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Free online resources in HCI, UX/UI, Design

Hack Design

An easy to follow design course for hackers who do amazing things.

Web Fundamentals

New to coding? Start here! Learn the building blocks of web development with HTML and CSS, and create your own website by the end of the course.

The Design of Everyday Things: Donald A. Norman (ebook)

The Design of Everyday Things is a best-selling book by cognitive scientist and usability engineer Donald Norman about the design of simple objects, and why some objects please their users while others frustrate them.

Bret Victor, beast of burden (web portfolio)

Bret Victor intends to invent the medium and representations in which the scientists, engineers,
and artists of the next century will understand and create systems.

MINDSTORMS- Children, Computers and Powerful Ideas by Seymour Papert (ebook)

Mindstorms has two central themes: that children can learn to use computers in a masterful way and that learning to use computers can change the way they learn everything else

Video: Bret Victor - Inventing on Principle

Bret Victor invents tools that enable people to understand and create.

Design: Creation of Artifacts in Society on Coursera

Combine fundamental concepts with hands-on design challenges to become a better designer.

Karl T. Ulrich is Vice Dean of Innovation and the CIBC Professor of Entrepreneurship and e-Commerce at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. He also holds an appointment as Professor of Mechanical Engineering. His research is focused on innovation, entrepreneurship, and product development. He is the co-author of Product Design and Development (5th Edition, McGraw-Hill, 2011), a textbook used by a quarter of a million students worldwide, and of Innovation Tournaments (Harvard Business Press, 2009).

Stanford's HCI on Coursera

Helping you build human-centered design skills, so that you have the principles and methods to create excellent interfaces with any technology.

Workload: 10-12 hours/week

Scott Klemmer is an Associate Professor of Computer Science at Stanford University. He co-directs the Human-Computer Interaction Group and holds the Bredt Faculty Scholar development chair. Organizations around the world use his lab's open-source design tools and curricula; several books and popular press articles have covered his research and teaching.

HCI Course | Alan Dix

An open, online and FREE course for those interested in learning human-centered design skills. A course by Alan Dix, Professor and co-author of the Human-Computer Interaction book.

User Interface Design and Implementation on MIT OCW

6.831/6.813 examines human-computer interaction in the context of graphical user interfaces. The course covers human capabilities, design principles, prototyping techniques, evaluation techniques, and the implementation of graphical user interfaces. Deliverables include short programming assignments and a semester-long group project. Students taking the graduate version also have readings from current literature and additional assignments.

User Experience for the Web at Open2Study

Learn to create great experiences for people visiting websites, with proven tools and techniques.

Amir is a Principal Consultant at Stamford Interactive, a user experience consultancy. He holds a Bachelor of Industrial Design (Honours) from RMIT University. He has over 13 years of experience working in user interface, interaction and user-centred design, as well as in product and graphic design.

Writing for the Web at Open2Study

Explore how writing style, web design and structure can grab the attention of and engage online readers.

Frankie is a Senior User Experience Consultant at Stamford Interactive. Her job involves talking to people about how they want to use websites, intranets and apps and then creating the structure and interface for those websites, intranets and apps. One part of her job is to write the content that is used on the websites, intranets and apps that she designs.

Video: How To Become a UX Designer

Google Hangout interview with UX Designer James Wu, Kobo (@wuj3888)

20 Websites to Help You Master User Interface Design

As web technologies progress, websites and web applications are becoming more responsive, providing us with more ways and techniques to interact with the users. Form, more than ever, has been superseded by function. The following websites deal with interface design, user experience, user-centered design, usability, and everything in between - all with the goal of enhancing the user's interface.

UICloud | User Interface Design Search Engine, UI Inspiration, UI Elements, GUI Design, Freebies

UICloud collects the best user interface designs from the internet all over the world and provides a search engine for you to find the best UI element that you need.