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Updated by D'Art Design on May 09, 2021
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D'Art Design- A Brand Activation Agency

For D’Art, creating a buzz about its client is the goal ‘prime’ and that’s the practice of Branding Activation, and many new innovative techniques laced with technologies are used to the same.
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X-timer Growth By Brand Activation

X-timer Growth By Brand Activation

The current testing times have created a black hole where economies are shrunk, people are trapped in survival, so the brands and businesses. The term ‘Branding Activation’ doesn’t need any kind of introduction or awareness, as it is one of the sole activities on which brands rely on. Though the term doesn’t need awareness, the brand and its products need. Branding Activation creates the buzz about the brands and their products among the ‘ground-zero by personalizing brands to its audience. And yet the title of this listicle gets justified.

What’s the successful Brand Activation Strategy?

The brains behind answering this question have been scratched many times. People get into figuring out the best strategy but leave behind the importance of ‘how’ while activating. Some of the pointers including the ‘how' factor while performing brand activation:-

Set Brand Goals -
Brand activation calls for a lot of communication and clear objectives. Spending plenty of time and making clear communication with the audience helps them understand the brand and its products in a better way. As the goal is to increase sales, so the audience should be engaged in various curriculums like contests, on-site rewards, hashtags promoting a brand, etc. to let the customer purchase. Measurability is another important factor in the planning stage. The objectives should be quantifiable and influence how to measure success and budget.

Know your Audience -
The idea of an ideal audience is a great start point. And focusing on more high-value contacts makes the activation more successful. As activation is all about personalizing the experience rather than simple awareness, digging deep into the need for your product can trigger the purchase behavior. KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) should be tracked thoroughly in real-time to ensure the engagement of the audience.

Examine the Competition -
A major problem for any brand is its adversaries. Eyeing carefully at the competition’s products, communications, defects, loopholes can become your advantage in the market. Formulating a strategy for the same ‘on-time can help your brand develop an audience that can make the sale scale in an upward graph.

Activate, Activate. Activate then Monitor and Evaluate.

Some Creative Brand Activation Ideas For X-Time -

● Re-create within store

● Go big in malls

● Capture right emotions

● Get Local-N-Vocal

● VR/AR Experienced Activations

● Make creative use of public spaces

● Partner

Curated with the experiences of best brand activations by D’Art Design, country-wide activations have enabled clients to unfold sales ‘x’ times. The role of a brand activation agency is diverse and spiked in different directions. It considers Brand activation Services as the awareness wand to scale up sales.


A Successful Brand Activation Strategy

A Successful Brand Activation Strategy

Brands nowadays are more concerned about the visibility factor, as survival in the competition is the key. For that purpose, they rely on a retail agency that can provide brand identity in a sustainable way.

What’s the successful Brand Activation strategy?

A successful Brand Activation strategy is the one that can transform the insights into business realities. The one that can make brand positioning an effective way of placing the brand in the course of brand identity. Though a brand activation strategy is dependent on different variables such as objectives, resources(available), and the industry that changes ‘company-to-company & strategy-to-strategy’, but to make it successful an agency with an experienced team is required.

The R&D for the same not only includes the study of brands’ target audience & demographics but also their approach on how they want to present in relation to recent times.

A communication strategy is planned which includes brainstorming of creative campaigns and in-depth insights of brands’ target audience. An emotional connection is hooked with brands’ stories from different angles.

For example:

For HITACHI, D’Art curated the brand activation strategy which was executed at the Chennai, Tamil Nadu.

Another pointer that needs to be added is “What” is the cause’ that drives the consumer’s intellect about your brand either in purchasing or on believing in brands’ vision.
‘Word out of mouth’ is an age-old proven method where you can gather a larger community if you have engaged the prima in the first place. But from the start to the continuing process, loyalty is the factor ‘major’ which is to be done in a 2-way process.

“If you will give, you will earn” - Loyalty

Maintaining the course afterward is the key.

After proper activation planning, an activation is successful only if it is executed in a perfect manner. From marketing to PR (Public Relation) to customer service to UX (User Experience) everything is countable in perfect execution. And the most important DESIRED RESULT needs to be achieved.

“What do you understand by a Brand Libretto?”

A brand libretto or a brand playbook is a document(ed) after both ‘Activation Planning’ and ‘Activation Execution’. A good libretto eloquent a strategic vision for the brand. It is helpful in future branding, communication, marketing, and innovation strategies. The ‘must-ones’ that needed to be included in your brand libretto are as follows:

● Value hypothesis for ‘key’ spots.

● Emotional and functional RTB’s.

● Brand’s tone & personality.

● Brand’s voice and know-how’s

In a nutshell, to plan and execute a successful Brand Activation strategy, brands’ vision, background story, and appeal need to be turned into life to trigger consumer’s fervor in order to drive their purchase behavior. The connection made at the ‘POS’ should be strong enough to convey the brand’s value via oral communication and

That’s what we call a perfect strategy!