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Movimiento Maker

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Cultura maker - Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre

La cultura del hacedor, cultura fabricante, o cultura maker, es una subcultura contemporánea que representa una extensión de la cultura DIY (Do It Yourself o 'Hágalo usted mismo'), basada en la tecnología y en el uso de herramientas.[1]​[2]​

Make (magazine) - Wikipedia

Make (stylized as Make: or MAKE:) is an American magazine published by Make: Community LLC[1] which focuses on Do It Yourself (DIY) and/or Do It With Others (DIWO)[2] projects involving computers, electronics, metalworking, robotics, woodworking and other disciplines. The magazine is marketed to people who enjoyed making things and features complex projects which can often be completed with cheap materials, including household items. Make is considered "a central organ of the maker movement".[3]

Defining the 'maker’ movement

Inventors, tinkerers and creatives of all ages at SoCal Maker Con at the Pomona Fairplex explain what being part of the technology-based DIY culture means to...

DIY: la tecnología como creación interactiva | Ciencia y Ecología | DW | 20.11.2012

La comunidad de los "creadores" construye artefactos en casa usando mini-computadoras. Su crecimiento está influyendo la forma como las pesonas conciben el diseño e interactúan con los productos.

What libraries should look like in the future | Books | DW | 04.11.2015

Libraries now need to offer more than books to stay relevant. Inspired by Scandinavian models, they are turning into lively meeting points and cultural hot spots. Makerspaces reflect the values of the sharing economy.

Maker Faire Galicia 2020 - La mayor feria maker de España

La Maker Faire Galicia celebrará su 6º edición del 18 al 22 de noviembre del 2020 en la Ciudad de la Cultura de Santiago. Los dos primeros días estarán destinados al sector profesional, el tercero a educación y durante el fin de semana se abrirán las puertas a todos los públicos.

A place to make (almost) anything - the Fab Lab – Fab Lab Barcelona

What actually is a Fab Lab? Aside from the rhyming name, Fab Labs stand for digital fabrication laboratories. Fab Labs are smaller-scale workshops (in comparison to mass-manufacture workshops) which contain tools, machines and teachers to help you make ‘almost anything’. Fab Labs were invented at MIT’s Centre for Bits and Atoms, derived from the ‘How to Make (Almost) Anything’ course taught by Professor Neil Gershenfeld. Fab Lab’s are spread globally, empowering a movement of DIYer’s, makers, hackers and designers to tinker, take apart, fix, understand how things are made and how things work.

Makers unite - the revolution will be home-made - BBC News

How the Marxist dream could be coming to life via DIYers and the web.

Maker Faire Berlin – Maker Faire

Tinkering, discovering, inventing & learning, and much more ... The Maker Faire is a cross-generational technology and science fair full of inspiration, creativity and innovation. Having fun together, exchanging...

FAB LAB BCN - Detalle - La Aventura de Aprender

El Fab Lab Barcelona tiene la coordinación global del programa Fab Academy, una plataforma distribuida de educación para los Fab Labs en la que cada sitio es un aula y el campus es el planeta, donde los estudiantes aprenden acerca de los principios, aplicaciones e implicaciones de la tecnología de fabricación digital El Fab Lab Barcelona tiene la coordinación global del programa Fab Academy, una plataforma distribuida de educación para los Fab Labs en la que cada sitio es un aula y el campus es el planeta,...

Tips and Ideas for Creating a Makerspace in the Classroom

A must read guide to setting up a Makerspace in your classroom with top tips on how to encourage your students to develop creativity and STEM thinking.

What Are Makerspaces and How Do They Benefit Manufacturers?

With a makerspace, anyone can create the next big thing, or put to rest ideas that just won’t work. Makerspaces allow anyone—students, workers, and executives—to turn ideas into products.

How a Makerspace Mindset is Essential for Play-Based Learning | The Institute for Arts Integration and STEAM

Play-based learning is the process of students learning through their self-chosen activities. But what does this look like in the elementary years?

First Exploratory Geographical and Social Maps of the Maker Movement | European Journal of Creative Practices in Citi...

Alasdair, Allan. “3D Printing Using Genetically Modified Bacteria and Orange Juice.” Make: DIY Projects, How-Tos, Electronics, Crafts and Ideas for Makers, November 15, 2014.

Maker Faire | Welcome to Maker Faire

The largest celebration of invention, creativity, curiosity & hands-on learning with featured faires in Bay Area, New York & global faires around the world.