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Updated by Joanna James on May 02, 2024
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5 Things to consider when planning a beach wedding- How to fool-proof your dream wedding!

Beach weddings are romantic, dreamy and can seem right out of a fairy tale. As with any wedding, planning goes a long way to ensure your beach wedding will be as it should be.


Choose the correct beach

Couples can get carried away and tend to disregard the convenience of the location once they've discovered a beach that is ideal for them. However, take into consideration how the location will affect the guests. Will it be an easy place to find? will there be parking available? if it's too remote will the guests need accommodation? These are some of the questions you should be asking yourself when picking the beach location. This will also factor in with the logistics, such as setting up the decor, the transportation, catering, chairs, tables, sound systems etc.


Sound matters

The waves breaking on the beach while walking down the aisle is truly magical and romantic. However, for the ceremony, the guests will like to be able to hear everything. So do some research into good sound systems and how and who can set it up for you on the beach. Ask friends and acquaintances for some recommendations or if you are hiring a wedding planner, they might be the best bet to get things like this sorted. One can also hire or purchase a wireless microphone for the ceremony proceedings.


Windproof décor

The décor you choose has to be suitable for an outdoor event. Especially be durable enough to withstand windy conditions. Consider the type of decor that you want to have. Extravagant flowers, balloons, ribbons and large candles, will most likely not be suitable. Items like pictures and name tags can be securely fastened with tape or other heavy objects can be used to keep them in place. For the flowering arrangements select types that hold up fresh in hot temperatures and strong winds. You don't want your flowers to wilt before the wedding ends.



The weather is unpredictable so adequate covering for the guests is important. It could rain or the winds could end up being particularly rough, so to protect everyone from the elements adequate covering is crucial. Notably for hot climates, for example, this is essential for beach weddings in Malaysia. This will securely keep your guests and yourself cool and comfortable. Try scheduling the main ceremony when the sun is at its mildest. Early mornings or mid-afternoons will be perfect. Get creative about the sunshades! Do some research on the best options. Explore possibilities like using bamboo poles that can be dressed in pastel-coloured materials. This will surely keep everyone comfortable and add a stylish look as well.



Unless you are tying the knot near a resort, how the food will be stored will be an important factor. Food items that have to be refrigerated will go bad in humid conditions. So be prudent with the menu or get a guarantee that the caterers will provide the necessary facilities to keep the food cold. The cake too will have to be made to withstand any hot conditions, for example, buttercream frostings might not be a good idea. Try reaching out to a private beach resort to make the planning easier for you. Many resorts such as Pelangi Beach Resort & Spa will be more than happy to oblige with special requests.