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Essential Oils

Hi, this side AOS Products providing valuable information of AOS essential oils and products since 2009. Why you choose us? The biggest reason should be as quality & trustworthy brand now a day in India. Visit and look amazing lists of essential oils, Carrier oils, Aromatherapy oils and more.

What are the Best Essential oils for Acne ? - Blog AOS Products

There is much Essential Oil available in the market that is very useful for Acne. Learn the uses and healing properties of these oils. how to use on pimples

Essential Oil for Headache Relief : How to Uses - AOS Blog

There are several ways to use Essential Oil for Headache Relief. These oils reduce human body stress, depression, and anxiety, and more. Know how to use

Essential oil for Sunburn : How to Use for Skin - AOS Blog

The essential oil has antioxidant & anti-inflammatory properties that are used to treat skin from sunburn. Learn more like how to use and best oils for sunburn

10 Incredible Essential Oils for Good Sleep - AOS Blog

There are several Essential Oil available that can be used for better sleep. All these oils provide a relaxing effect to the body. Learn more about how to use

What is Hair Fall - Many Causes & How to Stop by Essential Oils

Now a day hair fall is common reason in men and women. Learn there are several causes of hair fall and how to prevent by essential oils available on market

Essential Oil for Sanitizer - Uses of Aloe Vera to Moisturize Skin

There are numerous Essential Oils available for making Sanitizer. One of the best gel of aloe vera naturally can use with oils to keep safe your skin and more

Tea tree Oil how to Use : Health Benefits & Properties - AOS blog

Tea Tree Essential oil has several traditional benefits for health. It has antibacterial, antiviral properties, so it reduces irritation and itching. Learn How to use

Eucalyptus Oil Benefits : How to Check it purity - AOS Blog

Eucalyptus Oil has several essential health uses and benefits. Due to its medicinal properties, it is used as a home remedy. learn about How to test the purity

What is Rosemary Oil : About Propeties and Benefits - AOS Blog

Rosemary oil has several popular health benefits and uses. It encourages the growth of hair. know Properties, research, and process. hot to get purity more

Why Lemongrass Oil is best to Use for Hair and Skin Now a day

Welcome to AOS, today we are promoting one of our amazing essential oil known as Lemongrass oil. It is extracted from the fresh leaves of the lemongrass plant; lemongrass essential oil has a scent of powerful and citrus so useful in bulk by cosmetic and scent industries. Soaps and other personal care products as in shampoo, candles and more often use it. It uses by several healthcare providers to reduce high blood pressure and digestive problems and more. Visit our blog and learn more

Several studies say if you are using essential oils for making home spray and body spray with essential oils that should be safe. However, don’t try to ingest essential oil internally, if you are doing such work with your body than it 100% confirm harm your body. So, do not consume or ingest essential oils directly. Since essential oils are "Natural Extracted from the plant" so use it to make homemade or body spray essential oils. How to make, visit our blog and learn more.

About Jojoba Oil - Beauty and Health Benefits

In Short, "Jojoba oil is powerful skincare oil known as a protective barrier for the skin. It keeps glow and shining to the skin". First, we would like to share with you that it obtained from only cold pressed process from the Natural seed of Jojoba. It has two types, 1st known as Clear Jojoba oil; basically it is used directly from Pharma and cosmetic industries. In addition, 2nd is Jojoba Golden oil. Visit our blog and learn why it is super for health and beauty.