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Why Asia’s inflation—while trending up—is not a threat - Unravel

A heady cocktail of stronger global recovery prospects, surging prices for crude oil and other commodities, supply-side disruptions and rising container shipping costs has fuelled concerns of rising inflation. This has sparked a sell-off in global bonds in recent weeks, from which Asia has not emerged unscathed.

Lessons from China on increasing forest cover - Unravel

Depletion of forest cover is a continuing and imminent threat. The rampant destruction of some of the world’s largest ecosystems has multiple impacts on the flora, fauna and societies dependent on it. It has also led to an increase in global warming, disruption in seasons and the frequent occurrence of natural catastrophes.

Asia-Pacific, the gigantic domino of climate change - Unravel

Forget the poetic flap of a butterfly’s wings in Beijing causing rain in Central Park. Climate issues in Asia-Pacific are measured in superlatives. The world’s biggest population. Two of the three largest carbon dioxide-emitting countries and the largest share of emissions globally. The most exposed to extreme weather events. Some of the smallest and most vulnerable countries. Also, the fastest-growing part of the global economy and many of the leaders in green technology.

It’s time for India to prepare for its ageing future - Unravel

It’s difficult to imagine India as an ageing society, given that it has—by far—more young people than any other country on earth.

Explaining the boom in tech investment in Southeast Asia - Unravel

Investments in technologies such as artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things (IoT) and smart robotics are booming in Southeast Asia. Early- to growth-stage startups are proliferating, with many showing immense potential and receiving funding. With more than $1.5 billion in assets under management, SoftBank Ventures Asia has invested in more than 250 companies in all, including 20 in Southeast Asia, helping drive innovation in the region.

Making sense of India’s stock market surge - Unravel

Indian equities rallied by more than 25% since the start of the year, making the BSE Sensex the best-performing equity market in Asia this year. In fact, all of these gains have been made since April, when India experienced the worst of the second wave of coronavirus infections. Since then, the Indian economy has shown strong signs of recovery and foreign capital has flowed into the equity market.

Flexible quarantine options should complement vaccine rollouts across Asia - Unravel

John Brown, CEO of Agoda, writes that the global rollout of vaccines has improved the travel outlook for 2021, but other measures will play a key role in the recovery of tourism, particularly in Asia.
Agoda’s search data highlights green shoots of recovery and a growing optimism by travellers across Asia that international travel will start to return, with Australia, South Korea, Japan and Indonesia witnessing an increase in the number of international destinations in their top 30 searches in March 2021 compared to December 2020

An Asia-Pacific view of South Korea’s New Southern Policy - Unravel

South Korea’s New Southern Policy (NSP) firmly establishes it as a key partner of ASEAN and India and could widen its engagement across the Asia-Pacific, written by Aaron Jed Rabena, Research Fellow, the Asia-Pacific Pathways to Progress & Adjunct Fellow at the University of the Philippines (UP) Korea Research Center (KRC)

Impact of COVID-19 on Indonesia’s elderly - Unravel

A recent report by the Economic Research Institute for ASEAN and East Asia (ERIA), based on a countrywide survey of 3,500 elderly people in Indonesia found that the COVID-19 pandemic had a wide-ranging impact on the elderly, with both rural and urban residents facing hardship

India more resilient, but not immune to the second wave - Unravel

India needs to improve its daily vaccination rate to bring down case numbers, but potential supply snags and growing international demands on India’s vaccine output make that difficult. written by Priyanka Kishore (Head of India and South East Asia, Macro and Investor Services at Oxford Economics)

Asia’s failed resilience and grim water future - Unravel

Governments in Asia need to focus on long-term planning that informs policies, decision-making, and allocation of finances to tackle the region’s water crisis, written by Cecilia Tortajada, Professor in practice, School of Interdisciplinary Studies, University of Glasgow UK, and Adjunct senior research fellow at the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy, National University of Singapore

COVID-19 in India: an unfolding humanitarian crisis

Preparedness and cooperation will be key to ensure that there isn't another COVID-19 experience like India's, written by Michael Head, Senior Research Fellow in Global Health, based in the Clinical Informatics Research Unit at the University of Southampton, UK.

Getting higher education governance right in South Asia - Unravel

Higher education systems in South Asia have not kept pace with the changing requirements of the modern global economy. With increasing progress at the secondary level, demand for higher education is likely to expand. Therefore, higher education systems face upward pressure as they need to absorb more students and deploy more teachers. South Asian countries are already experiencing a mushrooming number of higher education institutions. Moreover, most of them have achieved middle-income status; advancing further will require strategic investments in higher education.

Climate change action in Asia and growing momentum for international green cooperation

This is the second piece in a series of articles by Hiroki Sekine, visiting fellow, Asia-Pacific Programme at Chatham House, that looks at the importance of green growth, and Asia’s role in achieving a low carbon economy. The first article can be read here.

Why collaboration in the ASEAN region is vital to tackle plastic waste in the oceans - Unravel

Collaboration between ASEAN members is key to reduce global marine plastic debris and preserve marine life, write Noir Primadona Purba, Lecturer and Marine Researcher at Universitas Padjadjaran and Kirana Agustina, Engagement Specialist for National Plastic Action Partnership at World Resources Institute

Green finance and tech cooperation a must for green growth

This is the final piece in a series of articles by Hiroki Sekine, visiting fellow, Asia-Pacific Programme at Chatham House, that looks at the importance of green growth, and Asia’s role in achieving a low carbon economy, in addition to maintaining growth momentum and eradicating poverty, Asia must invest in climate change mitigation and adaptation

Chronicler of India's insurance history bids adieu - Unravel

A tribute to Mr. Dharmendra Kumar, former executive director of Life Insurance Corporation of India, one of the world's largest insurers, by Arup Chatterjee, principal financial sector specialist, sustainable development and climate change department at Asian Development Bank

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Troubled waters: Marine ecology threats in the South China Sea

There is more at stake than geopolitical gamesmanship in the South China Sea, written by Pratnashree Basu, the associate fellow at Observer Research Foundation, and Aadya Chaturvedi, a law student at the West Bengal National University of Juridical Sciences

China finances most coal plants built today – it’s a climate problem and why US-China talks are essential - Unravel

China's dependence on coal and its financing of overseas coal-fired power plants present a grave problem for the climate and why US-China talks are essential, writes Jeff Nesbit, research affiliate, Yale Program on Climate Change Communications at Yale University

How post-pandemic education systems can welcome back international students - Unravel

Closed borders and health concerns halted international student mobility in 2020, but students are expected to return. Education policymakers need to be ready for a new type of international student that wants both physical and digital learning opportunities, writes Shanti Jagannathan, principal education specialist, sustainable development and climate change department at the Asian Development Bank

The post-pandemic recovery puts ESG in the spotlight - Unravel

ESG frameworks are slowly, but surely, acquiring centre stage as companies acknowledge ESG compliance boosts long-term organisational growth, writes Piyush Gupta, partner at RHTLaw Asia LLP and heads of the firm’s Transport & Logistics practice group

Asia’s ‘last mile’ vaccination challenge - Unravel

Developing Asia needs to swiftly address vaccine hesitancy to tackle the pandemic, write Danielle Goldfarb, head of Global Research, Real-time Interactive Worldwide Intelligence, and APF Canada Distinguished Fellow, and Bart W. Édes, policy analyst and Author, and APF Canada Distinguished Fellow

Bangladesh’s industrial disasters a blight on strong development gains - Unravel

Bangladesh is emerging as a manufacturing powerhouse, but it must address its pressing worker safety issues to incentivise better foreign investment, a broader range of manufacturing, and stronger development for the future, writes John West, executive director of the Asian Century Institute

Climate change impacts in Asia are essentially a water story - Unravel

Water is critical for sustaining all aspects of life and it is at the centre of our need to better understand and address the impacts of climate change, write Kaittisak Kumse, Senior analyst, Economic Intelligence Center at the Siam Commercial Bank, Tetsushi Sonobe, Dean and CEO at the Asian Development Bank Institute, and Dil Rahut, Senior research fellow at the Asian Development Bank Institute