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Yoga Benefits

Yoga For Chronic Pain - Yoga Practice Blog

With awareness, the gentle movements of Yoga can relieve some of that pain. Studies have shown that a Yoga practice can reduce the amount...

Yoga Training for Optimum Spinal Health

By Sangeetha Saran

As most are aware, practicing yoga regularly contributes to the body’s well being. Yoga can strengthen, but can also inform of weakness; if the encounter is with back or neck pain, yogic methods can be beneficial in creating a healthy spine.

Should You Teach Yoga More? Full-Time?

By Kathryn Boland

Do you crave teaching more yoga than you presently are - even full-time? Have you crunched the numbers and thought out the logistics, to see if that might be possible for you?

A Yoga Training Teacher Course on a Tight Budget - Yoga Practice Blog

There are a variety of different ways to enroll in a Yoga training teacher program if you are on a tight budget. An online Yoga teacher training program...

Yoga Therapy For Osteoporosis: An Effective Way To Find Relief

By Faye Martins

Osteoporosis is a serious condition that threatens millions of men and women around the world. Characterized by bones that thin with age to the point of becoming brittle, it can lead to fractures, debilitating pain, and lack of mobility.

Yoga Techniques for Depression

By Sangeetha Saran

Anyone dealing with depression should seek professional counseling immediately. Depression can be a highly debilitating disorder. It is also a very personal one, making it a challenge to treat successfully.

Is Hot Yoga Safe for High Blood Pressure?

By Sangeetha Saran

Is Hot yoga safe for high blood pressure? Let's look deep into this debate. Hot yoga has become a popular option in gyms and fitness centers around the world. It’s based on the idea of creating a warm, moist environment to imitate the climate of India.

Can Kids Yoga Help Relieve Stress?

By Dr. Paul Jerard, E-RYT 500, YACEP

Many parents ask, “Can kids Yoga help relieve stress?” Kids live active, stressful lives. They attend school, do homework, participate in competitive sports, play video games, and meet their friends at the mall. In addition, they deal with divorce, new schools, tough neighborhoods, illnesses, bullying, and pressure to get excellent grades.

Teaching Yoga to Prevent Back Injuries

By Kimaya Singh

As any chiropractor will tell you, improper posture or spinal injuries can create a host of seemingly unrelated physical issues. For example, misaligned cervical vertebrae might be related to headaches and sore throats while problems in the lumbar region of the spine could also lead to tingling in the feet or to persistent knee pain.

How To Teach Yoga Classes For All Ability Levels

By Faye Martins

Teaching a yoga class is a big responsibility. You have to know how to get all of your students to relate to what you are teaching them despite everyone in your class having a different learning style as well as differing ability levels.

Yoga Teacher Training: Yoga Sequences - To Change or not to Change

By Kathryn Boland

Have you wondered how often you should change up your sequences? How much? Does that seem to vary at different places where you teach?

Yoga Poses for Tennis Players: Seated Spinal Twist

By: Virginia Iversen, M.Ed

What are the best Yoga poses for tennis players? Many Yoga practitioners find themselves cross-training in a number of athletic activities. Each athletic activity comes with its own set of risks and rewards. Often, the risks involved are the wear and tear on our own bodies from the repetitive nature of many sports.

Yoga Teacher Tips

By Faye Martins

Many people find yoga to be a great way to relax and get exercise. Yoga is a great way to mentally unwind and it promotes sports recovery. You may have thought about how great it would be to learn how to teach yoga students.

Yoga Exercises for Preventing Back Pain

By Faye Martins

The human back is a miraculous assembly of bones, ligaments, tendons, muscles and nerves. Backs should be both incredibly strong and supremely flexible at the same time.

Yoga Poses for Runners: Downward Facing Dog

By: Virginia Iversen, M.Ed

In order to avoid sports-related injuries, keeping your body strong and flexible is important. Cross training between seasonal sporting activities and Yoga will help you to receive the benefits of a well-rounded exercise program, while simultaneously preventing injuries due to the repetitive nature of many sports.

Power up with Plank Pose

By Kathryn Boland

Do you ever guide your students in refining Plank Pose (Kumbhakasana), a fundamental asana? Would you like to learn more about it, so that you could do that with more fluency and effectiveness?

Can Yoga Help Cancer Treatment?

By Kimaya Singh

As many of you have learned in Yoga instructor training, there are many different styles. One sub-style of Hatha is Restorative Yoga. This particular therapeutic style is often recommended for people who are undergoing chemotherapy.

Yoga for Cancer Recovery: Boosting Immunity

By: Virginia Iversen, M.Ed

If you are coping with a cancer diagnosis, remember that you are not alone! Unfortunately, the incidence of cancer has risen dramatically over the last fifty years.

Detoxification With Yoga Training

By Sangeetha Saran

How can we achieve detoxification with Yoga training? Can Yoga teacher training prepare you for the temptations in life? Especially during a busy season, it’s easy to pick up a cookie or grab a glass of milk without even thinking about it.

Chair Yoga for Reducing Pains and Aches

By Faye Martins

Chair Yoga is a great activity for reducing pains and aches while being substantially supported in the poses. One of the greatest benefits of Chair Yoga is that anyone, regardless of age and fitness level, can enjoy the practice.

Yoga Teacher Training: Can You Practice Yoga in Your Sleep?

By Sangeetha Saran, CYT 500

Did you know that yogic practices can help you get a restful night's sleep? It can almost be said that you are practicing yoga in your sleep because yogic methods aid in changing your sleep patterns.

Three Office Yoga Techniques for Back Pain - Yoga Practice Blog

By Faye Martins

Office yoga techniques for back pain are helpful for coping with the workday. The demand for Yoga teachers in the corporate sector can easily be compared to the number of office workers with back pain. Office Yoga techniques for back pain can help to ease chronic tension and stress in the shoulders, neck, arms, upper back, and lower back.

Yoga For Busy Moms

By Jenny Park

There could be no better workout regimen than yoga training for a busy mom. Whether you are a busy mom, or know a busy mom, you are aware that there is one constant – stress. From running kids to school, activities, the homes of friends; from doing homework, rushing to the store for school and lunch supplies, the activity is nonstop.

Eliminate Back Pain with Yoga Poses

By Dr. Paul Jerard, E-RYT 500, YACEP

How can we eliminate back pain with asana practice? As teachers, each of us learned the differences of main Yoga styles before we began teaching. At every Yoga teacher training, it should be noted that these differences can help, or hurt, one’s back.

Yoga Techniques for Stress Overload

By Dr Paul Jerard, E-RYT 500, YACEP

In this stimulating age of never-ending to-do lists, smart-phones vibrating with constant notifications, constant reminders of ever-evolving business, and relationship demands, who among us is not stressed out?