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Updated by Rosalie Galvez on May 06, 2021
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The Importance Of Our Aunts

An aunt is the female sibling of a mother or father, however being aware of what an aunt truly is and what her role is are two very different things. American culture, which tends to put the nuclear family at its core, leaves the duties of an aunt quite undefined.


The Aunt

Within more collective cultures, like Hispanic and Asian cultures, the aunt's role is much more demanding and defined. Irrespective of cultural differences and norms, there are a number of crucial things any aunt ought to be prepared to do.


What is Aunting?

A lot of us have had the pleasure of growing up under the watchful eye of the sister of our father or mother – an aunt can play a great role in the life of a kid. A person may be quite privileged to have a lot of aunts if their parents come from large families.

“Aunting” speaks to the manner in which ladies could influence the children in their lives – and I do not think it is restricted to biological aunties. The impact could be on a neighbour's kid, a friend’s daughter or a colleague’s son.


The Aunt In The Eyes of A Child

For certain children they find an aunt easier to speak with than their own mother since they do not possess some of the tensions they experience in that relationship, particularly during specific stages in life. Sharing life experiences (travel, education, work experiences) that are very different than parents, could broaden the scope of the kid’s imagination and provide them with a wider scope to select from as they make decisions regarding their future. In addition, a loving aunt, only elevates the positive messages a kid gets and offers another stable, secure place to sort out life.
At times, a kid has interests that neither of his or her parents share with them. Many a times, an aunt or uncle might understand or even have these particular interests themselves, and be able to help the kid in expanding their knowledge on the subject.

It may be that the child enjoys crafts, or card tricks, or history, or a certain type of music. An aunt or uncle might have the time and interest that a parent may not have. They are able to go after opportunities for the child to learn more. This could be a fantastic way to bond, and to make a significant impact on the child’s life and personal growth.


Family Love

Another important thing that children can get from their aunts is knowledge and information about their parents, which they may not have been informed about. How are children going to know what their parents were like as children? The parent, can only tell so much about their past, and their experiences are through their own eyes only. An aunt or uncle could tell a child stories about their parent when he or she was young. They could confirm stories the parent has narrated, and laugh at things that only the parent and their siblings understand or recall. Through a relationship with an aunt (or an uncle), a child is going to learn a lot of things about their parents and their parents’ younger years.



Aunts are a precious part of families. If the kids in your family have a good-hearted aunt (or an uncle), they are very fortunate indeed. A parent should do what he/she can to build these relationships, as they are going to prove to be some of the most valuable ones that life can provide.
If you have children, be sure to foster that relationship with their aunts, biological or otherwise. Encourage them to Skype or call – say yes when your sister offers to take the children out for the day, agree to that sleepover at their grandparents with your siblings and their children and best of all, invite aunties over for bedtime stories and good night hugs!


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