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Places to visit in Negombo – Discovering Negombo

Lying on the west coast of Sri Lanka, within a short distance from the main airport, Negombo is a convenient night stop and a well-loved bustling city. The wide sandy beach and lagoon with an abundance of wildlife make the city a remarkable natural treasure that awaits the curious tourist.


Historic Places of Worship

Negombo has a large seafaring community and it is befitting to call them largely religious. Those of the Christian faith enjoy visiting the St. Mary's Church, which is considered to be one of the most magnificent cathedrals in the country. Its ceiling is decorated with vivid religious paintings, whilst St. Sebastian's church Is built in the Gothic revival style. Those who follow the philosophy of Buddha find the Angurukaramulla Temple to be mystical with many ornate sculptures, murals and ruins of a historic library.


The Stretches of Golden Sand

The broad sandy stretches are pristinely bordered by foamy waves that turn into gorgeous turquoise sheets as they meet the horizon. On the side of the land, a gracious line of coconut palms creates the ideal setting for honeymooners, couples and families who yearn to unwind by the ocean. A large number of hotels in Sri Lanka are located along this coastline and offer every discerning traveller their money's worth.


Negombo Fish Market

If you are curious to experience the life of fisherfolk, approach the main fish market. Fishing vessels seem to line up to infinity. It is not just a place where fish is sold, it is a hive of activity with different varieties of fish unloaded, scaled, cut up, and made ready to dry. You would see row upon row of mats laid out with fish to dry. The vendors are noisy but friendly and are ready for a dialogue. It can be smelly and even messy, but the whole atmosphere is unusual and transports you to a different world.


Scenic Negombo Lagoon

Surrounded by paddy fields, coconut plantations and dense grasslands, a boat ride down the lagoon with your loved ones will allow you to revel in the scenic beauty of nature, look in wonder at the colourful birds and watch the antics of monkeys. If such excursions don't suit your nerves, Amagi Hotels offer an unparalleled opportunity to revel in the tranquillity of the Negombo Lagoon by its very location.


Negombo Dutch Canal

The Dutch Canal is a body of water that rambles through Negombo while connecting Puttalam to Colombo, the commercial capital of the country. The canal is used mostly for fishing purposes but also offers a sense of calmness and a cool breeze to those around it. During the time the Dutch ruled the coastal areas of Sri Lanka, they constructed a series of structures, dams and canals to enhance the original system of waterways. The main purpose was to transport the world-renowned Ceylon Cinnamon in barges to the seaports. Today if you take a boat trip down any stretch of this canal, you will get a glimpse of the simplicity of the local livelihoods and the warmth of their friendly smile.