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Updated by Emma Carter on Mar 31, 2021
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6 Best Free to Play Games - 2021

Mobile games are considered the bottom of the barrel usually but over the past few years the consumer base and the gaming trends have favored mobile games. Free to play games are usually disliked for their quality but if you dig deeper there are several free to play games that are must play. We have dug deep into the play store and app store to bring you these games. Let’s dive in:


Immortal Squad 3D

Immortal Squad 3D

If you are a fan of PUBG or COD mobile, you are in for a treat. This game is packed with the amazing features of both the games and more, imagine!!. The best part about Immortal Squad is that even though it has a plethora of features it's only 55MB. Lightweight and power packed. First person shooting games not only improve vision and speed but also gives you epic coordination between your brain and hand and finger tips movement. The players get to exercise their decision making skills in different situations. The down sound is that first person shooting games are violent and may affect the mind of youngsters. To Download best shooting games head to the Play Store.


League Shooters

League Shooters

Games that involve shooting at different things such as bottles, dart boards and other targets are known for their ability to challenge the player in skills such as aiming, steadiness and patience. League shooters is one such game also known as Bottle Shooting 3D. The aim is to shoot as many bottles as you can in the given time. As you progress through the game your vision, speed and focus is tested as by increasing the difficulty level. For best shooting games head to Play Store now.


Assault Riders

Assault Riders is a multifarious game including not only bike racing but also attacking the opponent at the same time. This game challenges the players to test their skill of handling multiple functions at the same time. It's centered around the story of a runaway teenage boy whose parents, detective were killed by a Mafia warlord. We are required to help him avenge his parents. The bike attack game is available on Play Store.


Prado Parking 3D

Prado Parking 3D

Tired of just driving around and crashing because you suck at parking? Prado Parking 3D multiplayer simulation is designed to help you learn how to park. A wide array of Prado cars and mods are available to enhance your experience. Ready to take the challenge? Get behind the wheel and learn with officer Judy. Download parking games on this link.


Among Us

Among us needs no introduction. Since its re-release in 2020 the game has blown up the entire gaming scene on the internet. Thanks to streamers people caught on the idea that this is an enjoyable party game. It's best played with multiple friends. It supports around 5-10 players. If you have co-op party friends who enjoy games then among us is going to be one hell of a ride. The game is available on both App store and Google Play Store




Dadish is definitely a game worth playing in the Free to play zone, although the game contains a single in-app to remove all the advertisements. When it comes to F2P titles this is as good as it gets. Players can reach the end of this game without spending a dime. This 2D game has racked up so many positive reviews. Dadish is a balance of offering a challenge but not so tough. A total of 40 levels and a healthy dose of replayability.Available on Play Store and App Store


Soon to Release

*The Caring Souls

The Caring Souls is a role-playing game with a choice of abnegation & challenging approach. A graphically realistic surgery game that enhances user’s knowledge in different fields of medicine. Users will also be able to generate a map of various medical departments alongside surgeries & customize their characters according to their own taste. The game is anticipated to be released on Play Store and App store both. For best surgery games follow Spartans Global Pvt Ltd