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Updated by Ombir Sharma on May 23, 2021
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World News

World News

‘Sailor Moon Eternal’ Part 1 and 2 will be released on Netflix by June 2021 - The Next Hint

Netflix recently acquired the international streaming rights for the latest movie that is ‘Sailor Moon Eternal franchise. ‘Sailor Moon Eternal’ is one of the famous and biggest anime ever acquired by the Netflix streaming platform. We are pretty sure that fans must be very happy to hear that both the parts for ‘Sailor Moon Eternal’ are going to be there on Netflix in June 2021.

‘The Kissing Booth 3’ film will be dropped down on Netflix in August 2021 - The Next Hint

The Kissing Booth- one of the most popular and famous franchises on Netflix is going to return with a third season. It has officially announced that ‘The Kissing Booth 3’ will be dropped on Netflix in August 2021. So, get ready and have a look at this article to know everything about ‘The Kissing Booth 3’.

Mac Updates - Update your MacOS for Avoiding the Security Bug - The Next Hint

If you have not done it yet, then you should go and update your Mac right now. A recently patched zero-vulnerability in the mac operating systems has allowed many of the hackers to bypass through many of the security protocols of Apple. This has also led the hackers to deploy malware on an unknown amount of computers.

Next Action Flick “The Ice Road” Bought By Netflix For Huge Amount - The Next Hint

The Rising Grey star Liam Neesom has done a miracle in the Netflix industry. Written and directed by Jonath Hensliegh, The Ice Road has attracted the bosses at Netflix to buy the latest movies of taken star Liam Neeson for a huge amount. According to the international news, this actor hero intends to retire from acting. Usually, this star is involved in high stakes where he uses his physical and mental strength. 

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Season 3: Most awaited series is all set to leave Netflix this May! - The Next Hint

‘Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure’, more than just a meme! In recent times, it is one of the most beloved anime. After season 2, the fans have held back for season 3 calmly. And finally, the wait is over! According to headlines, ‘Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure is coming on Wednesday, May 26th, 2021 on Netflix. 

‘Outer Banks’ is going to come with Season 2 on Netflix soon - The Next Hint

From the recent updates, we got an information that Outer Banks has wrapped up the filming for Season 2 and will soon be coming out on Netflix. Looking for the latest things about Outer Banks like when we can expect Season 2 release, who is cast and many more, then you are at right place. Here is everything that we know till now about Season 2 of Outer Banks.

Cobra Kai ‘Season 4’ will be out on Netflix soon - The Next Hint

‘Cobra Kai’ Season 4 has just wrapped its filming and it is confirmed that Season 4 will be released on Netflix in the latter half of 2021. If you are looking to have details about ‘Cobra Kai’ Season 4 then read this article.

Studio behind VR Shooter ‘Onward’ is bought by Facebook - The Next Hint

Recently, the social media giant breaks the stream, announcing their acquisition of Downpour Interactive- the developer of the most popular VR first-person shooter Onward. The title that is available on Rift and Quest platforms or company, as well as through valve’s Steam store is there on the virtual reality top sellers in the recent coming years.

Australia Is Going To Teach 5-Year-Old About Basic Cybersecurity - The Next Hint

Recent reports say that Australia is going to be the first country to buckle down and prioritize teaching 5-year-old about online safety.

How to Manage Captcha in Omegle? Find out the best way here! - The Next Hint

In this twenty-first century, we can only communicate with each other over the web. Nowadays, chatting or messenger applications are quite in demand. This is one of the most accessible platforms to exchange messages and keep in contact with your loved ones. Several applications allow you to update status and send quick messages. With the help of the internet, one can send messages, can see each other online, and also make voice calls through it.

Best Filebot Alternative Tools You Must Consider To Organize And Rename Media Files! - The Next Hint

Filebot is an apparatus that assists you with getting sorted out and renames film, anime, and TV documents. It is likewise extraordinary for getting captions for movies and TV shows you have downloaded. Everybody knows that FileBot was the best programming for renaming and overseeing records and downloading captions. Yet, what happened that individuals are searching for Filebot choices? In its underlying advancement stage, FileBot was an open-source project that exclusively depended on crowdfunding. 

Lucifer ‘Season 6’ is going to be the final season says Netflix - The Next Hint

The season 6 of Lucifer is going to be the final season of this beloved series that came from Fox. Season 6 has concluded with the filming and this means we are very close to the end. After the release of season 5 in late May, season 6th will be there. Let’s have a look at everything we know till now.

WNBA Games To Be Streamed On Facebook, Twitter, And Paramount+ This Summer - The Next Hint

WNBA games are going to kick off the 25th historic season on May 14th, 2021. This time fans are going to have plenty of chances to unfold WNBA games online, which means fans can easily watch WNBA games through different streaming platforms. The league recently announced the broadcast schedule on Monday. Along with this, there were processed details about all the games that will make their way on streaming platforms.

Brazilians Can Again Send And Receive Money Through Whatsapp Pay - The Next Hint

According to Reuters, the payment option on Whatsapp is available for Brazil again. After around one year, this facebook-owned chat platform has relaunched the feature of Whatsapp pay in Brazil. It was found that Brazil was the launching country for Whatsapp payment option. This feature got rolled in India after a few months of launch in Brazil, but the central bank forced the service to stop this feature. The banking services gave Whatsapp the approval to facilitate Visa— or Mastercard-backed peer-to-peer payments this March just after looking at whether it is meeting all the rules of competition, efficiency, and data privacy or not.