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A list of lawyers who have become entrepreneurs within the legal markets. Startups, side companies, and other ventures are relevant
Guy Kurlandski | CEO & Co-Founder

Premonition uses artificial intelligence, predictive analytics and data mining to expose, for the first time ever, which lawyers win the most before which Judge. A very, very unfair advantage in Litigation.


Amir Tajkarimi, Cofounder & CEO of Lexop

Amir Tajkarimi, Cofounder & CEO of Lexop

Amir Tajkarimi

Amir is Cofounder & CEO of Lexop. A legal tech startup launched in Montreal which aims to digitize litigation procedures. He is member of the Quebec Bar as well as the Canadian Bar Association (CBA) and a passionate advocate of technology and innovative law practice management.

He previously worked within a national law firm where his practice involved litigation and insolvency. He is a contributor to the CBA's Legal Future Initiative and has authored publications for the American Bar Association (Commercial Finance and UCC Committees), the World Bank Group, the IFC (International Finance Corporation) and he is actively involved in the IT Committee of the Young Bar Association of Montreal.

Amir has also had the opportunity to land speaking engagements on various subjects such as e-signatures, factoring, non-disclosure agreements, franchising, and secured transactions (conflict of laws). Additionally, he has participated and provided opinion on several statutory reviews such as the Bank Act and Canadian insolvency laws.

Amir is trained in both civil and common law and has worked on a wide range of U.S./Canada cross-border transactions and has a good understanding of Canadian and U.S. laws relating to secured lending.

Anthony C. Johnson, CEO / Founder of American Injury Attorney Group
@anthonycjohnson is a managing partner at Johnson & Vines, PLLC and the CEO / Founder of the American Injury Attorney Group ("AIAG"). He received his BA at the University of Arkansas in Computer Engineering. He ran a SEO/SEM company prior to the practice of law. He was recently featured at the United Nations as one of the 2014 Empact Showcase Top 100 entrepreneurs under 35 across the country. He is on The National Trial Lawyers 40 Under 40 list. He was listed by Arkansas Business as one of the “20 in their 20’s” to look out for in 2012. He was also featured in the April 2012 cover story of the ABA Journal as one of "America’s Techiest Lawyers."

AIAG mantra is to spread awareness of mass tort consumer claims, match consumers with attorneys that can most-effectively represent them, and provide added customer service and communication throughout the process. AIAG is changing the way you find a lawyer.
Newport Beach Criminal Defense Lawyer | Robert Miller & Associates
At Robert Miller & Associates, we are proud to provide outstanding legal representation and dedicated counsel to clients throughout Newport Beach and Southern California. We are committed to ensuring our clients' rights are fully protected and that each individual's needs are met. Robert Miller is the author of the DUI Survival Guide, a guide to California DUIs.
Toby Unwin, Premonition

Lawyers by Win Rate - Premonition Analytics applies Artificial Intelligence to Big Data. Analyzing Attorney Win Rates by Judge and Case Type to find outliers that nearly always win in certain Courts. It's a very, very unfair advantage in litigation. -

Saad Enam | LinkedIn

Working in premier Fortune 500 in-house legal departments and prestigious law firms helped Saad realize that patents are at the forefront of major transactions. He has helped his clients derive value from their patents in preparation for VC funding, acquisitions, and licensing deals.

His electrical engineering and startup background compliment his client base. He has counseled clients with no physical office, to those with billions of dollars in revenue, and as a result, Saad is uniquely qualified in creating patent strategies that scale from protecting new product iterations to protecting industrial standards.

It was while working with these startups that Saad realized that an entire community was not being served, and decided that Nventi was the conduit to help startups reach their goals.

Shawn Kennedy

Shawn Kennedy is founder and CEO of eDepoze, a legal software company that offers the industry-leading paperless deposition solution. Prior to founding eDepoze, he practiced as a litigator for twelve years at two AmLaw 100 firms, most recently with Morgan, Lewis & Bockius LLP.

Ian Sink

Ian Sink is Customer Success Director at Everlaw, an ediscovery platform focused on ease-of-use and technological innovation.

Michael Sander

Michael is the founder and CEO of Docket Alarm. Docket Alarm runs full-text searches across millions of law-suits and can deliver real-time alerts to your inbox or mobile device.

Vinay Jain

Vinay Jain serves as the Chief Legal Officer for Shake, a startup that lets individuals create, sign and send legal agreements via their mobile devices.

Jake Heller

Jake is the founder and CEO of Casetext, a free legal research and annotation platform with a growing online community of thousands of attorneys and professors posting legal commentary for use by the public. During law school Jake was president of the Stanford Law Review and a managing editor of the Stanford Law & Policy Review. Before starting Casetext he clerked for the Honorable Michael Boudin, United States Court of Appeals, First Circuit, and was a litigator at Ropes & Gray. He's been programming since he was 9 and worked full-time as a web developer before law school.

Preston Clark

Since 2012, Preston Clark has maintained the largest freely searchable contract database available online at With over 5,000 registered users, LawInsider is a powerful contract tool for attorneys to find and download professionally drafted contracts and clauses.


Eva Hibnick

Eva Hibnick

Eva Hibnick is the co-founder and Chief of Growth at One400, a law innovation agency focusing on helping law firms and legal tech startups with marketing and product development. She was previously the Marketing Manager at General Assembly and before entering the startup world, she was an attorney at Cravath, Swaine & Moore. She is a graduate of Harvard Law School and licensed to practice in New York.

Eva is a frequent speaker on legal marketing and sales. She is also active in the legal tech community, serving as the co-organizer to the LA Legal Hackers Meetup, the LA Legal Community Meetup and was a mentor for the SF and LA Legal Tech Startup Weekends. She has guest blogged for Solo Practice University, MyShingle,The Law Insider, Shake Law and other legal industry blogs.

Rob Saccone

Rob is an entrepreneur and recognized expert in technology, knowledge management, business and practice optimization within the legal industry, spending the last 15 years in various senior roles at law firms and technology vendors. In 2003 Rob founded XMLAW and grew it to become an award-winning Inc. 5000 business and the leader for SharePoint technology and expertise in the legal space. After XMLAW was acquired by Thomson Reuters in 2009, he held several senior positions with Thomson Reuters’ legal division as a general manager and vice president serving mid-to-large law firms globally.

Carolyn Elefant

In 1994, Ms. Elefant's firm was one of the first law firms to recognize and harness the power of the Internet. In 1995, she joined the first generation of law firms on-line with a website she coded herself. In 2002, she was part of the first generation of lawyer-bloggers. As founder and operator of, she's been at the forefront of the technological changes in the legal profession, which she's chronicled and educated people about across the nation and world. In 2008, she published Solo by Choice: How to Be the Lawyer You Always Wanted to Be. In 2010, she co-authored a book with Nicole Black, titled Social Media for Lawyers: The Next Frontier. Ms. Elefant is a frequent speaker at bar conferences and law firm events on social and small firm practice trends, the ethics of social media, the nuts and bolts of 21st century solo practice and the future of law.


Jay Guiliano

Jay Guiliano

Founder of Patdek - making sense of patents.


Reggie Solomon

Reggie Solomon

Founder, Kunvay

Kunvay helps creatives and their clients transfer copyright and IP ownership online with documented assurance

Rafi Arbel

Founded, an agency specializing in marketing small law firms on the Internet.

Natalie McFarlane

Founder & CEO of Agile Agree Legal Network, alongside Co-Founder & CTO, Jerry Waese. AgileAgree is a mobile, cloud-based solution enabling proactive contract creation and legal services management for lawyers and their clientele.

AgileAgree's vision leverages patent-pending technology in support of lawyers in expanding their business with new and existing clients.

Founder & CEO of Positive Impact Law Group.

Michael Chasin

Michael Chasin, Co-Founder @lawkick * JD/MBA @loyola-marymount-university - Worked at @united-states-department-of-justice, @flekman-baren-company *

Bradley B. Clark

Bradley B. Clark, Co-Founder @lawful-ly | Shareholder | TX Rising Star: Business (top 2.5% under 40) | Fellow: @txbforg (top 1/3 of 1% of Texas Attorneys)Disrupting the practice of law with clients, for clients, and as a client.

Chris Murphy

Chris Murphy, Co-founder Founder - @Locogno. Business and tech background with @accenture and @motive. Exits with @motive (IPO) & @reliant-data-systems (sale)Former techie with a business background turned lawyer. Currently an attorney who believes that all the artificial barriers which are keeping people from having better access to and understanding of the law need to be removed.

K.A.D. Camara

CEO DISCO Kiwi's vision is to automate as much of the practice of law as possible, freeing great lawyers to do more for their clients by focusing on the things that only they can do. A lawyer with a B.S. in computer science, Kiwi earned his J.D. at 19 from Harvard Law School, clerked for Judge Harris Harz of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit, was a Ph.D. student in economics at Stanford, taught corporate law at Northwestern, and was a founding partner of Camara & Sibley LLP in Houston. His articles on constitutional law, corporate law, and international law have been published in the Yale Law Journal and the Journal of Corporation Law.

Gabe Krambs

A software engineer and a lawyer, Gabe is an alumnus of Y Combinator, Silicon Valley's most prestigious startup fund, and a founder of TrustEgg, a company that makes it easy for family and friends to create and contribute to a child's trust fund.