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Updated by summonyourspirit on Apr 15, 2021
Headline for 5 Most Inspiring Blog Posts for Happiness and a Better, More Mindful Life
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5 Most Inspiring Blog Posts for Happiness and a Better, More Mindful Life

I have more posts to add, but here are the top 5 so far! This blog is under some serious construction, so wear your hardhat. ;) On this site, there are principles you will find that will help you live a happier daily life. I'm offering help to shift the mindset of anyone who is willing to accept the challenge.


Shortcuts to Happiness– Summon Your Spirit

There are a number of shortcuts to happiness, including listening to music that makes you happy, being satisfied with yourself, doing things you love, making time for yourself, considering minimalism and more.

Mind Mastery for Life Improvement – Summon Your Spirit

By reading this story, you may be able to determine how The Law of Attraction is working in your own life. If you are very fearful of something, it is quite possible and likely that you will encounter that situation. An example is that my daughter used to be paralyzed with fear when she would see a spider. Because of that, there always seemed to be spider encounters whenever she was present. Once she conquered that fear, there were fewer spiders.

Is Your Circle of Friends Uplifting? – Summon Your Spirit

Friends can really affect your state of mind. Let those who are important to you know how you feel about them; don't take them for granted. Avoid telling people that they are wrong; sometimes, this can be one of the kindest gestures.

The ALTITUDE of Gratitude – Summon Your Spirit

Being thankful lifts you up and that is the main purpose of this blog... to lift you up and help you to be your BEST self. I strive every day to bring out the best in myself, so I enjoy sharing my tips. As long as I am living, I'm learning every day.

Finding Beauty and Peace Everywhere– Summon Your Spirit

Appreciate the little things. When you are doing something as mundane as washing the dishes, be in the moment, be grateful for the running water, that you had food to eat, dishes and utensils, etc. You have a choice of doing anything with disdain or gratitude. Which will you choose?