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Beginner Swimmers Must Choose Suitable Swimming Goggles For Themselves

For those of you who like swimming, wearing goggles is a must. Because wearing goggles can make you swim more freely without worrying about sore eyes or redness. From a medical point of view, dr. Lee Sao Bing - a leading eye surgeon from Singapore - says that eye irritation can occur because you don't wear goggles while swimming. This makes your eyes sensitive to the very high pH of the pool water or to chemicals that are excessively dissolved in the pool. Without swim goggles, you are also threatened with meeting the Acanthamoeba bacteria which can injure the surface of the eye and can even become serious inflammation.

So, don't take it lightly, yes. Wear goggles every time you swim. There are various models of swimming goggles that you can choose from.

Choose swim goggles that don't leave stains

Imagine if there was a circle stain around your eyes after a long day of swimming using goggles. This might happen to you who have sensitive skin. Oops, it looks like you have been hit, lo. The appearance of these circles looks less pleasing to the eye and makes you insecure. Usually, this also happens because you are exposed to sunlight while swimming so that streaks appear around the eyes.

The trick to keep that from happening: choose big-rimmed goggles. The use of large-rimmed goggles prevents the appearance of blemishes that make an impression around the eyes. Don't risk your skin by continuing to wear blemished goggles, huh. Replace with a new one so you don't regret it.

Do not choose swimming goggles that get foggy

There are swimming goggles that get foggy when you swim. How can it get foggy? Usually, it is due to weather conditions, ambient temperature, and water. So, don't choose goggles like that, huh. The problem is this will make swimming activities uncomfortable. Look for anti-fog or anti-fog goggles, so you can swim without problems. Don't worry, you can easily find goggles like this at sports supply stores.

Find the one that prevents water from getting into your eyes

Pool water may get into your eyes while swimming. This shouldn't be happening, especially after you put on your goggles. If your goggles are not good enough to prevent water from getting into the goggles, then you can say that you are losing buying them. You see, you wear swimming goggles to keep your eyes safe from water.

Make sure the goggles you want to buy are of good quality, with good rubber adjusters, tight, and fit in the eye. Also choose goggles with edges that are strong, safe, and easy to adjust. If not, later the water that gets into the goggles will affect your vision.