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How to Sideload Games on Oculus Quest | Tips & Tricks

SideQuest is the most trusted place to get your sideloaded games from. People consider it to be secondary to the Oculus Store because of the sheer amount of apps and games from this third-party app. You just have to drag and drop the APK file from your PC to your Oculus Quest. You can also find games and other apps on their website. These are some tips when sideloading games on SideQuest:


Download and install SideQuest on your PC

Download and install SideQuest on your PC

Make sure to download the SideQuest app on your PC to automatically run the sideloading process. You can access the SideQuest download link from here.

Also, install the necessary drivers needed for your Oculus device to be recognized by the computer. After the installation process, connect your Oculus Quest (or Quest 2) to your PC. A prompt, like the image below, will appear on your screen.

Just click the Always allow from this computer option and proceed. You will see what device is connected in the upper-right corner of the window.


Make sure to turn on developer mode

Make sure to turn on developer mode

To sideload apps to your device, you’ll have to turn on developer mode. This mode will enable you to sideload the apps you want and run them on your Oculus device. To turn it on, see the steps below.

  1. Locate your paired Oculus device and click on More Settings.
  2. Under the More Settings, there is a Developer Mode option. Click it and toggle it on.

Although Oculus now requires an account to access the developer mode, you can easily make an account on their website.

Pro tip
The Oculus website will ask for credentials of your organization upon subscription. You just have to provide them a name for an “organization” (which could be anything) and you can set up your account and sync it to your device.


Sideloading games from SideQuest

Sideloading games from SideQuest

From the SideQuest app, there are a lot of popular games to choose from. These can be downloaded directly from SideQuest to your Oculus Quest device. Here’s how:

  1. Click on the thumbnail of your preferred game and check the requirements if it fits your device.
  2. After clicking the thumbnail, you should see an Install to Headset option on the top-left corner. Click it to start the installation process.

Sideload apps that are readily available directly from SideQuest.

After installing the game, you should be able to play it on your Oculus Quest.

Pro tip
You can uninstall an app following the same steps mentioned above. The only difference is that the Install to Headset option will be replaced by an Uninstall option.


Sideloading games from APK files

Sideloading games from APK files

Installing APK files in SideQuest is as easy as doing it on an Android phone. All you need to do is download the file and run it in the app. It’s as easy as that!

However, before you get in the thick of it, you’ll need to understand the Oculus Content Guidelines first to know the repercussions of doing anything beyond what’s allowed. Sideloading malicious files can also damage your device.

Once you’ve made up your mind, just click on the folder icon with a down arrow on the top-right corner of the window.

Another window will open containing your files. Go to the folder with your APK files and choose what to download on your device.

Pro tip
If you have some background in coding, you can actually install a game using ADB and some command lines. To know more about these command lines and this installation process, you can read further on installing apps and games using ADB + command lines.


Find sideloaded games on your Oculus Quest

Find sideloaded games on your Oculus Quest

Since sideloaded apps and games are considered “unofficial”, they can’t be easily found on your device. You’ll have to access the database of your Oculus Quest to play sideloaded games downloaded from APK files.

Follow these simple steps to access sideloaded content from your Oculus Quest (or Quest 2):

  1. Upon loading your headset, click on your Library.
  2. Open the Unknown sources option.
  3. Find your file from the dropdown list on the right

You can now play sideloaded games from your Oculus Quest. Thanks to the SideQuest app, it’s easier to sideload apps and games.


Test your sideloaded game

Test your sideloaded game

After successfully installing the game from SideQuest, it’s time that you take up the mantle and the controllers to test the game. Check if it’s running smoothly and perfectly.

But remember that sideloaded games are considered unofficial, so there may be specific game features that won’t be available in the gameplay. Make sure you have the best gaming gear for Oculus Quest (or Quest 2) to maximize your gaming experience.