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iiiEM - Export Import Training Institute

iiiEM EXIM Training Pvt Ltd is recognized across the globe as a leading Export Import Training Institute. We are committed to providing quality training in international business by our expert faculties and mentors having experience in their respective fields. This program aims to educate aspiring participants to set up Export Import business with ease by enhancing their set of skills. This program enables you to understand the various flows of International Trade that you need to know before doing it.


Import Export Training and Certificate Course - iiiEM Kolkata

Institute of import-export management course, classes, and training in Kolkata. One-stop solution to export-import services. Lifetime Support for your business.

Export Import Business: The Ultimate Guide to Import-Export Risk Management

Don't let risks hold your import-export business back. In this blog, we will know the major risks associated with imports and exports, as well as the solutions that businesses can use to mitigate these risks and ensure success. By properly assessing and mitigating these risks, businesses can ensure that they are able to take advantage of the opportunities presented by imports and exports while minimizing negative impacts.

How to Choose the Right Mode of Transportation for Your Export Import Business

Know how to select the best transportation mode for your import-export business with our comprehensive guide.

Performance of India's Trade in 2022-23

Know about how India's trade sector performed in 2022-23, including key insights on exports, imports, and more. Read now!

International Trade Shows and Exhibitions: How They Can Benefit Your Export Import Business

Looking to grow your export-import business? Discover how attending international trade shows and exhibitions can help you achieve your goals.

Whisky Problem: Key Points in India-UK Free Trade Agreement

The prospect of a free trade agreement (FTA) between India and the United Kingdom has hit a roadblock, with whisky imports being one of the major contentious issues. Despite several rounds of negotiations, the deal remains elusive, primarily due to disagreements over tariff reductions and whisky-related conditions. This article talks about the details of the whisky problems and their impact on the FTA.

A Comprehensive Guide to Incoterms Rules in Export Import Business

Enhance your import/export ventures with a comprehensive understanding of Incoterms rules. This guide offers practical insights for success in international trade.

#13 Reasons Why You're Not Making Sales & Finding Buyers in Export Business

Discover the hidden obstacles preventing your sales success. Uncover the 13 reasons why you're not making sales and finding buyers today!

Govt Empowers DGFT for TRQ Goods Allocation in India-Nepal Treaty

Uncover how the Indian government’s decision to empower DGFT for TRQ goods allocation in the India-Nepal Treaty.

Export Promotion Councils of India - Role, Functions, Benefits & Registration

Export promotion plays a vital role in driving economic growth and enhancing international trade. Governments establish Export Promotion Councils (EPCs) to support and facilitate export activities, which act as intermediaries between the government and the export industry.

Tips for Finding International Buyers for Export Business

Discover effective strategies and methods to find international buyers for your export business and expand your global customer base. Unlock the secrets to successful international trade in this comprehensive guide.

10 Tips For Writing Effective Emails To Buyers For Export Import Business

Communicate effectively in export-import trade. Learn 10 proven techniques to create impactful emails that resonate with buyers in the export-import business.

G20 Presidency Unlocks India's Manufacturing Growth

India's G20 presidency has not only embraced the growth strategies of industrial economies in the Global South but has also positioned itself as an appealing manufacturing hub. The timing couldn't be better for India to exert more influence on global policies and the economic sector.

What is ECGC and How it is Helpful for Indian Exporters?

Incorporating ECGC’s export credit insurance into your export strategy not only safeguards your business but also enhances your ability to compete effectively on the global stage. It allows you to navigate the uncertainties of international trade with confidence, secure financing more easily, and expand into new markets—all while enjoying a competitive edge that can make a significant difference in your success.

Rice Exports: India Permitted Exports of Non-Basmati White Rice to UAE

Good news! India is allowing the export of 75,000 tonnes of non-Basmati white rice to the UAE but why is it a big deal? Click here to know more.

5 Winning Strategies for Success in Competitive Markets

If you’re aiming to build a successful business in a highly competitive market, then here are 5 Pro Tips for Success in Competitive Markets.

Rupee-Dirham Trade: India-UAE Trade Reaches New Heights

The India-UAE trade relationship is poised for significant growth with the introduction of the Rupee-Dirham trade and the NPCI’s partnership with AI Etihad Payments.

5 Essential Steps to Secure Your Export Business Finances

Success in the export import business demands attention to detail. These five steps help build a strong foundation, minimize risks, and ensure sustained success.

What is Trade Surplus? Meaning, Formula, Pros & Cons

Discover everything you need to know about trade surplus! From understanding its meaning and calculation formula to exploring its pros and cons, our comprehensive guide has you covered. Start learning today!

Govt Grants Permission for Exports of 1000 MT of Kala Namak Rice from 6 Customs Stations

The government has permitted the export of Kala Namak rice from six customs stations. This decision comes after the exports of this rice variety were previously not allowed.

Bill of Lading vs Waybill – Know The Difference! Why Its Important?

When you ship goods by sea, you deal with lots of paperwork. But the two main documents you need to know about are the bill of lading and the waybill. People often mix them up, but they each have specific jobs when you’re sending stuff overseas. However, they’re still connected! The key difference between them is where and why they’re used.

Ultimate Guide to Effective Competitor Analysis in Export Import Business

Master the art of competitor analysis in export-import trade. Learn essential strategies for effective competitor analysis here.

How Technology is Changing India’s Export-Import Scene in 2024

Discover how technology is revolutionizing India’s export-import landscape in 2024, boosting efficiency, transparency, and growth in the global trade arena.