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Headline for 5 Safety Tips for Visitors to the Maldives – For an Enjoyable and Hassle-Free Holiday
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5 Safety Tips for Visitors to the Maldives – For an Enjoyable and Hassle-Free Holiday

To stay perfectly safe in the Maldives, a premier holiday destination, consider the tips provided below, such as being mindful of Islamic laws, being aware of accepted attire and behaviour norms and so on.


Be mindful of Islamic laws

Since the Maldives happens to be an Islamic nation, certain rules must be respected by visitors. For instance, it is prohibited to bring in items that are forbidden by Islam, such as alcohol, pork and products made from pork, pornography and narcotic drugs. When it comes to narcotics, even the import of drugs sometimes considered to be 'soft' could result in a significant fine and imprisonment. Further, due to the conservative culture, you should not engage in public displays of affection outside of the resort islands. Similarly, in the period of Ramadan, when the locals fast, you should not eat or drink in public outside of the resorts.


Be aware of accepted attire

Due to the conservative local culture, women may not wear swimsuits except in the resorts and designated 'bikini beaches'. Even in the resorts, nudity or topless sunbathing is not allowed. When visiting the capital of the Maldives, Male, and other local communities, ladies should make sure that their legs and shoulders are covered. Further, they should not wear see-through clothing when at such inhabited islands. Men too should be fairly conservatively dressed when visiting local communities. At resort restaurants, you are often expected to be decently dressed, particularly in the evening. When seeking the best resorts in Maldives, an accommodation choice to consider would be Naladhu Private Island Maldives where you can wear what you want and enjoy a care-free holiday.


Being safe when travelling

You will find that in the Maldives, commuting is mostly done by boat or seaplane. The Maldivian government ensures stringent standards of safety concerning transportation. The captains as well as the other crew members of vessels are well-trained and safety instructions will be declared for the benefit of passengers. Naturally, you should be attentive when these safety instructions are stated. If you feel any kind of discomfort during the journey you should immediately inform the captain so that he will have enough time to take the necessary action.


Considerations for couples

Many couples seeking romance visit the Maldives as it is regarded as a popular honeymoon destination. Married couples should not have any problems here. On the other hand, unmarried couples may encounter some problems. There could be resorts that do not allow unmarried couples to share rooms, although the vast majority will generally allow this. Outside of the resorts, you should refrain from public shows of affection be you married or unmarried to avoid offending the locals.


Be careful when shopping for souvenirs

Whilst shopping for souvenirs in the Maldives, you may come across products that have been made from corals or tortoise shells. Such items will generally be illegal and having them in your possession could land you in trouble. Additionally, the export of such goods is banned and they would be confiscated if detected at the airport. When selecting other souvenirs in general, it would be advisable to spend some time investigating the price charged for an item by inquiring at several establishments so that you will not be over-charged. You are likely to find that the price tags displayed are rather inflated and the price could be brought down significantly by bargaining.