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apple(iphone, ipad, macbook,etc.)repair DIY

Stuck with your apple device issues. worry no more. Check this list of issues you may probably be facing in your apple devices.

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Which one should you choose – Apple Watch 6 or Samsung Galaxy Watch 3? It all began with a tech rivalry between the two leading smartphone leading companies, and now the battle has waged with smartwatches. Apple watches seem to dominate the smartwatch industry, but the Samsung smartwatch is not too far.

The customer often gets confused between which is better Apple watches or Samsung Galaxy watches. iFixScreens has cast its verdict on Apple Watch 6, and similarly, we have done the same for Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 (the latest added collection to the smartwatch industry).

The biggest question for smartwatch buyers is, which one should you buy? The big question is which one is better – Apple Watch 6 or Samsung Galaxy Watch 3.

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Free up storage on my iPhone. Here are 7 steps to boost your iPhone in 7 steps!
If you’re an iPhone freak - just like us and your iPhone runs out of storage space, then this blog is for you. If your iPhone is about to run out of storage or is nearly full, then you need to free up your Apple device storage space quickly!

We have been repairing at least 7 generations of iPhone and we know all the technical steps to free up storage on my iPhone. This article covers step by step solutions if you need to free up storage on my iPhone.

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Looking for ways to save on your iPhone repair cost? Here is a solution for you

Everyone likes saving money. We get an emotional high when we get to know about a good deal. At iFixScreens, we bring you the best repairing deals for your broken iPhone's and other gadgets around the year! (Gaming consoles, Computer repair, iPads, iPods, etc.)

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There is no doubt that American users are most comfortable using the Apple iPhone over all other smartphone brands. It offers many unique features like the speed of use, durability, camera quality, privacy, display quality, FaceTime, and many more. But it is also a fact that machines do wear out, and no matter what you do after some time, some issues start coming up. One of the most common problems is the iPhone Black Screen of Death issue. Read along to know all the possible solutions that you can try yourself.

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Airpods are a pocket-friendly Bluetooth gadget that you own, which seems the easiest thing to manage/carry – until they stop working. There is only one button on the charging case of Apple AirPods, and when you see the case, it feels as if you cannot do anything to fix the problem. But this is not true. With the Apple Airpods, one button can fix many problems. This means you do not have to visit your nearest Apple repair centre and you can work as a technician yourself. Here are some quick solutions to how you can solve the Airpods not connecting issue, right/ left Airpod not working issue, and many more.

This is one of the most common problems Airpods users face, and the question that is often raised here is, “Why are my Airpods not connecting?”

AirPods not connecting issue can be due to many reasons, i.e., due to complex balance problem or complex hardware issues.

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If you are an iPhone user and with time, your iPhone is getting slower, especially when shiny new models are out, and you are wondering if you should panic buy the latest model, check out these tips on how to speed up your iPhone.

Step 1: The first step to speed up your iPhone is to update the iOS version.
As of now, the latest iOS 14, which was updated in September 2019, has shown quite a few bugs during the initial phase of the operating system release. However, Apple will allegedly be tackling these issues in their upcoming iOS 14.4 update somewhere on 26th January 2021.

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Breaking news for all the MacBook users! The macOS Big Sur is finally here and available for most Mac devices. Say Goodbye to macOS Catalina; macOS Big Sur is here! However, it has also concerned many MacBook users about its application stability, performance issue, and other bugs, for which they might have to wait for another bug fix update.

DO NOT WORRY! Let us help you decide from the two.
macOS Big Sur is a major upgrade by Apple, not just from macOS Catalina but also from OS upgrade from two decades. It has been 20 years that Mac has shifted from macOS 10 to macOS 11. As expected, macOS Big Sur has also changed the compatibility of its devices to macOS Big Sur.

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Thinking of spending some serious cash on getting your iPhone fixed? No need. Are your facing iPhone Not Charging issues? Read this to find the best suitable solution to why an iPhone won’t charge when plugged in.
If you have plugged in your iPhone and your iPhone is not charging, do not go into panic mode. After reading this, your iPhone will require a simple fix from you.
Become your mobile repairing technician!

ALERT!! Of The Fake IPhone Screen Repairs. 5 Essential Points To Keep In Mind.

Apple iPhones are known worldwide for their stunning display quality. However, when people have their iPhone undergo some screen repair or replacement, they get deceived with fake screen repairs. This is because of the existence of some third-party copies in the market.

You can easily differentiate between the build and quality of an original and the fake ones. Let’s move further and insight into some of the major differences between original and fake screen repairs for the iPhone.

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Let’s face it, iPhones are the most expensive smartphone devices in the market and so are its repairs. Especially, the iPhone back glass repair or replacement, they cost a bomb!. Along with a broken iPhone back glass is one of the most annoying issues we come across during our day-to-day lives.

A cracked iPhone back screen brings a host of complications like facing discomfort while texting, sending emails, playing games, or just simply holding the phone while speaking on-call can be a messy pain in the neck. On top, the crack may increase every passing day & may put other parts of the phone at risk of damage.

Apple Watch Series 5 - 7 Interesting Features! | IFixScreens

Gone are the days when you had to pull your iPhones out of your pocket or reach out to the table to pick it up to check notifications, answer calls, text & more. With apple series watches, you probably don’t even need one to carry out the day-to-day activities you do with your iPhone. Right from checking notifications, answering calls, tracking your health & fitness, there is a lot that Apple has been bringing to the table with its series of watches.

No doubt, the Apple Watch is a powerful device in a small & cool looking wrist band. With the recent Apple watch series 5, Apple has brought tons of new productive & exciting features to make the best out of your Apple watch. In this article, let’s check out step-by-step some of the most exciting features that may help in your day-to-day life!

Some of these apple watch series 5 features may be new & are only available with the new apple watch series 5 while few of them are already present on its predecessors, regardless, they’re worth a try!

3 Ways how to clean iPhone – Keep your iPhone Corona protected & safeguard yourself!

With the recent outbreak of Coronavirus, people are looking for different ways to protect themselves from getting affected by the virus. They’re using masks, sanitizers, disinfectants & what not to safeguard themselves from getting infected with the deadly virus.

WHO is advising the public to wash their hands often & also disinfect frequently touched surfaces & objects. Given the places, we carry our mobile phones right from our toilet to public places & the host of germs & bacteria it attracts, cleaning & disinfecting your phone becomes very important.

According to a report as per the Seattle times, your phone contains 25,127 germs & bacteria per square inch. But, you can’t just put your iPhone under tap water just the way you wash your hands to clean it. Check out a small video here at Mashable.

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Apple has always been a milestone setter from its very inception. Apple has taken many steps that would revolutionize the industry or better the world. From its Apple 2 to GUI (graphic user interface) & from iPod to iPhones, many others like outdating ADB, SCSI, floppy drive, etc. In short, Apple .inc has taken many bold steps, but this one seems to be one of its best, seeing its future implications, one of the top 3. You cant probably imagine the consequences and changes it would bring to the industry.

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So, you have recently sold your old or broken iPhone to trade-in some cash or upgrade it to a newer version of the iPhone. Well, congratulations!! You’ve taken a step towards a sustainable environment by doing so. But do you ever wonder what happens to your iPhones afterward? In this blog, we’ll tell you all you need to know about the afterlife of your old smartphone once you give it away. With a plethora of new affordable phones with advanced technologies hitting off the shelves each passing year, people have been rapidly changing their phones to upgrade to the newer versions.

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Is your iPhone dead or broken? Or, are you looking to sell used iPhone to upgrade to the latest version or buying another phone of your choice?

If yes, well, this is the blog for you. In this blog, we’ve covered all the useful information needed to help you get the best bucks out of your old or broken iPhone.

Now first things first. You would need to make sure whether your iPhone is broken or not?

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As compared to Android phones, the iPhone is difficult to hack. Thanks to the stringent rules and regulations by Apple keeps a tight check on apps that upload to the App Store. Also, it is difficult to find a dependable antivirus app in the App Store because Apple has a lot of limitations on scanning other apps and accessing their data. Very few legitimate applications get through these filters and are then available in the Appstore. Also, even after publishing the app, if the apps happen found to be malicious, Apple has a good history of banning these apps. Even Reddit got banned from the Appstore once due to non-compliance. You can know more about the banning history of Apple here. All this is good. But, this does not mean that the iPhones are not hackable.

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iPhone 13 and 13 Pro details leaked!
So let’s see what the upgrades that we would see in the iPhone 13 are. Being the biggest fan of iPhone 12, we can’t wait to see the juicy upgrades apple will come up with. So let’s not waste time and dig in.

The first story of the day is that Apple will finally be getting rid of the notch, and they’re going to favour a punch whole selfie camera instead. Of course, this will be for the 2022 iPhones and not the iPhone 13, but it’s still an unexpected move.

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Airtag’s finally here, and they promise to take on the likes of tile and other product finders to keep track of your lost stuff for 29 or 99 dollars for one or four-pack. The Air tags offer both Bluetooth and ultra-wideband connectivity to find everything from your wallet and your keys to your backpack or luggage.

If you have a newer iPhone(11 or 12), you can get directions to that lost item right on your phone’s display. I’ve been using the Air tags for about a week. They work fairly well and are super simple to set up, but there’s room for improvement.

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So we know the Macbook M1 Air with M1 processor is a revolution. This low power 5 nm chip has created ripples in the computing world and will change the face of computing in the years to come. BUT, it’s not without its issues. Some of which may be a deal breaker for you. So Without wasting time lets get into....

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There’s a troubling trend in the technology industry. More and more, the devices we buy are becoming locked down through a combination of hardware and software that’s designed to prevent independent shops and us from upgrading, repairing, and in some shocking cases, even using them in ways that the original manufacturer doesn’t sanction. This tight integration has brought us improvements like smaller and less expensive gadgets.

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Well, you are paying top dollar, standing in the line, Preordering to get your hands on your latest iPhone. And it breaks your heart and ours too to see the iPhone slowing down after some time. Not only that, it forces your battery to age quickly, so you end up in iPhone battery repair. But, Worry not; here are the top 5 apps that are slowing down your phone and how to fix them without uninstalling them.

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Why smart reasons why people buy used iPhone yet. you heard that right used iPhones. Under a couple of conditions they have to be in good condition, of course, you don’t want to get one with a bunch of scratches on it all that stuff, but I want to explain to you know seven reasons why We think this is a great idea in 2021. So lets begin with the 7-Reasons to buy Used iPhone

100% Effective Tricks On "How To Save IPhone Battery?"

iPhones run out of battery quite often, and we feel helpless and frustrated trying to save the iPhone battery. It’s just an unfortunate fact of life, but thankfully, we’ve run enough tests every year at iFixScreens to determine the best ways to get the most battery out of each charge. If your searching for “iPhone battery replacement near me,” then your local iFixScreens Store will charge a minimum for iPhone battery replacement, but we have a few tips so that it will never come to that, hopefully.

Best Smartphone To Buy In 2021(Released & Upcoming ) | IFixScreens

We are in the mid of the year and talking about the best smartphones in 2021, many have been launched, and many are yet to come. But its has been an exciting year you the technology world. With Apple launching many devices and updates, especially access to privacy settings and google, it now seems to follow up the same privacy settings on its devices. Android also updated its os called Android 12, where the whole user interface is customizable, Which is cool.

The Right To Repair Movement: A Long Due Victory

Although we have already written about “Apple VS Right To Repair!!! Explained,” but there seems to be sudden turmoil in the movement supporting the Right to repair. What is this turmoil about, and how will it affect us. let’s see in our blog on

“Long Due Victory For The Right to Repair Movement.”