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Updated by Retirement Community on Sep 18, 2023
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The Holiday Retirement

At the Holiday Retirement Community of West Hartford, the health, safety and comfort of our residents is of the utmost importance. Our well trained staff cater to the health and safety of all our residents, which will give your family great peace of mind, knowing they are being looked after 24x7.



How to Reduce Body Pain When Sleeping

How to Reduce Body Pain When Sleeping

As you age, you may find yourself waking up throughout the night. This can be due to chronic pain. Learn how to reduce discomfort and improve your sleep.
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Best Movies for Seniors to Watch After Retirement

Best Movies for Seniors to Watch After Retirement

Watching a great movie can stir up memories and feelings. This selection of movies for seniors is perfect to watch on your own, or with friends and loved ones.
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Staying Healthy When Hospitalized During Your Senior Years

Staying Healthy When Hospitalized During Your Senior Years

After a stay in the hospital, it is essential to stay healthy and find ways to quicken your recovery. It helps to learn things you can do to make it easier.
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12 Tips to Avoid Physical Injuries for Seniors When Exercising

12 Tips to Avoid Physical Injuries for Seniors When Exercising

As you age, you may be more likely to experience fitness-related injuries. Learning how to avoid them can help you stay fit, safe, and healthy.
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Crafts for Seniors: Some Simple and Inspiring Ideas

It is important to keep our hands and minds busy as we age. Simple crafts allow you to make items you can share and are an excellent way to stay creative.

How Baby Boomers are Transforming Retirement Living

Baby boomers are not the generation to take things as they are. They carry this to retirement living, ensuring the facilities have a variety of amenities.

6 Ways A Senior Nursing Home & Rehab Center Helps with Depression

Depression has a serious impact on an individual, and often requires professional guidance to overcome. For seniors with the condition, nursing homes can help.

A Complete Guide to Lifestyle Management for Seniors

Having a healthy lifestyle that includes physical activity and a balanced diet can help seniors enjoy longer lives and experience fewer effects from illness.

How Retirement Communities Enhance Safety of Senior Residents

To help protect their residents, retirement communities implement a variety of measures to help keep them safe. Learn more about how they keep you protected.

Things You Should Know About Skilled Nursing Facilities

Skilled nursing facilities provide a more thorough level of care for seniors that require help with the basic functions and the daily activities of living.

When is the Right Time to Move to a Retirement Home?

Making the decision to move from your home to a retirement facility is a big step. Understanding when is the best time can make the choice easier.

How is Assisted Living Different from Independent Living

Choosing between independent living and assisted living can be hard, so it helps to learn more about each so you can select the best option for you.

Choosing the Right Skilled Nursing Home

When the time comes to select a nursing home, it is important to learn what to look out for. This way, you ensure that you make the right decision for your needs.

What are the Different Stages of Dementia?

Dementia appears in seven different stages. Learning about the symptoms for each will help you to identify if you or a loved one may be experiencing it.

8 Major Benefits of Vitamin D for Seniors

Vitamin D is extraordinarily beneficial for all ages, particularly for seniors. An adequate vitamin D intake can help improve strength and promote good health

How to Prevent Medication-Related Problems in Seniors

Medication-related problems, including nonadherence and negative side effects, can increase the risk of serious problems. It is important to take medication properly.

Caring for Seniors with Multiple Chronic Illnesses

Seniors who experience multiple chronic illnesses may require different or combined care strategies. It is important to learn about each to provide the right care.

How to Lead an Independent Life in a Retirement Apartment

Moving to a retirement apartment does not mean that you are no longer independent. In fact, it is quite easy to maintain an independent lifestyle in a senior home.

7 Benefits of Occupational Therapy for Seniors

Occupational therapy is an excellent option for seniors. It helps them to recover from any injuries, stay active, and stay healthy, and remain independent.

Retirement Living: 10 Tips for Aging with Grace & Dignity

Aging with grace and dignity is easily possible if you know how to do it and what to avoid. Check out ten tips for retirement living to enjoy your senior years!

8 Tips to Manage Arthritis Pain - Holiday Retirement

Joint pain can be a common concern for seniors. Finding ways to ease the pain can help you live a more productive and enjoyable life.

10 Major Benefits of Having an Active Lifestyle for Seniors

Remaining active can help you enjoy a healthy life, and benefit your physical, emotional, intellectual, spiritual, and social well-being.

How to Recognize and Manage Dehydration in Senior Years?

As you get older, it may be difficult to stay hydrated. This makes it important to learn the signs of dehydration and take the steps to prevent it.

Retirement Guide: Housing Options for Seniors

There are many retirement housing options available for seniors, including assisted living communities, independent living communities, and skilled nursing homes.

Top Things to do in Retirement Homes

Many retirement homes offer a variety of fun activities for seniors. There are sure to be activities that can help you stay engaged and feel fulfilled.