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Phuket Travel Tips to Know Before Travelling – What to Know

The island of Phuket is a lovely and safe place to visit for a holiday in the sun. However, as a first-time visitor to the island, you are bound to have a few questions, which is what this article hopes to answer with Phuket travel tips to know before travelling.


Know Phuket's Weather Patterns

The best time to visit Phuket is between December and March. This is high season and a time when hotel rates etc are at their highest. If you are planning a budget trip to the island, consider going there in a shoulder season. A shoulder-season falls in between the high season and low season. Off-season or low season in Phuket will most likely be the wet season, which is from July to November. There is also the hot season, which takes place from April to June. Between June to August, the sea around Phuket is rough and not conducive for swimming. Plus, when visiting a beach, always look for areas marked as safe by a lifeguard flag and never swim in areas marked by a red flag. You could avoid seasonal hotel rates by simply investing in a piece of Phuket real estate. This is a popular option amongst people who love spending time on the island. Many real estate companies in Phuket like Layan Residences by Anantara offer people a chance to own a lovely holiday home in Phuket.


Practising Safe Travels in Phuket

Here are some handy pointers to consider when travelling in Phuket, which includes simple little tips to keep you safe. Avoid drinking tap water. Instead, stick to the bottled water no matter where you are. When heading out on excursions, take along your own bottles of water. The ice in Phuket is safe; it's made from clean water. Take along a good insect repellent and avoid getting bitten by mosquitoes. Dengue fever, although not widespread, is present on the island but Malaria is almost non-existent. Carrying drugs into or around Phuket could result in you facing serious and severe penalties. When driving, you must practise extreme caution. Emergency numbers are 1155 for the tourist police, 191 for the police, and 1669 for an ambulance.


How to Honour Local Customs and Etiquette in Phuket

When visiting the temples, cover your shoulders and wear knee-length garments. Do not wear hats or act boisterous. Respect the Buddha images and avoid Buddha tattoos. The Royal family are like gods to Thai people and any criticism of them is illegal. Plus, you are expected to stand whenever the national anthem is played at certain venues. Alcohol will be sold at convenience stores from 11 am to 2 pm and again between 5 pm and midnight. No alcohol is served on Buddhist religious holidays.


Getting Connected in Phuket

You can buy a local SIM card on arrival at the airport. All you need to show is your passport to get your phone number registered. Costs are very minimal.


Currency and Cash in Phuket

ATMs are located all over Phuket. And they accept all major international credit cards. Instructions are available in English and other main international languages. You can practise polite bargaining at markets. Never be rude. And never try to haggle for prices at the malls. The 7% VAT charged for certain purchased items can be reclaimed on departure at the airport.