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Updated by Joanna James on Mar 30, 2021
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10 Best Uniquely Hong Kong Dishes You Need to Try at Least Once

Often described as a foodie's paradise, wining and dining in Hong Kong is one of the true pleasures of a trip to the island. Here are ten dishes every visitors must sample before bidding adieu to this bustling Asian holiday hotspot.


Curry Fishballs

Tipped to be Hong Kong's most popular street food, curry fishballs strangely enough contain little or no fish filling but is made using flour. The bite-size blobs are dipped in curry sauce and then skewered on a stick of bamboo before being handed over to customers on a plate or a takeaway container.


Wonton Noodles

Although Wonton noodles are served in restaurants around the world, Hong Kong offers diners the best incarnation of this well-loved dish served with a light broth. Made using thin and chewy egg noodles, Hong Kong chefs like to top off the noodles with wonton dumplings stuffed with prawn meat or pork. Garnished with garlic chives, the wonton noodles served at Mak Man Kee is tanked among the best on the island.


Milk Tea

Regarded as the beverage of choice for most Hong Kong residents, there's nothing like a cup of milk tea to pick one up early in the morning or to give an added boost of energy in the late afternoon. Made by brewing black tea in hot water and then infusing evaporated milk or condensed milk, this sweet beverage is a remnant of Hong Kong's colonial past.


Egg Tarts

Another leftover from Hong Kong's days as a colony of Portugal, egg tarts are a decadent delight every visitor should sample at least once during a trip to Hong Kong. Featuring a creamy custard in the centre and a crispy crust on the outside, this crumbly and delicious pastry is a delicacy that's available at Hoover Cake Shop and the equally popular Door Door Bakery.


Claypot Rice

Rice fanatics will find no finer alternative to this filling and wholesome dish which is cooked slowly on a charcoal stove and usually served during the winter period. The rice is toasted in a claypot and topped off with various vegetable and meat items before being slow-cooked for hours to create the unique flavour of this well-loved meal.


Tofu Pudding

Bean curd enthusiasts can enjoy their favourite protein as a dessert thanks to Hong Kong's tofu pudding hotspots the likes of Sham Shui Po. Sweetened using brown sugar or a syrup, the dessert is sometimes topped off with osmanthus, coconut milk or durian fruits.


Pineapple bun

Those based at Park Hotel Hong Kong or any similar Tsim Sha Tsui hotels will be hard-pressed to find a bakery in the area that does not sell pineapple buns. Although there is no pineapple in it, this sweet crusty bun does resemble the tropical fruit in appearance.


Egg Waffles

Known as 'gai daan jai' in the local tongue this bubble-shaped waffle is the perfect snack or breakfast option for egg fanatics.


Kwan Kee Bowl Pudding

Made using red bean and glutinous rice four, this sweet and sugary dessert comes in white and brown variations.


Cart Noodles

Kowloon City is the perfect location to dig into a bowl of cart noodles which are a mixture of various noodles, toppings, soup bases and meat or seafood items and served by street food carts.