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Updated by Joanna James on May 02, 2024
Headline for 5 Meetings Room Types Available at Connect@Changi - For the best first impressions
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5 Meetings Room Types Available at Connect@Changi - For the best first impressions

If you are planning on hosting a business meeting in Singapore anytime soon, you might want to know the kind of meeting rooms available. Read on to know!


Inclusions in the meeting room

Most meeting rooms tend to provide the host and the people that are a part of it with features and equipment like AV equipment, speakers, phone connection, video conferencing ability, Wi-Fi access, computers, photocopying services, coffee and tea, plus a catered meal if you opt for it. Because of the pandemic, most meeting rooms, like the ones at Connect@Changi now only let 8 visitors and 5 in house guests to the meeting rooms.


The boardroom

Spreading out for 110 square metres the boardroom at this hotel comes with 2 86 inch TVs and 2 75 inch TVs plus a 21-inch monitor. Along with the usual equipment needed for a meeting, this boardroom can hold up to 22 people at a time. The place is airtight and is covered with glass panels on the outside. In this room, you can host meetings for which 8 visitors can hail from within the country and five more can be staying at the hotel. If you're going to stay at the hotel, and are new to the country, you might want the hotel to help you get directions to Connect@Changi, so you won't be late for your meeting while you are lost and trying to find your way around.


16 people meeting room

This boardroom can hold 16 people; the five in-house guests and visitors rule still applies during the pandemic. This room is about 42 square metres big and the 75-in TV and all the other equipment needed for an audiovisual presentation and technology comes along with it. This is also designed with glass panels that provide for an airtight space.


10 person meeting room

As the name states, you can have 10 people in the meeting room including 5 guests staying at the hotel and 5 visitors from outside. This room is stylish to design and is 26 square metres big. This meeting room has a single TV which is 65 inches in size and separated by glass dividers. You will also get business equipment in this meeting room upon request.


8 person meeting room

At this meeting room, you can only have 5 guests staying at the hotel. The room itself is 21 square metres big and comes along with a TV that is 45 inches. You will also be able to obtain business equipment upon request in this meeting room.


4-person meeting room

Again, you can have 4 people in this meeting room and they will all have to be people staying at the hotel. This room is quite tiny, it is just 11 square metres big and comes with a 43 inch TV


Tips to host a successful meeting

Agenda is everything when it comes to hosting a successful meeting. Plan out your meeting minute by minute. And make sure you allocate specific times for each topic. This will make sure you do not rant and go off-topic or stay on one topic for too long. No one likes meetings that go beyond the said end time, and people have very low attention spans nowadays. So, the faster the meeting, the more information the guests will retain.

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