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Headline for Must try water sports excitement in Kalutara – Get that adventure on!
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Must try water sports excitement in Kalutara – Get that adventure on!

Kalutara is located in the western province of Sri Lanka, not too far from Colombo. With plenty of temples, beaches and hotels, Kalutara is a city that offers a cultural experience together with some beach excitement. Here are some water sports one can try!



A great option in Kalutara, windsurfing is perfect for those visitors looking for some excitement in the water! In fact, properties such as Avani Kalutara Resort offer this watersport as a part of their watersport packages! In fact, many water sports fanatics take pleasure in delving into the blue waters of Kalutara, especially since the winds are favourable for the sport of windsurfing. Many hotels in the vicinity provide equipment and facilities to engage in the sport with ease and safety, so even if you're a beginner, don't fret as you're likely to have someone experienced with you along the way! The golden sun and fierce waves definitely make good company.



The waters in Kalutara are also ideal for some jetskiing, especially if you want to feel the wind on your face and the water flowing under you! Adrenaline seekers, jetskiing is for you. Also known as an aquatic motorbike, the fun with jet skiing is unlike any other, especially when the waves lift you through the sea mist at all times which is an exhilarating experience! Among the many things to do in Kalutara, jetskiing has to top your list. You can rent jet skis for a certain time period, for affordable prices.


Kayaking and canoeing

For those looking to explore the waters more calmly, kayaking and canoeing are great options. Kayaking does not require specializes skills, and canoeing is equally pleasing as it gives you time to truly enjoy the attractive scenery and laidback atmosphere. Head out across the famous Kalu Ganga and take in the majesty that Kalutara emits! Feast your eyes on the beautiful vegetation, flora and fauna while you are kayaking or canoeing.



Another one for the adventurers, this water sport offers unique sensations where no other water sport can compare. It is not the easiest water sport to learn but provides hours of exhilarating fun during your time in the waters. Experts can help you out and you can also hone your skills in the local waters. With so many options when it comes to water sports in Kalutara, waterskiing is one that you should not miss out on!


Banana boating

A banana boat, also known as a water sledge is an inflatable recreational boat that is towed. There are different sizes of banana boats, some of which can hold up to 6 riders and some others can hold up to ten riders! This water sport is relatively simple and safe but full of fun. It is the perfect activity for families and large groups, as it requires almost no prior training or specialized skills to take part! You'll each be given a lifejacket and given simple instructions, the rest is just to enjoy the experience!