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Hibiscus for Healthy Hair – 5 Ways to Use Hibiscus

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Hibiscus for Healthy and Strong Hair

Hibiscus for Healthy and Strong Hair

Hibiscus is a renowned herb for healthy hair. As Ayurveda says, hibiscus flowers as well as leaves, have an extraordinary healing property. Yes, you heard it right! Hibiscus flower and leaves have the cure for hair loss, even stop hair fall. Those beautiful flowers from your garden have the remedy for which you have been searching all around. Studies show that hibiscus flowers give the complete recovery from the bald patches and dormant hair follicles.

According to Ayurveda, panchmahabhutas have a significant influence on the body’s form of energy. Typically, the doshas are classified into three doshas: Vata dosha, Pitta dosha, and Kapha dosha. Each dosha exhibits different characteristics on your hair. While having the dosha in an equal ratio gives perfect and healthy hair.

Benefits of Hibiscus for Healthy Hair

Hibiscus is the most underrated herb. If you only had the idea about hibiscus’s benefits for hair, you would add it to your hair care routines. So, here goes the list of benefits of hibiscus for your hair.

Stimulates hair growth

Are you losing a bunch of hair strands every day? Try hibiscus for your hair. The natural ingredient, amino acids in hibiscus, nourishes your hair and promotes regrowth of hair. Why? Cause amino acids have a structural protein named keratin.

Keratin is the building block of hair as it binds the hair together, making them less prone to breakage. Keratin in hair promotes the hair toward thickness, but it also makes hair more manageable. Next time, don’t waste your money on expensive keratin treatments instead of using hibiscus on your hair.

Strengthens Your Hair Roots

Hibiscus flowers and leaves contain high amounts of invigorating ingredients, like amino acids and flavonoids. Amino acids increase the keratin production in the hair cells, stimulating hair growth. At the same time, the flavonoids trigger the blood circulation and transform dormant follicles into hair follicles.

Deeply Conditions hair

Who doesn’t love deeply conditioned hair? To get smooth hair, many people out there use chemical-based conditioner for silky hair, which in return strips away the natural oils from the hair. Don’t worry, use hibiscus to nourish hair and lock the moisture content, NATURALLY! Hibiscus leaves and flowers have a high amount of mucilage, which is the secret of natural conditioner.

Elevated Vata dosha makes hair frizzy and dry, which causes split ends. Hibiscus acts as an ultra-emollient that help in trapping moisture hair shafts and restores elasticity in hair strands. The mucilage fiber conditions your hair to make it silky and smooth.

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Natural Hibiscus Hair Oil for Hair Growth

Natural Hibiscus Hair Oil for Hair Growth
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