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REM Puck

REM Puck : Motion | Paranormal Gear | Ghost Gear

Unlike the REM Pod which uses capacitance as a proximity sensor, the REM Puck uses microwave sensing. This is an immensely more powerful motion sensing method. It is used in Doppler radar. We had to rein it back from its natural 7 feet detection range to 9 inches.

REM Puck: EMF | Ghost Haunting Tools

The REM Puck was specifically designed to operate at a higher frequency than a K-II meter. While the K-II, MEL-Meter, EDI, and others operate in the VLF range, the REM Puck operates in the LF range. The benefit of this is we are not operating in danger zones. The Very Low Frequency, or VLF, is a host to many bothersome frequencies and their harmonics.

Recording an EVP | Paranormal Investigation

Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP) are voices found on electronic recordings that were not heard during the recording. Parapsychologist Konstantins Raudive popularized EVP’s in the 1970s. Most consider EVP to be spirits communicating with the living.

Geomagnetic or DC magnetic fields do not alternate and are therefore not detected by an EMF meter detector. An EMF meter will not detect a magnet from your refrigerator. Unless you can move it back and forth fast, then it would be alternating current.