. And although sayings like this are often repeated, the true wisdom behind it may not be given the appreciation it's due.

How Images And Reviews Make Your Company Stand Out Online

As little as 10 years ago, if you were running a website for a local or small business you were ahead of the game.

How to use Google Keyword Planner

First of all, lets clarify what is Google Keyword Planner. For any business, who is willing to have some online presence, for any webmaster, for any blogger or marketing researcher, there is no way around, but to have some numerical data. Numerical data regarding how many people are searching for a given keyword in Google.