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Technologies to learn in 2021

JavaScript Project - Tower Blocks Game - Project Gurukul

Learn how to create JavaScript Tower Blocks Game - This is an interesting javascript game developed with the basic concepts of html, css and js

Types of Cyber Attacks - Hacking Attacks and Techniques - DataFlair

Learn different types of cyber attacks: Denial-of-service (DoS) & distributed denial-of-service (DDoS), Man-in-the-middle (MitM),Phishing etc

Emerging Cybersecurity Technologies you should know for Business - DataFlair

Learn Top 5 Cyber Security Technologies-Artificial Intelligence & Deep Learning, Behavioral Analytics, Embedded Hardware Authentication, VDN

Cyber Security Tutorial - A Complete Guide - DataFlair

Cyber Security Tutorial - Introduction, Cybersecurity History, Cyber Attackers, Cyber Attacks, Security Technology, advantages & applications

Fundamental Goals of Cyber Security - DataFlair

CIA Triad refers to 3 goals of cyber security - Confidentiality, Integrity, & Availability of the organizations systems, network and data.

18 Principles of Cyber Security Everyone must Follow - DataFlair

Principles of cyber security guide the organization to achieve highest level of protection by following best practices. Learn more about them

History of Computer - From 1800s to Now - DataFlair

Learn about complete history of Computer - Time since they were evolved with few features till now how they have developed with many features

Everything about the 5 Generations of Computer - DataFlair

Learn about the 5 generations of computer with their features, advantages and limitations. Learn how computers evolved with time.

Types of Computer with their Features - DataFlair

Learn about the various types of computer with their features and applications. These are based upon size and type.

Basics of Computer Network - Evolution, Topologies and Types - DataFlair

Learn about Basics of Computer Network. Type of computer networks can be categorized according to their size as well as their purpose.

How to Create a Notepad using Python - DataFlair

Simple Notepad in Python - Learn how to create a notepad or text editor with python. In this project we use Tkinter for GUI and basic python concepts.

Number Systems in Computer - DataFlair

Learn What is number system in computer. Learn different types of number systems like Octal, Binary, Hexadecimal, decimal etc.

Introduction to Internet - Evolution, History and Protocols - DataFlair

Learn the basics of Internet - its history and evolution, How Internet Works, ways to connect to the internet, its advantages and limitations

Basics of Memory Management in Computer - DataFlair

Memory refers to a physical memory that is the internal memory to the computer. Learn more about memory management, swapping, paging etc

Book Store Management System - Python Django Project - TechVidvan

Book Store Management System - Python Django Project. Learn how to create online book store management using Django with source code

Input Devices of Computer | Output Devices of Computer - DataFlair

Input and output devices act as an interface between the user and the computer. Learn about different types of input and output devices.

Basics of Data Structure Algorithms - DataFlair

Learn what are data structure algorithms & features, algorithm data flow, need, factors, approaches, issues, algorithm analysis, types etc.

Modularization in SAP ABAP - DataFlair

Modularization is used to divide application program into smaller units to maintain easily & reduce code redundancy. Learn more about it.

Introduction to C++ | C++ Basics Tutorial - TechVidvan

C++ is a middle-level programming language developed by Bjarne Stroustrup starting in 1979 at Bell Labs. Learn more in this C++ tutorial..

Features of C++ Programming Language - TechVidvan

What are the top features of C++ - Object Oriented, Simple, Platform Dependent, Mid-level programming language, fast, portable, compiler based

Computer Programming Languages - Types and Examples - DataFlair

Programming language is the way by which programmers communicate with computers. They are mostly a set of instructions that they give to the computer for completing a certain task. 

Packages in Python | Installing Python Packages - TechVidvan

Learn what are packages in python and how to install Python packages. Understand in detail with the help of examples.

Data Validation in Excel - DataFlair

Data validation is a feature in Excel used to control what a user can enter into a cell. Learn more about it with Examples.

Real-time Pedestrian Detection using Python & OpenCV - DataFlair

Pedestrian Detection using Python, OpenCV & Machine Learning with great accuracy for video surveillance, traffic control systems, self-autonomous vehicles.