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5 Fun Facts You Didn’t Know about Dubai - Top 5 Interesting Facts about Desert Holiday Hub Dubai

As one of the Middle East's most dynamic tourist hotspots, Dubai may seem like an open book to seasoned visitors. Here are five fun facts about the desert capital that may surprise not only first-time visitors but frequent holidaymakers as well.


There are UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Dubai

While Dubai is perhaps best known as the shopping Mecca for the masses and a popular getaway option for purely recreational pursuits, Dubai is home to its fair share of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. This includes the ancient Al Fahidi Historical Neighbourhood while other attractions of cultural significance include the Dubai Creek region. In addition to touring Dubai's iconic museums and galleries, visitors can also sign up for a cruise on a conventional abra boat and walk around some of the oldest parts of the city with a guide to uncover just how rich the local heritage really is.


There's a Coffee Museum

Caffeine addicts and coffee lovers heading to Dubai will be surprised to find out that Dubai's love of the brewed beverage is so strong that there's an entire museum dedicated to it. As the staple morning beverage in Arabic culture, the shared love for a good cup of coffee cannot be overstated where Dubai residents are concerned. Head to the Coffee Museum to understand the beginning of the city's love story with coffee and peruse the many exhibits on show at the venue including coffee-related artefacts from various countries. Visitors can also witness and participate in a traditional coffee ritual unique to the Bedouin culture.


Floral Inspiration

While nearly every visitor who has stopped by Dubai for at least a day has enjoyed the spectacular views available from on top of the Burj Khalifa, few are aware of the inspiration behind the world's tallest structure. The 2,716 feet high Burj Khalifa was designed with the desert flower known as the hymenocallis or spider lily in mind. There are several architectural features such as the lobes and the three feet at the base of the tower that resembles the spider lily to a great extent. Visitors based at Ascott Park Place Dubai or any similar service apartments in Dubai can notice these subtle echoes during their tour of the Burj Khalifa, if they pay attention to the details.


Thriving Art Scene

Although art lovers may scoff at the idea of Dubai being a hub for creative expression, the city has become one of the leading art capitals in the region in recent years. The Dubai Design District which is lined with galleries is one example of the city's thriving artistic prowess while the street art visible on Alserkal Avenue is another fine reason for graffiti fans to holiday in Dubai. The biggest draw for local and international artists visiting Dubai is of course the annual Art Dubai international fair which highlights works from Latin American, Middle Eastern, Asian and African artists.


Birding Paradise

From the sprawling Ras al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary and the Dubai Miracle Garden to the more than 320 bird varieties that migrate to Dubai to escape the cold winters, bird watching enthusiasts will find plenty of points of birding interest during a tour of the city.