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why leaderboards motivate people? Research

The Role of Leaderboards in Online Communities

Q. What are social network leaderboards? A. They are a list of members and content, a way of finding cool stuff, a reward system for members, a tribe unto themselves, an enforcer of good behaviour, marketing device to find influencers. Anything more? Leaderboards are lists A leaderboard is a list.

Scoreoid the ultimate Backend as a Service!

Games are a form of entertainment, a way to take a break from daily chores at the office, home or college. Boredom is the biggest risk that any game faces. This is why leaderboards are extremely important for your game. A leaderboard keeps the gaming community coming back for more.

Why do people hack leaderboards in games?

So there I was meandering around the leader-boards today in Modern Warfare 2 on my XBOX and i was comparing my pathetic skills to that of my friends. Kills, Score, Accuracy, yep i pretty much suck. I then decided to take a quick gander at the Global leader-boards to see how other people stand.

Katie Piatt's Blog

One of the projects I'm involved with this term is the implementation of an eLearning package from our Health & Safety department to make sure all staff at the University have the necessary fire safety knowledge to meet legislation. That means 100% of staff need to complete a 30 minute package within 12 months.

4 Keys to Leveraging Leaderboards

This excellent quote from former US Secretary of State Colin Powell really captures the core of what a well run challenge should enable - healthy (and fun) motivation for increased productivity. Chances are good you may have participated in a corporate challenge of some sort during your travels.

Knowing your user is key--Part 2: Motivation (Gamification in the Enterprise)

A bit of a lag in posts--I was vacationing in Maine and although I was thinking about where to go next on the blog post, I didn't actually get around to writing anything. I know, slacker. Picking up on the theme of motivation, let's talk a little bit more about specific things that motivate people.

Objective Logistics

" View all press releases Would Being Ranked on a 'Leaderboard' Change the Way You Work? By Scott Kirsner, Globe Columnist Objective Logistics is a New Bedford start-up trying to introduce an intriguing idea to the restaurant industry - and eventually, other businesses, too.

Jesse Schell on Designing Gamification (GSummit SF 2013)

Catch Jesse's full keynote session and 60+ other expert gamification talks by purchasing GSummit SF 2013 Video access at Filmed on the GSummit SF 2013 expo floor

The gamification brain trust: intrinsically motivating people to change behavior (part 2)

Gamification, or the use of game-play mechanics to make non-game activities more fun and engaging, has taken off in a big way. Multiple gamification companies made appearances at's DreamForce 2012 conference this week with apps that gamify sales via leaderboards and rewards.

The Never Stop Learning Leaderboard

May's Never Stop Learning Leaderboard RankStudent NameCountryHours of videos 1 Ron M. US 214.26 2 Michaela P. US 177.46 3 Marcel V. NL 150.08 4 Stefen D. US 147.05 5 John S. US 136.7 6 CHRIS M. US ...

Would being ranked on a 'leaderboard' change the way you work?

Objective Logistics is a New Bedford start-up trying to introduce an intriguing idea to the restaurant industry - and eventually, other businesses, too. What if waiters could see their performance relative to their co-workers every day when they checked in for work, and what if better performance meant they could nab the shifts they most wanted to work?

Should Managers Use Leaderboards to Motivate Sales Teams?

Sales leaderboards, contests and other public displays of sales progress: Good ideas? Jim Keenan, blogger at A Sales Guy, thinks they're a great way for managers to motivate their teams: Without a leaderboard or a public expression of progress, sales goals and objectives can become lost in the day to day.

6 Critical Game Mechanics to Consider in Leaderboards (Part 1)

There is perhaps no other game feature as easily misused as the leaderboard. Not all leaderboards are created equally. The right one can transform a boring experience into a tense competition, while the wrong one can transform a pleasant experience into an affront. And the difference between the two extremes is unfortunately subtle.

Motivating that old help desk of yours

The help desk can be a thankless job. Generally very few people ring up for help when the sun is shining and the world's a happy place. No, it's a time to help people out of their problems, some of which you probably caused yourself.

Incentive games getting large screen modes to help motivate staff

We have recently started adding large screen modes to our incentive games. We are in the process of rolling out this feature across all our existing games

Bring back fun to the work

Applying game mechanics to the business processes like innovation, human resource development, etc. is nothing new and it is the future of the motivation and performance management in the workplace. Sales teams in businesses around the world have long operated leaderboards and rewards schemes to motivate staff.

Design Our Tomorrow Blog

April 3, 2013 Why this matters What is it about social applications and games that motivate us? The answer lies in the overlap between gamification and psychology. Gamification is emerging as the center point for many industries and encapsulates a strong psychological component as shown in Joanne's gamification post.

Gamification a Little on Leaderboards

Leaderboards are an effective way to show a user quickly where they currently stand within a gamified system. A fun example is the Gamification Gurus leaderboard from the company Leaderboarded. Each month they release an update that shows who has been active in the gamification world that month.

Distimo Launches Daily App Leaderboard & AppIQ Service To Offer Competitive Data On App Downloads, Revenue, Rankings ...

App store analytics firm Distimo is rebranding its cross-platform app tracking service known as Distimo Monitor to Distimo Analytics today, and adding a new data service for mobile app developers and investors called AppIQ. While the main analytics offering will allow developers to track their own..

Fitness tools that tap the power of your friends

In the age of connected, wearable tech, you don't have to work out on your own. Fitbit trackers sync the number of steps you take with mobile apps and compare your 7-day averages to friends' on a leaderboard. You can cheer or taunt your friends on the Fitbit site.

The Incentive Research Foundation :: Game Mechanics, Incentives & Recognition

It's not just the 16-year olds playing games today -- "game mechanics" are being applied in learning applications like flight simulators, consumer marketing applications, and business-based incentives -- across all demographics. And for good reason. Gaming techniques, such as leader boards, simulations, challenges, "top scorers" and the like are natural extensions of performance-based work.

How well do games motivate you?

Alright, so... many of us (myself included) came here after watching Jane McGonigal's TED Talk, or something similar. About the same time, I saw Jesse Schell's DICE 2010 " Design outside the Box" talk. I'm curious what people think about these insights. Do you find that this motivates you?

Gamification Is Not Entirely Bullshit

This post was inspired by Jared Brown's recent gamification comic and reading the temporarily popular Gamification is Bullshit article, and my recent startup experience. Research At the startup that I just worked at (RewardSnap), we decided to create a game to encourage people to do crowdsourcing of deal ratings.