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SharePoint in Plain English

A short, fun, animated approach, showing you what SharePoint is all about. Learn more at

SharePoint 2010 - How To Publish A Workbook

In this free video clip from our SharePoint 2010 Integrating with Office 2010 Training, Bill Kulterman shows how to publish a workbook in SharePoint.

Open & Edit Items Using Web Apps

In this demonstration from our Sharepoint 2010 Integrating with Office 2010 Training, TrainSignal Instructor Bill Kulterman shows how to open and edit items using office web apps.

Extending the SharePoint 2010 Newsfeed

The SharePoint 2010 Newsfeed is the new My Site home page. This presentation demonstrates a centralized approach to building applications that publish activities to the newsfeed. In this session you will learn how to create a custom Activity Application and publish Activity Items from external events.

Create Powerful Pages Without Code!

SharePoint 2010 gives Power Users and Administrators alike the ability to create powerful, interactive web pages without writing any programming code! Join us in this webinar to learn all of the different ways you can give site users an interactive interface to manipulate the business data exposed on a SharePoint web page.

Pro SharePoint Dev -- Tools & Topics to Enhance Your Craft

SharePoint has long since moved into the realm of "business critical applications" and yet most SharePoint development is still done without the benefit of modern, robust tools and practices. This needs to change. NOW.

Using InfoPath 2010 & SPD2010 to Manage List Forms

SharePoint Designer has been a great tool to customize SharePoint list forms for a long time. Now in SharePoint 2010, you can use InfoPath 2010 to customize the forms as well. What's the difference? Why should you use one tool over the other for this purpose?

What students should know about SharePoint 2010

SharePoint is one of the fastest growing products in the IT industry, and SharePoint 2010 has come a long way from previous versions. Come learn about all the newest features and capabilities of SharePoint 2010, how many large enterprises are using it today, and why gaining SharePoint skills can help make you more marketable after graduation.

Wish I'd Have Known That Sooner! SharePoint Insanity Demystified

After years of helping organizations around the world to deploy and implement SharePoint, Dan Holme has found that there are certain pain points that almost everyone encounters. Some are confusing concepts. Some are bad decisions driven by Microsoft's UI and documentation. Some are due to unnecessarily complex terminology.

Microsoft IT CIO Office Scorecards - Delivering Dashboards from KPI Catalog to the Masses

See a live demo of how Microsoft IT and specifically Office of the CIO is managing and delivering scorecards to the masses at Microsoft using SharePoint, using Excel, PerformancePoint, SQL Server Reporting Services 2008 R2, and other Microsoft BI products.

Building the Next Generation Intranet Using SharePoint 2010

Microsoft IT is recreating its intranet to reflect people's needs and behaviors-putting the audience at the center rather than the publishers and organizations. The vision for Microsoft's "Next Generation Intranet" includes a set of services that work together to deliver content to a common surface in a relevant, efficient, and personalized way.

Sharing Information with Office 2010 and SharePoint 2010

Posted By: Alan Le Marquand Publish Date: 5/19/2010 Office 2010 has a large number of new features, making it a very rich application suite. The next step in the product evolution was to enable that richness beyond the client installation and enable users to take advantage of features online.

Creating Connected Web Parts in SharePoint 2010

Connected web parts allow you to provide enhanced interactivity within SharePoint application pages. Consumer and provider web parts pass information back and forth, which can be very useful in master-details scenarios, such as selecting a list item and seeing additional information about that item.

Co-Authoring a Word Document

In this free video clip from our SharePoint 2010 Integrating with Office 2010 Training, Bill Kulterman and Heather Ackmann demonstrate how to co-author a Word document in SharePoint.