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FMS Smart Aligners

FMS Smart Aligners are the “next-gen” of orthodontic braces that are more comfortable, convenient and aesthetically pleasing when compared to conventional (traditional) braces. read more...

Symptoms TMJ Headaches

Jaw joint is a highly functional joint and is related to very important functions like chewing, speech etc. The jaw joint is also known as Temporomandibular joint (TMJ), connects your lower jaw to your skull.

What are dental implants?

What are dental implants and how are they beneficial?
Dental Implants are referred to as fixed third set of man-made dentition and are a permanent solution for missing teeth.

Painless Dental Treatment

Modern dentistry is painless, thanks to Lasers whose induction in to dentistry has made majority of the treatments pain free. Lasers play a pivotal role in dentistry and are used in a wide range of procedures like

Tooth Whitening Treatment

Teeth whitening agents contain carbamide peroxide and hydrogen peroxide as the key ingredients which when applied to your teeth penetrate and remove the stains and brighten your teeth. At FMS Denta

Teeth Alignment Surgery In Hyderabad

Did you know that right from an early age irregular teeth alignment can be predicted and prevented?

Are You Reluctant To Wear Aligners

Are you hesitant to wear braces as you are concerned about those metallic smiles? Have you always dreamed to be discreet about your braces treatment? Then Clear Aligners are the right solution for you. Here

Does your child has malaligned teeth?

Then, it’s time for you to consult a Pedodontist, who is a specialist dentist for kids. Primary teeth help in maintaining the arch length and space required to accommodate permanent teeth.

FMS Dental

If you are looking for a smile makeover, then you are at the right place – we are smile engineers, we design your smile to the perfection. Smile designing demands expertise and hands-on experience from a cosmetic dentist to give you that beautiful smile you are looking for.

Dental Tips By FMS Dental Clinic

Teeth straightening is an art and science to achieve the best possible aesthetic results in the patients. Orthodontics is a department of dentistry that involves in aligning teeth to their ideal position in the oral cavity.

CAD / CAM System In Dentistry Jubilee Hills

FMS International Dental Center is the best cosmetic dental clinic in jubilee hills with advanced CAD-CAM technology. CAD-CAM stands for Computer aided design and computer aided manufacturing. This helps to fabricate precise shapes and fit for restorations especially in complex tooth restorations. All Ceramic crowns like Zirconia and E-max are made using CAD-CAM. Implant prostheses are also manufactured with CAD-CAM.

What is a Dental - Teeth Bridge Procedure?

Then, choose the best dental clinic near you to get a permanent teeth bridge and restore your smile. Dental bridge not only fills the gap formed by missing teeth, but also prevents the repositioning of remaining teeth.