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Updated by Walter Adamson on Jun 24, 2013
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Resources - Auditing Social Media, Governance, Compliance, Risk Management

A set of posts about auditing social media from a governance, risk and compliance perspective, including stock market listing compliance e.g. ASX GN8.


3 Ways Compliance Monitoring Differs From Marketing Social Media Monitoring

Our expertise is that we fully understand how compliance monitoring is very different to social media monitoring in say marketing (an area we also sell services). The main confusion we see is that few if any other companies offering social media monitoring services understand this fundamental difference and that does cause confusion with customers trying to specifically get to grips with how social media monitoring will precisely serve their GN8 due diligence requirements.

Public companies ignore social media at their peril

Under its revised continuous disclosure regime, the ASX says listed companies should monitor those investor blogs, chat sites or other social media it's aware of that regularly comments about that listed entity.

Running the Risks of ASX GN8 Compliance

In March, the Australian Stock Exchange ASX updated its Guidance Note 8: Continuous Disclosure: Listing Rules 3.1 - 3.1B highlighting its expectations around the monitoring of social media. Along with other updates, Guidance Note 8 (GN8) requires that listed companies have processes in place to monitor blogs, chat-sites and other social media sources which they are aware of "that regularly post comments about the entity".

ASX Social Media Compliance in 3 Steps

T here are right ways and wrong ways to monitor social media. That's why selecting the wrong approach can carry steep consequences. Penalties, infringement notices and the potential for class actions. Brand and reputation damage. Wasted time for you and your team.

Social Media and ASX Continuous Disclosure Rules

What does social media monitoring mean in practice? Following on the heels of the SEC the ASX announced that it expects public companies to monitor social media. Companies must be particularly careful to monitor social media when they have important announcements imminent, according to the ASX's compliance manager Kevin Lewis.

Auditing Social Media Part 1 - How to Eat an Elephant

Auditing social media can be likened to trying to eat an elephant, because it's big, risky, easy to get spooked and sometimes it can trample you just when you think you have it under control. Auditors face a challenge just in not being overwhelmed.

Governance Framework for Social Media Audits - Part 2

We started Part 1 of this series on auditing social media by saying that it is a bit like trying to eat an elephant - where do you start and how do you not let it get out of hand during the process.

6 Step Social Media Audit Plan - Part 3 for Internal Auditors

In Part 1 and then Part 2 of this series we prepared the approach - the framework - for eating the elephant of auditing social media. In this post I'm going to give some practical tips as to how to actually get started on the beast, given we have our frameworks.

Auditing Social Media SOPAC2013

Walter Adamson of Kinship Digital spoke at the Institute of Internal Auditors South Pacific and Asia Conference SOPAC 2013 on how to a grip on auditing social m

Learn how to manage your brand and reputation risk

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Learning to Manage Brand Reputation Risk - Assurance Mapping

Ask any gathering of PR & Comms folk if they'd like to go back to the simpler days of just the fax machine and you are sure to get a strong show of hands up. So