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Here you will find the useful information of Technical and Nonprofit platforms.


Application Outsourcing

Application Outsourcing

The Evolution of Application Outsourcing - is an outsourcing system for a wide variety of application services including new product implementations, legacy systems maintenance, application testing, and troubleshooting, Application management, and infrastructure management, etc.


Donate to charity

Donate to charity

Are you looking for a more trustworthy and cost-effective fundraising platform to donate to charity? Before that read this blog to know Different ways to Donate to Charity. take the leverage of it.

Ways to Donate to Charity | Giving to Charity

Are you planning to donate to charity? If Yes, Here are 5 ways to make donations to charity.

  1. Online donations
  2. Online Auctions
  3. Set up your won foundation
  4. Connect with giving-minded people
  5. Online volunteering or Give your time

In this video you will get to know about different ways of donations watch full video.

Read this blog to know why to donate to charity


Autonomous Cars

Autonomous Cars

Automated vehicles or Autonomous Cars are bringing major improvements in highway safety and driver assistance features blended with effective sensors and actuators.


Self Driving Cars

Self Driving Cars

Self driving cars or Autonomous cars are the latest trend in automotive industry. Autonomous cars built with highly safety and secured equipment's and they are capable of sensing its environment and operating driving tasks without human involvement.


Workforce Management Services

Workforce Management Services

Workforce Management Services is very important aspect in all industries. V2soft - A leading workforce management solutions provider that offers recruiting and workforce management solutions across the globe without compromising the quality of the services. Connect with v2soft to find qualified candidates for your organization based on your need.


Mobile App Development

Mobile App Development

Mobile applications allow the business to reach millions of users/customers within no time, and they will be available for your customers all the time.

Mobile app development company | V2Soft

V2soft - Mobile app development company offers customized mobile application development services that run smoothly on all platforms and also will work closely with you to ensure your mobile app matches your vision.


Mobile app development company

Mobile app development company

If you want to have a mobile application for your business, V2Soft – mobile apps development company helps you to build rich & interactive mobile solutions, and technologies based on your business needs.


Raise awareness for your cause

Raise awareness for your cause

Raising awareness for philanthropic activities can't be easy and does not ensure enough funds to meet cause goals. Here are some amazing tips to raise awareness for your cause to organize a successful nonprofit event have look.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML)

AI and ML are trending technologies and most of the people get confused on these terms. Are you confused about Deep learning, artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies? If yes, here is a blog which explains about Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning. Read now.

online donation platform for nonprofits

In this pandemic situation lots of nonprofits organizations have started utilizing online donation platform to collect more funding's to their charity or cause. Do you want to know more on online donations. Read this blog.

Are you looking for an Online Donation platform? Try iConnectX's that makes the donation process easy for you and Nonprofits.

Natural Language Processing in AI

Natural Language Processing in AI focuses on the interaction between human natural language and computers. By using Text analytics, it identifies the sentence and user intent through machine learning. This technology is widely used in customer support services to reduce human tasks. .

Artificial Intelligence Technologies

As you know, nowadays artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies are more demanding and growing every day in all sectors. They have been rapidly and gradually changing all the industries’ business processes. So, we come with an interesting article which describes the top trending technologies of AI.  Let us move forward and understand artificial intelligence technologies.

Benefits of Corporate Giving - Donate to Charity

Many organizations showing their interest in corporate philanthropy. That empowers businesses/organizations to get more brand awareness and reputation. Here is an amazing which explains about benefits of corporate giving. Read now.

Fundraising Tips | Fundraising ideas for nonprofit

Raising funds for philanthropic activities can be tough and does not guarantee enough funds to meet nonprofit objectives. So here we come up with an amazing blog explains Fundraising solutions. Read and take the leverage of it.

Online auction platform

Online auction platform sells the products or services to the buyer who bids the highest and enables easy online participation to make online bidding more effectively. Why wait? Start conducting online auctions for your nonprofit and collect more donations.

Ideas to raise awareness for your cause

Spreading awareness for a cause helps your nonprofit to get more donations and let people to know about your foundations objectives. If you are an organization and seeking help to raise awareness for your cause. Here is a blog which explains ideas to raise awareness. Read now

Different Types of Auctions

Are you in confusion of which type of auction is the best solution for your nonprofit organization? If Yes, then you are at the right place. Here is an article which talks about different types of auctions. Read now and take the leverage of auction type which suits for your organization.

Fundraising Ideas that helps for your charity

Many foundations face difficulties in collecting more donations, So Here we come up with few fundraising ideas that help organizations to achieve their nonprofit goals.

Virtual fundraising and Peer-to-peer fundraising are more effective ways of fundraising techniques. Do you want to know more about these? Read this blog.