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The Story Of Cuban Cigar

The Story Of Cuban Cigar

As far back as history goes, Christopher Columbus, the world’s most renowned explorer, is said
to have come across tobacco along with his crew in Haiti, where the locals wrapped dried
tobacco in a larger leaf from the tobacco plant and smoked it recreationally. Columbus was
responsible for helping tobacco embark on a global journey by first introducing it in Spain and
then in the rest of Europe. In 1542, the Spanish opened the first cigar manufacturing factory on
Cuban land, and soon enough, it became a global phenomenon associated with luxury.

With almost 500 years to its name, the Cuban cigar is considered a piece of art. Formed from
locally grown tobacco plantations in and around the tiny town of Vinales, outside of Havana,
this area has become extremely famous in pop culture. Dotted with the most fertile soil for
tobacco production, these plantation farmlands are where the tobacco plant is grown, cured,
dried, and stored -- and then sent to the manufacturing facilities where they are shredded and
crafted into cigars.

The story of the cigar also dwindles into the item being a piece of art and having its own set of
etiquettes. Ever since their creation, most Cuban cigars need to be stored in optimum humid
temperatures before they can be smoked because when you smoke a Cuban cigar, it’s not just
the nicotine in the tobacco but also the cigar’s very flavor on your lips, which is smooth enough
to give your mind a flash of the lush soil it is grown in.

If you take a trip down to Havana and visit a cigar factory, you’ll be pleasantly surprised as
nostalgia wafts through your senses, and you get a picture of how cigar rolling has evolved over
the years. Traditionally, the story goes that factory workers sat on the shop floor, chatted away
to glory, and rolled cigars by hand all day. Many tobacco plantation workers and farmers toiled
their days away at the soil to ensure optimum soil to grow the tobacco plant. Today, you can
even go on a cigar tour to an automated factory where machines produce cigars.

If you’re stopping to make a purchase, beware of what you buy. The original traditional Cuban
cigar has so much hype created around it that there are many fake and non-authentic versions
of it out there. But if you are craving a true touch of history, then get in touch with us.
At Cigar Conexion, we cater to your taste buds and temptations by bringing you the world’s
best and locally sourced cigars right to your doorstep. The very look, feel, and smell of our
cigars are sure to take you right down to the cigar’s historical roots.


Top 10 Costliest Whiskeys in the World

Top 10 Costliest Whiskeys in the World

Whiskey, the luxurious elixir with a vibrant history, has always been considered a valuable item in the alcohol segment. It has always been associated with premium drinking experiences. Let’s take a look at the world’s top 10 most refined and expensive whiskeys:

Dalmore 62

Priced at approximately USD 58,000, this Single Highland Malt Scotch was originally created as an ode to Alexander Matheson, the founder and builder of the Dalmore Distillery. This whiskey is only available through private auctions because only 12 bottles of it were made.

Isabella’s Islay

At a record USD 6,200,000, this tops the charts for the most expensive whiskey that money can buy. The reason why this whiskey is genuinely royal? It comes in a decanter studded with diamonds, rubies, and white gold.

The Macallan 1926

Fine and rare, the Macallan 1926 is available for a mere USD 75,000. This vintage whiskey bottle is released annually in limited quantities. The 1926 blend is one of the rarest in the Macallan collection, making it a signature drink hard to find.

The Macallan M

Old and truly gold, the Macallan M is preserved in a decanter made from handcrafted crystals. The whiskey is elite because it is aged in Spanish oak for over 75 years. This bottle was previously auctioned for USD 6,28,205 in Hong Kong.

Glenfiddich Janet Sheed Roberts Reserve 1955

Created with a rare combination of pear, heather, and barley, the Glenfiddich Janet Sheed Roberts Reserve 1955 is not just rare. It is the rarest of them all—only 11 bottles of it were created.

Glenfiddich 1937

If you’re looking for a rare single malt with notes of chocolate, molasses, oak, cedar, and burnt heather, then you do know your whiskey quite well. With only 60 bottles available worldwide, the Glenfiddich 1937 was last auctioned in 2012 at USD 71,000. We can only wonder what its value would be today!

Springbank 1919

Priced at USD 78,000, a whiskey more than half a century old, the Springbank 1919 is highly desired the world over. In fact, the Guinness Book of World Records also listed it as one of the most expensive whiskeys in the world.

Hibiki 35 year old Blended

Hibiki offers drinkers the perfect harmony of notes on the tongue. This 35-year-old blended whiskey is available in ceramic bottles at an affordable price of USD 46,982.

Black Bowmore

A single malt scotch whiskey from the highlands of Islay in Scotland, the 1964 Black Bowmore, aged for over 50 years, is a rare collector’s whiskey, priced at USD 60,000.

Karuizawa Vintage Aqua of Life

Another wonder created by the Japanese, the Karuizawa Vintage Aqua of Life, is a single malt aged over 50 years. Available for a little over USD 60,000, this vintage whiskey is sold in a sherry cask.

Whiskey Business

Whiskeys are best paired with fine cigars. If you’re looking to expand your whiskey collection, take a look at Cigar Conexion’s expansive cigar collection to find the perfect Cigar pairing for your drink.


Did You Know Your Cigar?

Did You Know Your Cigar?

Smoking is injurious to health. Now that the disclaimer is out of the way, cigars are also the mark of a true gentleman. Cigars are the royalty of tobacco products; considered one of the most lavish forms of temptation. From machine-made versions to hand-rolled cigars, now available globally, cigars originated in Haiti and were discovered by Christopher Columbus' crew as they set out to explore the world. In 1542, the Spaniards opened up the first cigar factory outside Havana, and ever since, the cigar culture boomed.

The elegance associated with a cigar can make a man look extremely poised. Cigar smoking comes with its own set of etiquettes and isn't for the faint-hearted. If you consider yourself a cigar aficionado, then this list might be a breeze-through. But if you're looking to up your cigar knowledge, let's take a look at the finer points of this fine product.

Artisanally crafted:

Created from natural tobacco leaves and typically hand-rolled, cigars are a work of art. They are completely natural - from the leaf they are wrapped in to the tobacco inside - and undergo a process of curing and drying to achieve the desired shade of brown on the outside. From blending the various tobacco flavours inside the cigar to rolling the outside and creating the perfect shape, cigar making takes years to master and is a skill passed down locally among the workers of the region.

Ageing is part of the process:

Like a fine wine, tobacco also undergoes ageing. The ageing process involves being placed under humidors to achieve stabilisation and breakdown of properties within the tobacco. Ageing enables certain 'green' notes to mature on the cigar, so it smells and tastes much like freshly cut grass when smoked. Many buyers even prefer ageing their cigars for some time after they purchase them. At this stage, cigars are packed into boxes and sold; however, seasoned cigar smokers have humidors and specially created boxes to store their cigars at the perfect temperature. Over-aging, however, can lead to a loss in the taste or smell, so one has to be careful.

Anatomy of the cigar:

There are three main parts of a cigar. The wrapper or the leaf the cigar is made of is the outer covering. This leaf is flavourful and carefully handpicked to ensure it looks smooth without any extra leaf veins or blemishes. Just under the wrapper comes the binder made of tobacco leaves - typically those that aren't used on the outer layer. The binder forms a second layer to tightly bind the tobacco filling, bringing us to the third aspect, the filler. Depending on the cigar manufacturer, the filler can consist of a blend of tobacco flavours that finally give the smoker the perfect smell, taste, and strength.

Cigar smoking is a skill, and so is hunting down the perfect cigar. It's all about achieving the optimum level of refinement - from sourcing the best cigars to cutting, lighting, and smoking them. Find rich and authentic handmade cigars stored in the best humidors, only on Cigar Conexion. Get yours today!


Holiday Destinations You Can Visit Post Covid

Holiday Destinations You Can Visit Post Covid

What’s the entire world collectively waiting for with bated breath right now? To be able to travel again! With lockdowns and curfews mandated by regulatory authorities worldwide in the wake of the pandemic, the new norm is now just dreaming about places and destinations you can visit once this situation is over.

From the concept of ‘fernweh’ to ‘saudade,’ wanderlust and deeply missing the freedom to travel and explore is now on everyone’s bucket lists. While you’re stuck indoors, the one thing you can do is make a list of the holiday destinations you can hit post the coronavirus era. Imagine a quiet personal retreat where you can kick back with a glass of fine whiskey and enjoy a cigar? So get your passport ready and buckle up as this list takes you on through some offbeat destinations that are already almost COVID-free and are waiting to accept tourists with open arms:

1. The Deserts of Mongolia

It sounds like a magical mystery, doesn’t it? If your ideal holiday destination involves peace, quiet, and feeling one with nature, the vast expanse of Mongolia’s Gobi desert will do the trick. You can backpack through the dunes, stay in yurts and gain perspective on life - all while sipping on some great whiskey as you retire for the night.

2. Roadtrip across Kyrgyzstan & Tajikistan’s Pamir Highway

Bordering Afghanistan’s beautiful scenery, this highway is considered one of the world’s top roads for a drive. Get caught between lush landscapes and mountains with white peaks as you interact with the friendly locals and make pit-stops at culturally rich motels and BNBs. Extremely remote, this destination will help you ensure social distancing -- quite literally.

3. Bolivia’s Salt Flats

Another less affected place is the Salar De Uyuni, or the region of salt flats in Bolivia. Travel with a small group of like-minded travelers, rest in hotels made out of salt, and take a dip in a renowned hot spring -- to top it off, you’ll have a gorgeous view of the night sky, and hopefully, a glass of fine scotch.

4. Explore marine wildlife in the Galapagos Islands

South America’s beautiful views also stretch out to the Galapagos Islands, located close to Ecuador. Known for its marine wildlife, this archipelago offers adventure on land and water. See some of the most interesting animals in their habitat, take underwater scuba trips and relax on the beaches.

5. Hike through Australia’s Outback Region

Australia’s Outback desert is home to the beautiful aboriginal culture and comprises a vast unending desert land -- large enough to keep you socially distanced for days. It is dotted with some of the world’s most breathtaking hiking trails, such as the Kings Canyon. Make sure you take a camel ride during sunset with the famous Uluru rock as your backdrop.

These five must-visit destinations are sure to make you feel exhilarated once the world starts climbing out of the pandemic slumber. Satisfy your inner explorer as you sail through these destinations -- and if you’re looking at budgets and affordability, why not travel in your own country?

Domestic travel has been largely underestimated, and now’s the perfect time to start exploring parts of your country (which don’t require a passport!). Kick back, browse Cigar Conexion to add fine whiskey and cigars to your bucket list, and prep yourself for an adventure.


5 Quick Tips on Cigars

5 Quick Tips on Cigars

Cigar smoking is an art that is acquired over time. To master the art of smoking a cigar is through experience. Even if you’re far from being an enthusiast, it’s our sense to help you get up to speed. Read on to find out the ultimate 5 tips you need to become an enthusiast.

Speed Doesn’t Count

It’s a cigar, not a competition. Cigar smoking is an art and is something that should be done slowly. Smoking needs to be savored rather than puffed hard and at quick intensity. Rushing on a cigar could end up ruining the taste and give your mouth a burn you don’t need. If smoking at the right pace, cigars can also last for a long time.

Yes, Nicotine can make you sick

The whiff one gets from a cigar can be very strong - and to a new cigar smoker, it may even prove to be lethal. If you aren’t used to the strong smell emitted from a cigar, chances are the whiff could provide a dizzy feeling, making you sick from the high amounts of nicotine. If you feel it, don’t force yourself to smoke more.

Smoking Publicly? Make Sure it’s acceptable

While cherishing a cigar, others around you may not enjoy it. Just like cigarette smoking, cigar smoking has a certain etiquette attached to it, Not just for the smoker, but for people around them. A cigar emits stronger fumes and it can be quite difficult for people around the smoker to inhale or breathe, especially if they’re not used to it. Smoke only in designated areas - be it in public places like lounges, in an alfresco area, or even in the comfort of your home. At home as well, don’t smoke if it makes other members in your house uncomfortable.

Keep a Sidekick

Most cigar aficionados generally keep a beverage handy when smoking a cigar. Be it a good whiskey, coffee, or plain water. The beverage helps in savoring the cigar a little better. A lot of people love pairing their cigars with single malts and cognac as it provides a great pairing.

Cigar Breath is a Real Thing

People who smoke cigars (not necessarily incessantly) end up having a strong case of cigar breath. While the breath may not be an issue to you, it could be a problem for people around you. If you don’t want to keep smelling like an old ashtray, you need a ‘freshening’ plan. But beware, since cigars are a lot stronger than cigarettes, basic mouth fresheners won’t do the trick. Most cigar smokers keep tongue scrapers and strong breath fresheners handy. A little research will allow you to know what’s available near you. Many cigar smokers tend to also take a shower after smoking, to take a strong whiff from themselves.

Check out Cigar Conexion’s range of cigars and use these tips to cherish better.


Cigar Conexion - Your top choice when it comes to Cigars!

Cigar Conexion - Your top choice when it comes to Cigars!

At Cigar Conexion, we started our journey not very long ago. Our mission was to present our customers with some of the world’s best cigars, handcrafted and sourced from various parts of the world.

Over a short span of time, we have come to be known as one of the top choices for cigar smokers - be it our products, experts, or ability. Curating events and keep customers happy, we are quite excited to reach the #1 position among consumers.

How did we get here? Let’s find out.

Strong Customer Satisfaction& Feedback

One of the tenets of our company is creating value for customers so they leave satisfied. Through our carefully curated range of products, we aim to absorb customer feedback and aim to please. We know that customers are our backbone, and we take everything they tell us seriously - whether it’s a suggestion about our store, online presence, or products, serving customers is a top priority.

The best part? Our customers recognize this about us!

Unique Product Range

Home to India’s most diverse and unique collection of cigars, Cigar Conexion is homage to a true gentleman. We are India’s only premium cigar company that houses multiple brands renowned the world over. From Ashton, Rocky Patel, Oliva, and Debonaire to Vedado and Vega Toro, our product range is here to make your jaw drop.

Friendly & Focused Servicing

Whether it’s in-store, or online, we make sure we extend a friendly hand to all your queries and requirements. Focused on delivering results, and helping our customers understand everything they need to know about cigar knowledge or purchasing, our team comprises friendly and focused professionals with avid product knowledge, here to make a mark in the cigar community.

Geographically Located

With a global digital presence and physical presence in Delhi & Bangalore, Cigar Conexion has the ability to cater to your cigar needs wherever in the country you may be. We give visitors (online and offline) the ability to converse with our in-house cigar experts any time of the day, and any day of the week. Our supply chain management is strong catering to over 650 cities in India.

Creating Experiences

One of our signature marks is creating experiences. Be it personal or private events, we help customers truly cherish and understand cigars. Our cigar experts have the ability to put together intimate events for small and large groups where they take people through the process of smoking cigars, the knowledge behind the manufacturing process, and deliver stories to create an experiential event. We have successfully organized cigar pairing events where we pair the best drams with cigars, educate on pairing, and also to choose the right cigars, and become cigar aficionados.

Cigar Wrap Up

We are thrilled to be part of a growing community of gentlemen, and hope to remain at the top. Browse our products, get in touch with our team, or leave a query. Whatever the occasion, Cigar Conexion is here for you.

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