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Updated by Thaddeus Howze on Feb 17, 2017
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My Science Fiction and Fantasy

A collection of my science fiction and fantasy short stories.

Drive Through

"Welcome to Suffering Shack, if we didn't beat it, you shouldn't eat it."

A slogan for a company which reveals the secrets of the industrialized food world you didn't know about.

Dark Harvest

A world beset with technological interactivity, bridging the gap between seeking and finding. What happens when unscrupulous men utilize social media for darker purposes?

The Great White Spot

In a world not too dissimilar from our own, climate change has run amok creating a planet where storms are larger and last longer until the Earth develops one last storm like the one on Jupiter, so powerful, it never ends...




A group of young scientists eager to change the world, experimenting with advance genetic technology, accidently discover how to travel through time. Unfortunately, in order to prevent the government from keeping their genetic technology secret, they give it away on the Internet before they complete their testing.

Pax Cyridian

A gentle scientist alters the genome of alien insects to create bioforms humans living on Cyridia could coexist in harmony. His greatest creation is the sentient, insectavoid vehicle, Ona. Together they learn of a plan to smuggle the most dangerous genetic patents off-planet in the form of organic war machines, bred and designed for battle.

This story first appeared in Hayward's Reach, a collection of science fiction stories written by Thaddeus Howze.