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Updated by Joanna James on May 02, 2024
Headline for Top 5 Apps for Exploring Ho Chi Minh City - Five Apps Tourists can Download to Find their Way in Ho Chi Minh City
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Top 5 Apps for Exploring Ho Chi Minh City - Five Apps Tourists can Download to Find their Way in Ho Chi Minh City

As one of Asia's most popular tourist destinations, Ho Chi Minh City welcomes countless visitors from around the world. Here are five apps all holidaymakers can download to help make their sightseeing activities in the city a hassle-free experience.


Maps. Me

Those who are heading to Vietnam's capital for the first time will be relieved to find that most restaurants and other public places in the city offer Wi-Fi access and internet connectivity. The inconvenience of having to limit your movements in order to stay connected to the net in order to look up directions and street locations, however, is very real. This is why it is necessary to download an app the likes of Maps. Me. Offering tourists offline access to maps of the city without internet charges, this useful map app allows one to move around the city with ease thanks to interactive features such as route mapping and landmark spotting which are all operational even when offline. It is important to download the specific maps while one is connected to the internet in order to be able to use it offline.



Whether one is based at a convenient base such as the Somerset D1mension HCMC or any similar apartment for rent in Saigon District 1, taxis are a part and parcel of exploring Vietnam's capital for tourists. There's no easier way to secure a cab in a matter of minutes than by using the Grab app which alerts taxi drivers in the area and matches them with travellers. The reasonable per kilometer rates, waiting charges and speedy pick-ups make Grab among the more popular taxi apps in the city. Those who prefer to travel on a motorbike can book a ride using GrabBike and be whisked around the city at incredible speeds.



While there is nothing like staying in Ho Chi Minh's luxury resorts and hotels, the room rates in such establishments can be too steep for budget travellers and backpackers. This is where the Couchsurfing app comes in handy. Offering travellers around the world safe, secure and cosy couches to crash on during their holidays, Couchsurfing also doubles up as a community app that matches travellers with friendly and knowledgeable locals who wish to show them around their home city for free.



Installing the Facebook app on your phone is a must for those who are travelling to Ho Chi Minh City due to the popularity of the app among local residents. Tourists may find that there are dedicated Facebook groups set up to help tourists find the best attractions to visit and locals willing to impart local know-how to travellers in these online communities.


Cốc Cốc

Looking for a cafe? Shop? Restaurant or gas station in Ho Chi Minh? Download the Cốc Cốc app and let it find the nearest and top-rated answer for your query. Often called the Google Maps of Vietnam, this effective app offers tourists the chance to make smart choices on where they dine, stock up on supplies and even stay during a trip to Vietnam.