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IConnectX - Online Fundraising platform for nonprofits

iConnectX is an online fundraising platform for nonprofits, where you can build and manage your fundraisers. Take a look

Fundraising Ideas for Nonprofit Causes

Raising money for charitable activities can be difficult to achieve the goals. Here are few Fundraising ideas that work for any cause to achieve goal. Here are some Fundraising ideas that work for any cause or nonprofit to achieve their objectives. Take a look.

Tips to Raise Awareness of an Event

Raising awareness for a nonprofit campaign is extremely valuable for a larger audience and visibility for your objective. Do you want to know Raise awareness for a nonprofit event? Here are some useful tips to raise awareness of an event . Take a look.

How to Raise awareness for nonprofit organizations

Are you planning out to organize a nonprofit event for your casue? If Yes, Here is an amazing blog where you will get to know How to raise awareness for a nonprofit. Read now and take the leverage of it.

Donate Money to Charitable Trust

Donate money to charities is philanthropic activity done by giving-minded people. Donating money is not only one option to help the charities, donations can be in the form of Real estate, Time, Skills, Stocks, assets and more.. Here is an amazing blog which talks about few reasons to why to donate money to charities

Giving to charity - Different Types of Charitable Donations

Do you interested in charitable donations but confusing what to donate to charity? No worries! Here is an amazing blog that gives some useful insights on different types of charity donations. Have a look and find your way of donation and start implementing it.

Charity Funding - Top Sources of Charity Donations

Charitable activity not only good for you. It is also good for your business to…There are many ways to give to charity few of them are donate money, clothing, foods, and Residential places and more. Do you want to know what are the topmost donation sources for the nonprofit organizations or charities? Here is blog which talks about sources of charitable donations read now.

Statistics of Fundraising | Tips to Raise Awareness

Raising awareness campaign is extremely valuable for wider reach and raising visibility for your objective. They can help you engage your supporters in a quicker, more casual, and more impactful. Read this blog to know more.

Donate to charity - Ways to make donations to charity

Donate to charity can save some one’s life as well as it can save your money in tax deductions when you make donations to registered charities under 501(c)(3). Here is a blog which gives brief information on different ways to donate to charity. Read Now

Benefits of Corporate Giving | Giving to charity

Nowadays, Lots of organizations focusing on corporate giving programs that allows organizations to donate to charity in social causes and help them to achieve their nonprofit objectives. also it helps organizations get more brand awareness and sales. there are some benefits to corporates if they involves in charitable donations here is a blog which talks about benefits of corporate giving. Read Now

Ideas to Raise Awareness | Raise awareness for a cause

The main goal of nonprofit organization is achieving their cause requirements very effectively. To achieve this objective most of the organizations works towards Raising awareness for a cause. Raise awareness for an event or cause is not an easy task. So here are few ideas to how raise awareness for a nonprofit event. Read Now.

Ways to raise awareness for a cause

Lots of individuals and organizations fails to achieve nonprofit goals and objective due to lack of fundraising idea's. There are several ways in which one can proceed to accomplish this goal. So, we come with an amazing blog which talks about tops 5 ways to raise awareness for your nonprofit cause or event. Take a look and leverage the content.

Advantages of Corporate Giving : Donate to Charity

In this pandemic, Many organizations showing their interest in corporate philanthropy. That empowers businesses/organizations to invest in social causes and help them to achieve their nonprofit objectives. There are some benefits to corporates if they involve in charitable donations. Read this blog to know more.

Fundraising Ideas for Nonprofit

Do you want to know how to fundraise for your nonprofit? Most people want to donate to charity, but they don’t know how to start where to start... Here is a blog that talks about 6 fundraising ideas for your charity to bring more donors all year. Read now and take the leverage of that.

Online Donations | Online donation platform for nonprofits

In this pandemic situations online donations have been become more popular and helps organizations to get more donations. Do you want to know how to get online donations? If yes, Read this blog which talks about tips to get more online donations.