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9 Most Popular Sri Lankan Dishes - Divine food in the Emerald Isle

Sri Lanka is a country known for the stunning beaches and hospitality but another attraction on the island is the mouthwatering food you will come across.


Milk Rice

Milk Rice which is known as 'Kiribath' is the national food in the country and it can be seen on any special occasion or ceremony. It is made with coconut milk that is added to cooked rice. The result? A creamy rice cake that tastes divine!



Roti in Sri Lanka is made with either wheat flour or rice flour. Roti can be eaten with pretty much any of the curries which are available in Sri Lanka.



Hoppers are a delightful treat that is nice and crispy on the edge and soft and mellow in the middle. This dish also comes with eggs and is called egg hoppers. Hoppers are a popular street food on the island so you can find them in most small shops as well. You will find hoppers in any Sri Lankan buffet at many a resort in Kandy.



Pittu is yet another exciting food that is not very common but you can come across this at the breakfast buffet at developed hotels such as Hunas Falls. Pittu is enjoyed with coconut milk and a spicy curry such as fish or chicken or coconut sambol or dhal for vegetarians.



While jackfruit is being discovered recently around the world this has been a popular dish in Sri Lanka for many years. There are different forms of preparing this fruit in Sri Lanka and they are kos, polos ambul, and polos mallum which are all extremely tasty and delightful in their own way.


Ambul Thiyal

Ambul Thiyal is a black fish preparation that is made in Sri Lanka which is not available at all the city restaurants as it is known to be a dish that villages are good at making. It is said that cooking this particular dish takes a lot of time and you need practise being able to master the balance of all the spices that are used in the recipe.



Kottu is the most popular street food in Sri Lanka and if you miss out on having Kottu while on the island you have not made the best of your visit to Sri Lanka. It is a dish that comes with pieces of soft roti, vegetables, the meat of your choice, and a variety of sauces.


Batu Moju

Brinjal or Oburjene as it is known around the world is known as Wambatu on this little island and this preparation is one of the most unique dishes you will ever come across. The brinjals are fried and thereafter tempered in onions, chillies, and an assortment of spices. This dish is mostly enjoyed with rice and curry and is quite a popular dish in all Sri Lankan households


Rice and Curry

Rice and Curry are the staples on the island and it is said that villages have rice and curry for all three meals. While you can find different types of rice on the island you can also find a vast variety of different vegetables and fruits that are made into curries along with meat, fish, and eggs.

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