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Free Auto Repair Solutions

Here you get free auto repair/car detailing solutions.


What Are The Signs of a Bad Fuel Injector? - Complete Diagnosis

Has your car’s engine been performing poorly in the recent past? There are many things that you should put into consideration. One of the critical

Rack and Pinion Replacement Cost

If you ask experienced motorists the difference between modern and earlier cars, they’ll point out many. However, evolution and change in the

How To Get Water Stains Out Of Car Seats? - Cars Plan

Water stains on your car seats are stubborn and damage the look of your car interiors. They are unsightly and will always remind you of the accidental

Why Does My Car Feels Sluggish When Accelerating? - Know Everything

A well-functioning vehicle should accelerate quickly and efficiently. If your car feels sluggish when accelerating, it is a sign that it requires

What Does Service StabiliTrak Mean? - Symptoms & Cost - Cars Plan

StabiliTrak is a stability control system that applies breaks to every wheel individually. You can think of this system as an all-wheel-drive system for

What Are The Symptoms of a Bad Master Cylinder? – Diagnosis Steps

The most common problems in the master cylinder wear in the piston bore and piston seal failure. The classic symptom of a failing master cylinder. Learn more.

What Temperature Does Windshield Wiper Fluid Freeze?

Are you a car owner who lives in an area that experiences extreme temperatures? There are many considerations that you should make. After enjoying fun

Are Automatic Car Washes Bad For Your Car? – Details Explanation

An automatic car wash is the best way to clean your car but is it also not the safest way? Know more automatic car wash is bad or good for the car.

How To Clean Headlights With WD-40?

No matter how often you clean your car, its headlights will get foggy over time, making it harder to see at night. Using wd40 will clean up your headlights easily.

How To Tell If Power Steering Pump Is Bad Or Rack And Pinion?

When the Rack and Pinion Fail, there are a few ways you can tell if your steering gear is failing, such as excess noise, movement, effort or leaks. Learn More