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Best Billing Software & Easy POS Software India | Er4u

Easy Retail for You (Er4u) is India's fastest & reliable GST billing software that is developed for retailers. It saves your time and man power. Make your invoice, billing & inventory automatic with this easy GST POS software of India. Try FREE DEMO and know how it can change your fortune. We have more than 5000+ Retailers that are completely satisfied with the amazing POS, Billing software.

Retail POS Software | Point Of Sale Software India | Er4u offers the best POS software in India. With our point of sale software, you get multiple POS features that comes in a POS software India at the lowest price.

Garment Billing Software - Er4u is fastest, affordable & very reliable POS software of India. We have served more than 5000 clients till date and our aim is to help Indian garment shop owners to make their task easy and automatic.


Find out Features to Consider When Picking up an Ideal POS Software of India

Find out Features to Consider When Picking up an Ideal POS Software of India

A POS or point of sale system is a combination of hardware and software and it permits the business to complete purchasing transactions, in addition to several other functions. Well, the primary benefits of pos software India are reporting, third-party integrations, employee management, stock monitoring and clients’ management. Your business size, budget and feature needs will assist you to find out the most excellent POS tool.

Features to look in an ideal POS tool-
1- Can be used easily
2- Save too much of time
3- There isn’t any need of accountant or operator
4- The tool can be used from any location and at anytime
5- It eliminates the labor-intensive work
6- Manages shop and manifold e-commerce channels from a single place
7- Billing bar-coding in an easy manner is provided
8- Export option for buy, sell, and taxes and so on.
9- An ideal tool is compatible with Mac, Windows and Android
10- For better result any retail business owner can make use of POS tool

Which retail business can use POS tool?
1- Gift shops
2- Brick supplier
3- Handloom
4- Jewelry
5- Cement and steel
6- Cosmetics
7- Edible oil
8- Computer accessories
9- Supermarket
10- Florists
11- Garments
12- Footwear
13- Electrical items
14- Grocery store
15- Crockery store

The list is very long and there is many such who can use the pos software India.
What are the advantages of POS tool?

01- POS tool streamlines and incorporate with other business systems- Locating to the best pos software India which can easily incorporate with the online business programs can simplify your operations. For instance, connecting POS with accounting software can automate sales and billing functions.
02- Creates and track data reports- A business owner must track and monitor business data to see how your business is progressing and where you need to make alterations. Cloud-based billing tool permits tracking data in actual time.
03- It monitors stock- The ability of automatically tracking and monitoring stock is useful thing for many small sized business even those having limited stock. POS tool can track stock and calculate markdowns and notify when the supplies are stumpy.
04- Employees’ management- This can be good for setting the functionality restrictions and permissions based upon the user profiles. Your POS system must be able to track the sales by individuals and it is the best way to set sales goals and observes the staff performance. This information can help seeing where the team is excelling and what can be enhanced on upon.

Those were all features to look in an ideal pos software India and the benefits that you can get from it.


What Makes Er4u Fastest & Demanding POS Software in India?

What Makes Er4u Fastest & Demanding POS Software in India?

Based upon the nature of your business and the customer experience that you want to give to your valuable buyers, there is different business software to prioritize when you are looking for a POS system. Following are the top things that most businesses look for in the Best pos software in India.

Mobile apps
Most of the POS systems is having the app for iOS and Android platforms that facilitate easy use of the Smartphone for checkouts, ringing up the buyers anywhere on the store floor, or providing waiters to receive the orders and payments. While mostly POS tools are dual-platform, some are exclusively for android or iOS. If you are having a strong preference for one over the other, you need to consider this when selecting the right system. Most of the POS systems are designed for iPads because they are user-friendly and secure but they are costlier. Few of them are created for android, advertizing the platform’s greater allowance for featuring customization than iOS.

Purchaser management and loyalty programs
How much customer data is needed for marketing efforts? Using POS you can collect email addresses, contact numbers, and addresses and the system can track the sales data such as buying history, buying trends. This permits your business to create targeted offers for incentivizing customers to continue shopping. Advanced POS tool uses purchaser data for producing just-in-time selling, customized for the purchaser at the checkout counter. For example, the system may produce instant coupons based upon what the buyer has bought.

Loyalty programs are not the usual part of the core feature set of POS tools. Several offer loyalty programs that can be added to the system for an additional cost and some POS incorporate with third party loyalty programs.

Each POS tool produces a report but you want one that comes with accurate analytics for your business since the deepness of the reporting varies by the system. Will you need a basic report for sales every hour, stock management, or other metrics?

Hunt for the system with personalized reports which let you filtering the data by data range and other aspects. Also, you may want to look for the best POS Software in India which permits you for customization on how the data visually is presented and schedule the automatic report to be mailed.

Benefits of Buying Er4u – Best POS system India
• Maximize the profitability
• Lessens administrative costs
• Stock managing
• Boost up the marketing and loyalty features
• Enhance business intelligence

So if you opt for Er4u software, you will get all these above features with some other advanced features. I am too confident that your hunt for the Best POS software in India ends here.

GST रीटेल बिलिंग सॉफ़्टवेयर मैं नयी पर्चेस एंट्री कैसे करें? How to Enter New Purchase in er4u?

GST रीटेल बिलिंग सॉफ़्टवेयर मैं नयी पर्चेस एंट्री कैसे करें? How to Enter New Purchase in GST Billing Software - er4u? To know, watch this full video. Er4u is India's fastest, affordable & GST enabled billing software that comes in different pricing options. Visit our website to know its price and features.

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