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History of Lighting Designs

Here is a list of Lighting Fixtures and the history of the design theme
A Brief History of LED Lights

January 14, 2013 ยท 8:54 pm LED lights, or Light Emitting Diodes, are relative newcomers to the lighting scene, but their history stretches back farther than most assume. Although they've been used in commercial applications since the 1960s, they're only now beginning to become a feasible option for residential use, which leads many to assume that light emitting diodes are a new technology.

Home Furnishing: Wire Wrap Jewelry For the Home

Wire-Wrap Jewelry Inspires Fabulous Jewel Box Lights This fabulous collection of products is just like jewelry for your home! Their gorgeous design has a history. Wire-Wrapping became popular in depression-era jewelry, as more-expensive metals were scarce, the technique became the rage.

Crystal Frit Art Glass

Crystal Frit Technique on Art Glass Collection Pendants The historic crystal frit technique dates to ancient Egypt, where quartz sand was heated and used to adorn artifacts found throughout the culture. Frit is the sand-like particle that is melted onto another surface.

The Pineapple's Historic & Gracious Welcome

The pineapple has a colorful history from early Colonial times as a symbol of hospitality and welcome. To give a pineapple as a gift conveyed graciousness to the recipient. Christopher Columbus first discovered the pineapple in Guadeloupe in 1493. Fresh pineapple was such a rare delicacy that only special guests would be presented with the delectable fruit.

Bedazzled Lighting

WOW! Bejeweled, Bewitched and Bedazzled Louis Tiffany is primarily credited with bringing bold colored, jewel-like glass to lighting in the 1880's. Tiffany, while looking for new techniques for his lighting, began arranging bits of brightly-colored glass into his decorative lamps. He discovered that the bright colors bedazzled the environment, making a beautiful and impactful statement.

Sculptural Lighting at it's Best

Spiraling shapes have always appeared in sculptural art throughout history. These lighting forms have mesmerized and enchanted viewers over many centuries. Take a look at the beautiful curves and the reflections that are created by coiling forms, and discover why the spiral shapes continue to appear in home decor and light fixture products.

The Bell Towers of Verona

The Verona collection of light fixtures exemplify the same delicate and complex designs that are found on the Bells of Verona. The high quality craftsmanship of this lighting collection is obvious.

Granite as "Light Art"

Granite is a stunning natural stone that can add beauty, drama, and even value to your home. It has a richness and depth that appears luminescent,

Glass Terms Used in Lighting

WHAT IS IT . . . Sea Glass? Beach Glass? Ripple Glass? Waterglass? We found many people are confused about several glass terms that may be used when...

Venetian Style Chandeliers

Bring Romance and Bling to Your Bedroom or Bath with Venetian Style Chandeliers Glass chandeliers were invented in Venice over 1000 years ago and wer

Lighting And The Paris Flea Market
Design inspiration and name recognition comes from a city known worldwide for its unique and inventive style - Paris, France. One of its best known shopping experiences is found at the Paris Flea market, Le Puces de Paris Saint-Ouen. Located at the edge of the city, this delightful bazaar receives approximately 200,000 visitors every weekend.
Crystal Chandeliers as Heirlooms
Knowledge is the key to understanding the full value and true appreciation of a fine crystal chandelier. Crystal, a valued treasure, is part of history and legend. The Romans believed that the fire and sparkle in a crystal jewel reflected the flame and romance of constant love.
Cast Brass Light Fixtures
Louis XV believed that chandeliers should be as elegant and splendid as possible. Cast Brass light fixtures capitalizes on this design and captures the true taste of Louis XV with the intricate detailing of the solid cast brass frames. Handmade by master craftsman, each piece is casted and hand chased to bring out the details designed by the artist.