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Resources for a Diverse Classroom

Having a diverse classroom is important for students to learn, grow, and succeed. Here is a list of ten great resources to include in your classroom!

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This book embarks on the journey of a young boy who is in a wheelchair as he explores the world. The boy has determination that he can do anything he sets his mind to and is able to discover new places even with a disability. I chose this book because it brings awareness to people with disabilities. Having a disability personally, I feel it is important to include resources and books in the classroom so students can learn more about different cultures and disabilities. We are all different, and it is beneficial to bring awareness to some of these differences so the students can be educated as well as appreciative of people from diverse backgrounds and of a wide range of abilities. This book will be beneficial to my classroom as it will allow students to learn, appreciate, and respect others who have a physical disability. I hope my students will learn to not treat students with disabilities differently than their other peers as everyone should be treated with kindness regardless of their differences.

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I chose this book to include in my classroom because it brings awareness to different family structures. Each family is different and will have a different structure. Students will most likely have a different family structure from their peers, and it is important students can learn about the different family types and see that even though families may look different, families love one another and offer support, guidance, and comfort. This will be beneficial to my classroom as it will allow students to learn and understand more about the different structures of families and maybe even appreciate their peers and their family structure more. Regardless of differences in family types and structures, everyone has a family.

Growth Mindset for students - Episode 1/5

I chose this video for several reasons. The first being that I plan to teach elementary students, and this video talks about growth mindset in an easy way for young children to understand this concept. This is a cartoon which is broken up into six videos that can be incorporated into multiple lessons. It is important for students, even at a young age, to believe in themselves and their abilities. They can learn, grow, and accomplish their goals with hard work and a positive mind set. This will be beneficial to my classroom because I want my students to believe in themselves and grow. I want my students to know that they can do anything they set their mind to and that they have the ability to accomplish their goals and hard material.

Talking to Young Children About Race and Racism | PBS KIDS for Parents

Here are tips, books, and resources to help you have meaningful conversations with young children about race, racism, and anti-racist behavior.

This website informs parents on how to talk about racism with their child. Racism is sadly prevalent in our world today, and it is important for students, regardless of their age, to learn about racism and how to avoid treating others differently. Students, even at a very young age, can notice differences among their peers. All children should learn to treat everyone equally and not treat others differently or in a mean way because of the difference in color of skin. This resource discusses conversation starters for parents, has article links to different topics on racism, and even has recommended books that discuss racism for young children. This resource will be beneficial to my classroom because I want all my students to treat one another with kindness and respect. All students should be treated with kindness, and this is a topic that is very important for my students to know. I want the parents to know how to talk to their child about this topic, and I will provide multicultural books in my classroom so students can learn about other cultures.

Skwirk Stage 3 - Stereotyping

A short educational animation explaining stereotyping. One of over 2000 educational animations available on Skwirk.

I chose this video because it discusses an important concept I want my students to learn about. Stereotypes are made every day, and I want my students to not only learn what they are, but how to avoid making stereotypes. My goal as a teacher is to not only help my students achieve academically, but I also want to provide my students with important life skills and knowledge that will help them as they continue with their education and life. This video will be beneficial to my classroom because it will allow my students to understand what stereotypes are and realize that they can be hurtful and unfair to others. I want my students to not make stereotypes or judgements about their classmates or other members of the community. I want my classroom to be a place of kindness, growth, excitement, love, and possibilities. Videos such as this one will help my class to appreciate one another and come together.

This is an informational text that explains in detail teaching poor students or students with trauma. I chose this informational text because it provides a wide range of information on symptoms, risk factors/impact, research, and strategies for teaching poor students or students with trauma. It is important for teachers to know the signs and risk factors of these students so that they can provide the right level of support and instruction to these particular students. This will be beneficial for my classroom as I will have a better understanding and knowledge of teaching students with trauma and poor students. As teachers, we will encounter a wide range of students with different abilities, strengths, weaknesses, and home lives. However, it is important for teachers to be educated in how to teach students from different situations.

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This is a great resource for teachers that provides numerous resources for teaching students with learning disabilities. I chose this resource as it provides teachers with information, resources, strategies, accommodations, and articles for teaching students with a learning disability. All students with have different abilities, strengths, and weaknesses. It is important for teachers to accommodate and help each student receive the education and instruction they need in order to grow and succeed. This is especially true for students who may need more one on one help or with students who have a learning disability. Having a learning disability does not mean that a student cannot learn, it just means they may need more instruction and one on one guidance and support. This resource will be beneficial for my classroom if I have a student or students in my class who have a learning disability. I can take advantage of the resources and suggestions this website offers in order to help these students succeed, grow, and flourish academically.

Racism is Wrong! Watch this educational video for children on racism (Elementary Schools Bullying)

Racism is wrong and when Franky is told to go back to Africa his sister helps him understand hate is wrong. This video is great for elementary schools.

This is a video for elementary students that teaches them how racism is wrong. It is a cartoon that is easy for young students to understand. I chose this video because racism is a major part of our world, and I want my students to understand and know how hurtful racism is. This video gives several important lessons throughout including to not respond to hate with hate and to not let what others say go to your head. This is an educational video that shows one student's experience with racism. This is important because some students may relate to what the character went through, and regardless, it allows for an opportunity for all my students to learn why racism is wrong. This will be beneficial for my classroom as my students will have a greater knowledge on what racism is and will hopefully see that we should treat everyone with kindness, respect, and compassion and not be rude to peers based on the color of their skin.

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In this book, all students at the school are loved and welcomed with open arms regardless of who they are or where they come from. The book follows these children throughout a school day and shows how the children learn and celebrate everyone’s culture in the classroom. I chose this book because it depicts the environment I want in my future classroom. I will accept every student with open arms regardless of their culture or background. I want all my students to feel safe, valued, supported, welcomed, and loved. This will be beneficial to my classroom as it will help my students to feel welcomed and loved. I want all my students to know that they are safe, welcomed, loved, and supported in my classroom. I want my students to have a safe space where they can grow, learn, and even make mistakes. This book embodies the environment I hope to achieve in my classroom.

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This book discusses Diwali, Christmas and Hanukkah and how we can all sparkle through our culture. When Caleb goes on a play date with a friend who celebrates Diwali, and the kids try to make him feel welcomed and comfortable. I chose this book because it teaches students about other traditions and religious celebrations in a fun story. Growing up, I did not really get to learn about other religious celebrations, and I want to include books like this one in my library so all my students can learn more about other religions and cultures. This will be beneficial for my classroom as students will get to learn about other cultures and religious traditions which will expand their knowledge and appreciation for others.