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Amazing things that QR codes do for everyday business

Here are some of the examples how QR codes are used in business, marketing, and many more! Are you using QR codes for your every day life? Don't forget to vote for your faves!

QR code analytics: How to track the statistics of your QR code campaigns

QR code analytics is an integral part in any business and marketing decisions as it formed part in developing strategies and in maximizing profit margins. It is a crucial element that you shouldn’t miss when executing QR code campaigns!

In this article, let's find out how to track your QR code scans using QR code analytics.

Color QR code: How to correctly color your QR codes

A black and white QR code is so last millennium. Now, you can color QR code using a QR code generator to make them more attractive, on-brand, and scan-able.

In the age of technology, electrical contracting firms are using QR codes in electrical equipment tracking. Efficient asset tracking ensures the desired results with maximum benefit to customers.

Struck by the coronavirus pandemic, the fitness industry has to go digital to meet the ever-changing customer needs. Using QR codes for gyms, you’ll connect to your customers and bring safer and convenient customer experience.

A customized Weebly QR code for your website is a smart tech tool that directs your scanners to your website and helps you drive more web traffic and conversions.

The pandemic has made the event and experiential industry pause on live events. But it does not stop event planners to find a way to carry on. Thanks to technology, a safer event is possible using various tech tools for contactless event registration.

Top 7 interactive content you should use as a marketer - Free Custom QR Code Maker and Creator with logo

Interactive content is more engaging and highly immersive. Here are the 7 best types of interactive content including QR codes you must use.

A Google Calendar QR code, when scanned will prompt your guests to add and save the event directly on their smartphones.

How do brands like L’Oreal, Burberry, and Dior generate leads using QR codes? Let’s find out more about how QR codes can be used to generate leads for your business.

Offline QR codes can work without the internet when scanned using a smartphone device or a QR code reader app. Offline QR codes include text, number, and wi-fi QR codes.

How to use a Grubhub QR code to propel sales

Grubhub QR code allows customers to find your restaurant on Grubhub. It redirects users to your restaurant on Grubhub to conveniently order food online.

How to use social Etsy QR code to grow your online shop business - Free Custom QR Code Maker and Creator with logo

Social Etsy QR code boosts sales and improves online shopping experience. It increases your shop's online visibility and grows your customer base.

How to use QR codes on street signs to modernize cities

Modern cities nowadays are implementing QR codes on street signs to improve governance, city operations, and become more environmentally sustainable.

How to use QR codes in the utility industry

Streamline and optimize your processes in providing utility services to your consumers using QR codes in utility industry.

How to make social Shopify QR code and get more online sales - Free Custom QR Code Maker and Creator with logo

A social Shopify QR code houses all your social media pages and e-commerce platforms including your online store on Shopify in one QR code.

How to create a social Menulog QR code to increase online orders and reach more customers

The social Menulog QR code is a powerful QR code solution for restaurants that allows customers to go to the restaurant’s Menulog profile and to connect to other social media links in one code.

10 ways to use QR codes in beach resorts to elevate guest experience

As the hospitality industry is evolving, it is now integrating QR codes in beach resorts to offer an enhanced guest experience.

How to: Grow customers worldwide and drive sales using social Rakuten QR code

A social Rakuten QR code houses all the social media pages and online resources along with the Rakuten delivery link to expand customer reach.

A social Glovo QR code allows your customers to order right away to your shop on Glovo and entices them to connect to your social media business pages.

How to use QR codes for finance and insurance companies

The QR codes for finance and insurance companies are cost-effective solutions to simplify processes and transactions, reach more clients, and drive revenue.

QR codes in America and how QR codes are used in each country

There is a rapid increase in usage of QR codes in America due to the shifting consumer demands, health regulations, and more smartphones/internet users.

There is a rapid increase in usage of QR codes in America due to the shifting consumer demands, adherence to health regulations, and advancements in smartphones plus the internet usage.

15 ways on how to increase sales on Etsy

We’ve listed various tips and tricks on how to increase sales on Etsy and boost the visibility of your products and store.

How to use QR codes for planograms to optimize space and increase sales in retail business

These are types of QR codes for planograms retail businesses used to implement planogram and to boost sales, cut costs, and improve employee efficiency.