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Updated by Rosie Galvez on Apr 18, 2021
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8 Sweet Ways to Show Your Granny You Love Her

Sometimes the best things in life we take for granted, and sometimes it's the relationships with the people we love the most. I've written a few ideas to spark your creativity and help you truly show your appreciation for your grandmother in particular. Grandmas make the world go around, so now is the time to say thank you. Time is precious in every relationship — make it count!


Write her letters

Whether you're miles away at college like me, or live down the street from her, I will assure you she will love some surprise snail mail! Whether it be an update on your own life, or a quick scribble to say "I love you," this is a fun way to change up the communication, and be a bit old-fashioned. Just wait, the next time you make it over to her place, it will most likely be out on display.


Listen to her stories

My family has planned an activity to do with my grandma, and I personally think it's brilliant and every family should do it. It's pretty simple, as everyone in the family takes a turn visiting Grandma's house, and during this visit they choose an object or place around her house. Then, it's time to listen and hear her story or favorite memory with that object, or place in the house. After a beautiful visit, record the memory down on paper, and your family has a wonderful book of stories you may not have heard otherwise.


Take a spontaneous trip

Whether this be a trip to the mall for a mani / pedi, or a cross-country road trip, take your grandma out. She may be used to being a busy girl, but may not have as much to do these days. Add some pizzazz to her week and make a lasting memory.


DIY Gift

Write a poem, draw a picture, knit a scarf, glue together some pictures -- get creative! You don't have to be Van Gogh to make something. We're the Pinterest generation. Gifts are one of the most obvious ways to show appreciation, and even more so with homemade gifts, as they are also gifts of your time and creativity personalized just for her.



She's been making meals her whole life, now it's time you serve her something in return if you haven't already. Or if you're like me, and she holds all the cooking skills, cook together, and learn from the best. The making of the grub will be just as enjoyable as eating it with her once it's done.


Share your talents together

Do you both play instruments? Sit down at the piano bench and let her enjoy the talent you both share. Draw together at the kitchen table, take her to a sports game you both used to play. Participate and take time to share the hobbies you've both invested time in and have enjoyed throughout your lives.


Give her your undivided attention

Time in any relationship can be the most valuable thing, and in our society today it can be hard to spend time with someone without distractions. If your grandma is anything like mine, she's not exactly from the iPhone generation. Put your technology away for a bit, and eliminate all other possible distractions from listening to what she has to say. True appreciation, I believe, is showing you care for who they are, and what they have to say, as they've cared the same for you.


Say thank you

This is a pretty mainstream way to show appreciation. However, sometimes we forget the value of words and forget to say them out loud. Say the words, and let her know she's important.

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