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Traditional Omani Dishes You Must Try on Your Vacation – Savour an Authentic Culinary Adventure

The Omani culture is steeped in the religion of Islam and owes much to the geography of the country. Unlike most other Gulf countries, Oman is blessed with lush terrain and fertile soil. The local cuisine is rich and includes all of these homegrown ingredients and much more.


Omani Bread

Crisp and thin or thick and large these breads come in different textures, sizes and tastes. The simple base being flour, water and salt, many variations of it are available such as those with dried fruit, ones sandwiched with cheese and egg and others accompanied by flavourful dips. These are consumed as separate meals or snacks or more commonly had alongside other meals.


The Buttery and Flaky Mushaltat

These are somewhat similar to puff pastries but have every reason to defy being puff pastries. It has many layers of ghee infused shortbread and comes stuffed with meat, cheese, spinach or sometimes even honey. They can be found at modest cafes and crowded restaurants alike and are a great way to satisfy your hunger pangs for a few hours.


Traditional Mixed Rice

Have your taste buds awakened by the aroma and feel replete after savouring this delicious traditional preparation called Majboos, Kabsa or Makboos. This is the main meal which is usually had for lunch and has been modernised in many ways. A blend of Basmati Rice, vegetables, meat or chicken seasoned with spices; Traditional Mixed Rice originated in Saudi Arabia. This meal is usually accompanied by a green salad or yoghurt, tomato sauce and traditional bread. Having it at a wayside eatery or a fine dining restaurant is not to be missed.


Omani Spiced Meat

"Shuwa" referring to grilled meat in Arabic, is a favourite dish in Oman especially turned out for occasions such as Eid al-Fiṭr, which symbolises the end of the period of fasting. Even during other times, "Shuwa" can be ordered at many restaurants in Oman and is a must-try. After marinating the meat with authentic Omani spices, it is wrapped in banana or palm leaves and cooked in an underground sand oven for one to two days. Needless to say, the outcome can be termed, out of this world.


Omani Coffee

The presence of aromatic and zesty cardamom makes "Kahwa" profoundly different to any typical coffee that is found elsewhere in the world. The taste of cardamom is inseparable from kahwa due to the long exposure of the coffee to cardamom during the production process. If you want to really indulge in this traditional brew, experience it at Anantara Al Jabal Al Akhdar Resort gazing at the sunrise over a 360-degree panorama into the valley below.


Chicken Kabouli

Possibly the simplest way to explain a kabouli is to compare it to a biriyani, but essentially the ingredients are different. The methods of preparation are somewhat similar but a lot more cloves, cardamoms, coriander and almonds find their way into a kabouli than they would ever feature in a biriyani. The pieces of chicken are cooked and fried before being mixed into the rice and this ravishing dish is garnished with chickpeas, sultanas and even dates.