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Glory In Art

I am A artist who can make anything on Canvas


A Dancing Girl

A Dancing Girl

In the video it show the dance if a girl when she is in happy mood

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African Sunset - How to Paint AFRICAN SUNSET / Step by step Acrylic painting for Beginners

African Sunset - How to Paint AFRICAN SUNSET Step by step Acrylic painting for Beginnerscolor I usedblackwhiteyellowvioletmaroonorange#AfricanSunsetPainting...

Acrylic painting of Beautiful sunset landscape

This is an acrylic painting. A beautiful and simple landscape painting of sunset and riverside dock. Hope you will enjoy it. This is a season scenery landscape drawing. Nature drawing.
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color used
golden yellow
dark green

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A boy

A boy

A boy Stand on the top of the hills and see the sky . In this I show you how to Touch the Sky By Positive Thought .
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A boy See the sky


Painting Advice: Should I Use Watercolor or Acrylic Paint?

Choosing art supplies is a difficult task. One of the major issues is that there are too many choices available. It's also not easy to choose paint colors. What one would you like if you've never painted before? Acrylics and watercolours will be the subject of this report. 

There are several differences between the two. Knowing what there is to know about each one and determining which one best fits your needs is key to selecting the right one for you.

Touching up your painting and waiting for it to dry

Acrylics are the best option if you want to be able to rework the painting. They're a lot more opaque, and they're a lot easier to work with. They are easy to dry and very forgiving. With acrylics, It's very easy to go back and correct an error. Watercolors, on the other hand, are more difficult to work with. While using a hairdryer speeds up the drying time of watercolours, their existence makes it difficult to touch up your painting. Acrylics are the perfect choice if you want to be able to make adjustments as you go.

Color blending

Watercolors are the best option if you want to mix the colors on the canvas. They're really simple to combine and blend. Acrylics may be mixed in the same way as watercolours, but watercolours are also the most straightforward to work with. Overmixing watercolours, on the other hand, will result in paintings that are hazy and brown.

Painting large areas

Watercolors are ideal for painting large areas. Watercolours are great for covering up large areas that don't require a lot of detail. When a tube of watercolour paint is mixed with water, it can cover a large area - at least several yards. Acrylics are probably the best choice if you want a lot of detail everywhere and want to pay equal attention to every part of the painting.

strokes of paint

Acrylics make it easy to see where the brush has been. Brushstrokes are left on the canvas when painting with acrylics, but not when painting with watercolours. When you paint with watercolours, the result is a much more fluid and organic painting. Some people like to see brushstrokes in their paintings, while others don't.

The price

If it's simply a matter of cost, go with watercolours because they're usually less expensive. This is because they last much longer than acrylics - you can use several tubes of acrylic paint on a single painting, but you rarely use up a full tube of watercolours. Watercolor painting also doesn't require a lot of equipment. If you're a beginner it's a good idea to start with the basics and buy more equipment - and more expensive paints - as you get more confident with painting.

Command and control

Acrylics, according to most artists, are easier to work with. When you paint something, the paint adheres to the surface. Watercolours, on the other hand, are more difficult to control where the paint goes. Watercolor paints have a tendency to run and blend, giving paintings a less realistic appearance. Stick to acrylics if you want crisp definitions and lines. Watercolours are ideal if you want your paintings to appear more ethereal, cloudy, and less realistic.


Acrylics are very easy to work with and are frequently recommended to beginners as a result. Watercolours require more practice to master due to their fluidity and the difficulty in covering mistakes and retouching areas of your painting. Watercolours require extra caution because a single drop of water can easily ruin parts of your painting. A watercolour painting takes far more skill and patience to complete than an acrylic painting.

Other considerations

With acrylics, you can paint on practically anything, including wood, cardboard, plastic and many more. Watercolour paints are best suited to paper, but acrylics can also be used. Acrylics have a more layered effect and dry shiny, whereas watercolours dry flat and aren't shiny at all. Watercolors typically look the same regardless of price, whereas acrylics produce much better results when more expensive paints are used.

It's your call.

It is ultimately up to you. Every painter is unique and has different desires. If you like the sound of one type of paint, experiment with it to see if it works for you. Acrylics are most likely best for beginning painters who are still learning the ins and outs of painting. Watercolors are ideal for artists who prefer their paintings to be fluid, loose, and free-flowing. Which one do you believe is best for you?

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In this I made a art on cup . it is a beautiful art made on cup if you want to know how I made this please click the following url

Cup Art detail


Family car

Family car

This is a beautiful painting made by Me . In this painting I show you how a family is important in this difficult time
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Family car detail


Pot Painting

Pot Painting

it is an example of pot painting . simple pot make great by simple art
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Pot Painting


A boy Seeing The Whale

A boy Seeing The Whale

A boy seeing whale . it is a joyful scene it give us joy in our soul

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Glory In Art


A girl seeing the world

A girl seeing the world

Girl See the world. In this I show you the vision from the eye of a girl

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Glory In Art