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Updated by Brand X Huaraches on May 18, 2022
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Brand x Huaraches

Brand X Huaraches are simply the best and most comfortable hand crafted huaraches available in today’s market—often imitated; never equaled. Every pair is woven by hand right to their vegetable tanned leather insoles.Visit for more details.

5 Reasons Why People Love Mexican Huaraches

Mexican huaraches go well with all types of outfits. Here are the reasons why people love these hand-crafted leather huaraches as summer footwear. Buy the finest quality huaraches at Brand X Huaraches. For more information, visit

Mexican Huaraches | Women’s Huaraches

Buy Mexican huaraches and handbags online at Brand X Huaraches. Every pair is woven by hand using a single piece of leather. They are comfortable and stylish!


Men's Huaraches | Mexican Huaraches | Brand X Huaraches

Men's Huaraches | Mexican Huaraches | Brand X Huaraches

Brand X Huaraches specializes in huarache sandals. The men's Amigo sandals are perfect for your summer style, and you can pair them with jeans or cargo shorts. They're made using premium quality leather and handstitched for that authentic handcrafted feel. Visit to learn more about our men's huaraches.

Price : $150
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Leather Huaraches | Huarache Sandals | Brand X Huaraches

Leather Huaraches | Huarache Sandals | Brand X Huaraches

Buy the women's Maya huaraches made using soft genuine leather. They are available in fashionable colors, including pink, blue, and gray. The intricate weaving pattern allows your feet to breathe freely, making them the perfect shoes for summer. The leather-lined insole provides extra comfort, while the cushioned outsole ensures durability. Visit to learn more.

Price : $125
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Shop for bright, colorful huarache sandals at Brand X Huaraches. Our premium huaraches are made using vegetable-tanned leather and have cushioned soles. They last longer than any other sandals and shoes. Order now on our website and pay later in installments with Afterpay.

Baja Huarache | Brand X Huaraches

Shop for handwoven Baja Huarache from Brand X Huaraches. The leather huarache sandals let your feet breathe and provide extreme comfort with their intricate weaving patterns. These shoes come in a natural tan color and are perfect for summer. For more information, visit

Women’s Huarache Boot V3 | Brand X Huaraches

Give the dazzling Women’s Huarache Boot V3 to your friend or girlfriend. These huarache sandals offer extreme comfort and are made of vegetable-tanned leather. Choose from a wide range of colors. All our huarache sandals are handwoven by Mexican artisans. For more information about our huaraches, visit

Men’s Huarache Boots | Brand X Huaraches

Buy men’s huarache boots that feature a unique yet traditional design from Brand X Huaraches. Visit and browse through our collection of men’s huarache boots and get the best deals.

Women’s Leather Huarache Sandal | Made in Mexico

Get these stylish women’s leather huarache sandals from Brand X Huaraches. Visit to choose your favorite color and buy it from the comfort of your home. We make all our huaraches in Mexico from authentic leather. Installments are also available for easy payment.

Women’s Huarache Sandals | Brand X Huaraches

Buy authentic women’s huarache sandals from Brand X Huaraches. The artisans have beautifully blended modern style with traditional Mexican craftsmanship. They make these huaraches using high-quality leather, which allows air to flow freely around your feet. The dual-density, cushioned midsole provides comfort, and the flexible outsole offers traction and stability. The lightweight sandals are available in a variety of bright colors. Visit us at for more information.

Women’s Classic Leather Huarache Sandals | Best-Selling Mexican Huaraches

Order these classic women’s leather huarache sandals that look beautiful and fit comfortably. Artisans make every pair of our best-selling Mexican huaraches using vegetable-tanned leather. Our shoes are also woven by hand, and each pair is unique. You can wear them with a casual outfit for a cool and relaxed look. Visit to order these huaraches today.

Leather Huaraches | Contact Brand X Huaraches

We take pride in selling authentic leather huarache sandals for attractive prices. Contact Brand X Huaraches for high-quality, unique Mexican huaraches and get them delivered to your doorsteps.

For hundreds of years, Mexican artisans have been transforming mundane, everyday objects into beautiful works of art. The skills have been passed on from one generation to another and made using locally available ingredients like wood, leather, and clay.

Mexican Sandals | Authentic Men’s Huaraches

Our Mexican sandals are handmade by artisans instead of mass-produced in a factory. If you’re looking for authentic huaraches, visit us to purchase high-quality men’s sandals at attractive prices.

Huaraches are a pre-Columbian style of sandals that survived Mexican colonization by the Spanish Conquistadors. In some ways, they are symbolic of how the indigenous people have survived against great odds.

Mexico is a beautiful country! With its vast beaches, delectable cuisine, and unique history, the place is truly a treasure trove. If you're a first-time visitor, it's not uncommon to be mesmerized by the kaleidoscope of colors all around. There are so many decorative items and souvenirs to choose from that you may not know what to get.

Brand X | Authentic Mexican Sandals

Brand X Huaraches is a leading online store for authentic Mexican sandals at great prices. Check out our collection of huaraches for both men and women.

4 Tips to Choose the Best Huarache Sandals

Huarache sandals are a pre-Columbian tradition that predates European colonialization. Huaraches come in different styles and shapes. Choose the style that best suits you, and remember the Mexican huaraches are made to allow more air to flow around your feet.

Why Are Mexican Huaraches the Best Summer Footwear?

When you look up huaraches on a search engine, one of the first hits is probably Nike’s Huarache sneaker shoes. But the real huarache sandals originated in the pre-Columbian era. Farmworkers wore them in Mexico. But with their intricate strips and lightweight nature, huarache sandals became popular summer shoes that spread beyond Mexico.

Our functional leather huarache sandals are available at attractive prices. Visit us to order them online and get them delivered to your door. Enjoy hassle-free online shopping!

Maya Huarache Sandals for Women | Visit Brand X Huaraches

Get these authentic Maya Huarache sandals for women at attractive prices. These are fashionable, durable, and comfortable. Our Mexican artists weave the leather strips together to create unique handmade huaraches. Modern huaraches are available in a variety of sizes and vibrant colors. Visit for more information.

Ranchero Huarache Sandals for Men | Extremely Flexible and Breathable

These Ranchero huarache sandals for men showcase ancient Mexican craftsmanship without sacrificing style. These are handmade by artisans who have been in the business for generations. Buy these extremely flexible and breathable Mexican huaraches from Brand X Huaraches to enhance your summer style. Visit for more information.

Women’s Maya Mexican Huarache Sandals | Water-Friendly Summer Footwear

Buy women’s Maya Mexican huarache sandals from Brand X Huaraches. They are available in many different styles, vibrant colors, and sizes. The shoes are handwoven with soft vegetable-tanned leather for optimum comfort. The authentic leather sandals are also water-friendly, lightweight and durable, and provide excellent traction and stability. Plus, the midsole cushion gives you a custom fit. Visit to order huaraches at affordable prices.

Men’s Ranchero Huarache Sandals | Better Fit and Maximum Comfort

Order these traditional men’s Ranchero huarache sandals. They are ideal for walking, running, working out, hiking, or traveling during the summer. The minimalist huaraches give you an instant style upgrade, and no two pairs of our affordable huaraches are exactly alike. The durable pool or beach sandals stretch to offer better fit and maximum comfort. They also look great with any summer outfit. Visit for more information.

Women’s Huarache Classic | Brand X Huaraches

Buy our bestselling Women’s Huarache Classic for the best price at Brand X Huaraches. All our Mexican huaraches are handmade using vegetable-tanned leather. You can get black huaraches, white huaraches, and shoes in various other colors. Order online now and pay later in four installments. Visit for more information.