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How Much Does It Cost To Develop A Custom WordPress Website?

Developing a custom WordPress website with basic features and functionalities starts from 1000$. While a fully functional website with advanced features can cost anywhere up to 50,000$. For this, you would have to opt for custom WordPress development.

App Development Cost Guide: How Much Does It Cost To Build A Mobile App?

An App development cost can be hard to decipher without understanding the complexity of the app and mobile app development company, that you choose. Yet if we want to add a tentative price tag a simple app can cost up to 30,000 USD, a fairly moderate app would cost you up to 60,00 USD while a fully functional complex app can cost one somewhere around 120,000 USD or more.

Dating App Development: How to Build a Dating App Like Tinder?

Dating app like Tinder work best for people who have hectic work schedules or the ones who have trouble socializing. Online dating is quite popular among the youth, especially after this pandemic. Choosing the right dating app development company is vital for the success of your app. Investing in such an on-demand app development solution is a great way of earning money.

How Much Does it Cost to Build a Website? (2021 Guide)

Website development cost is dependent on various factors. The same goes for any web development company that you choose to work with. A basic business website with minimal features can cost somewhere around 15,000$ – 30, 000 $, creating an eCommerce or social website can cost you about 60,000 USD, while a fully functional custom website can cost you more than 120,000$

Why We Believe Flutter Is the Future of Cross-Platform App Development?

As per the Flutter App Development Company, Mobile apps are built using SDKs. If you aren’t aware of what SDKs are, they’re Software Development Kits also known as devkits that help developers create applications for specific platforms. If you would have entered the mobile app development world a decade ago you would have to opt for native Android and iOS or popularly known as Native SDKs. The Future of app development is extremely bright.

Cost of App like MyFitnessPal | Features to build robust calorie counter app

On-demand app development services are one of the most growing sectors that combines tech and business and caters to valuable services and products at your comfort. Here’s where one realizes what value a fitness app like MyFitnessPal can bring to our lives. Are you looking for a robust calorie counter app? Here are the features which influence the cost of App like MyFitnessPal.

13 Popular PHP Frameworks of 2021 for Web Development

As per the top PHP web development company, PHP powers almost 79% of the websites globally, according to a survey done by W3Techs. This makes it 8 times more popular than its server-side programming rival ASP.NET. Choosing the right PHP frameworks can be confusing. Gain insights on the most popular, well-known PHP frameworks for web development in 2021.

App Like Photomath: Cost & Features to Develop a Robust EdTech App?

Education apps are spiraling for a few years now. The success of an app like Photomath is a result of the same. Learn how to create a similar app. Technource, an on-demand app development company has too received many consultation requests related to ways one can go about investing in the education sector by merging technology.

On-Demand Medicine Delivery Apps: Cost & Features App Like 1MG

To understand how the cost of mobile app development works, one has to understand the development process first. The foremost question that you should be asking yourself is if you can write code? You can also hire a freelancer or IT company for on-demand solutions. On-Demand Medicine delivery app development is on the rise. If you're looking for an app like 1MG.

Top 10 App Development Frameworks to Build a Mobile App in 2021

The mobile app development market has observed a CAGR of a whopping 14.3% and will reach 100 billion USD by the end of 2022. If you’re aware a top mobile app development company would always prefer using the best app development frameworks to create apps for respective platforms. Here we will help you to choose among the top 10 mobile app development frameworks to build a robust app for your business in 2021.

Top 10 Web Development Frameworks to Build a Robust Website in 2021

Having a strong digital presence has become essential for businesses all over the globe. And to develop web apps one has to rely on frameworks that are trusted by developers around the globe and propel rapid website development services. Web development frameworks add convenience and speed to the development process. Learn about the best suitable framework to support your business.

How to Develop App Like Pinterest? Cost to build Robust Social Media App

Pinterest has 478 million active users per month. Do you want to develop an app like Pinterest? Read to learn about the cost to build a similar social media app. We offer on-demand solutions. Our team members are always enthusiastic to take on new projects that challenge their current level of knowledge and perception.

A Beginner’s Guide to Understanding How Structured Data Works

Structured data is the perfect format for search engines to understand your site's content and improve your SERPs. Hire SEO experts now for premium digital marketing services at affordable prices.

Features of Android 12 beta 1 & How To Download & install it?

Android 12 Beta 1 was released for many devices on May 18, 2021. Learn the latest upgrades, features, and how to install them on your device? We being Android app development services that are truly excited to learn the changes this new development will bring about in our lives.

Magento vs Shopify vs WooCommerce

With the exponential rise in the number of eCommerce websites all around the globe, there has also been an evident rise in eCommerce development platforms. Magento, Shopify, and WooCommerce together contribute to powering 9%, 20%, and 25% of the top million eCommerce websites. You can hire eCommerce developers or have a look at Magento vs Shopify vs WooCommerce.

Flutter 2.2 announced at Google I/O 2021, What’s new in Flutter 2.2?

The tech giant hosted its Google I/O 2021 from May 18th – 20th. As expected, much new stuff made its way, but this read is all about the release of Flutter 2.2. Google is proud of Flutter. So brace yourself, as we bring you all the new updates introduced by Google in Flutter 2.2. Hire Flutter developer, to get your cross-platform app ready.

Top 10 Artificial Intelligence Apps (AI Apps) for Android in 2021

What’s interesting to learn is that in 2021, AI hasn’t stayed limited to just passing voice commands. We bring you 10 AI apps for Android that have raised brows all over the world. If you too have a cool idea that you want to exercise making use of AI you should get in touch with an AI development company and hire AI developer.

11 Benefits of Using AngularJS for Frontend Development in 2021

Making use of these features an AngularJS development company can create robust websites that serve the unique demands of clients. You can easily hire AngularJS developers by getting in touch with a web development company like Technource.

Car Rental App Development – Complete Guide to Creating A Car Rental App

What’s interesting to learn is that a car rental company named Avis that started with 3 cars to rent in 1946 has its presence in 165 countries today. The company covers over 5500 locations today. Many other companies such as Zoom cars, Hertz, Zipcars, and more are following footsteps. So it would be safe to say that on-demand apps are turning out to be quite an interesting area of investment

How to Hire Full-Stack Developers For Benefit Your MVP?

We hope this read was able to clear many of your doubts related to full-stack app developers and why it is beneficial for MVP creation. If you want to achieve the preceding objective, you can hire MERN stack developers for the same. Here’s where you can seek the guidance of a web development company.

Everything you Need to Know About Apple iOS 15: Release Date, Features to Compatible Devices

Here you will learn the top 10 new features introduced by Apple in iOS 15. The features are easy to develop and you can do the same by seeking help from an iOS app development company or you can also hire dedicated iOS programmers for the same.

Revamping Your Website: How Much Website Redesign Cost in 2021?

In 2021, redesigning your website can cost anywhere between 3000$ to 50,000$. The size of your website to the functionalities you include directly affect your costing. Yet you can only calculate the exact cost by consulting a professional web design company.

Online Game App Like Kahoot: How to Make Kahoot Like App?

We’ve entered the era of digital learning. Especially with the pandemic hitting every corner of the globe apps like Kahoot have received a great response from consumers. Hence, global learning industries have shifted their focus to mobile app development.

MAGENTO MIGRATION: How to Migrate from Magento 1 to Magento 2?

There are various eCommerce website development companies around the globe. Many of the website owners are still skeptical about Magento 1 to Magento 2 migration. You can always seek help from a Magento development company.

Node.js VS PHP? Which is Better for Your Next Web App Development Project?

We hope our node.js vs PHP comparison guide can add value to your decision-making process. Being a PHP development company we’ve worked on numerous projects we also offer Node.js development services.