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Most Popular Thai Meat Dishes – Cuisine That the World Loves!

Thai cuisine is famous the world over. And if you are planning a visit to Thailand and want to savour the best of authentic Thai dishes, you must sample the famous meat dishes. This is an important part of Thai cooking. In this article, you learn about popular Thai meat dishes unique to each region.


Traditional Pork Dish Mu Wan

Mu Wan is a sweet and savoury pork dish made with little bite-sized portions of pork. Favourite parts of pork that are used for the dish include shoulder, neck, belly pork, and those juicy fatty pieces. The meat is fried in a mix of sugar and salt to render it that lovely sweet and savoury flavour. It is then combined with Thai herbs and spices and turned into a lovely deep orange curry, which is the perfect combination with a plate of steamed rice or even a fresh crunchy green papaya salad.


Mu Kratha – A Hot Pot Type BBQ

Mu Kratha is also a pork dish. It is a kind of amalgamation of a Chinese hot pot dish and a Korean BBQ. The dish is made on top of a dome-like pan. On this dome, slices of meat are grilled while around it a broth is made with mushrooms, fishballs, and vegetables. These are the Chinese hot pot similarities. And the barbeque part comes from the Mu Kratha pan being placed over hot coals. It is served with a variety of dipping sauces. For more innovative meat dishes and Thai flavours given a modern twist in the skilled hands of star class chefs, you can drop by some of the classy Phuket restaurants located close to Layan Beach. The area is home to Age Restaurant and other popular options where you can enjoy an evening of wining and dining in style.


Khao Mok Gai – The Halal Dish

This chicken and rice dish was introduced to Thailand by visiting Persian merchants. It is a favourite amongst Thai Muslims. The name means chicken buried in rice. It is the local version of biriyani and is cooked similar to a traditional biriyani where the rice is allowed to boil in a broth flavoured with many spices. The Thai twist comes from the side of fresh tomato, cucumber, and dipping sauce served alongside the rice.


Larb From Isan

Larb is a flavoursome meat salad. It's well seasoned with fresh herbs and spices, as well as toasted rice. This dish has its origins in Yunnan, China, which later became a firm favourite in Laos. It is widely consumed in the Isan Province of Thailand. Larb is made with minced pork, beef, duck, fish, or chicken. Depending on the meat used, it will be cooked or left raw. The meat is seasoned with a souring agent and left to ferment. You will discover many variations of this dish during your journeys in Thailand.


The Stir fry Phat Kaphrao

This is a traditional Thai stir fry made with seafood or minced meat. It is combined with chilli peppers, garlic, shallots, and holy basil and enhanced with sugar, fish sauce, and soy sauce. It is often served on a bed of rice with a fried egg.