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Top 06 Reasons why Thailand is so Popular Among Travellers – An insight into the Land of Smiles

In between those white sandy beaches and terrific hotels with mesmerizing charm to historic hotels and outrageously delicious food, getting lost in the mesmerizing 'Land of Smiles' is a very true possibility. Here are the top 06 reasons why Thailand is so popular among travellers.


The Thai Beaches

What sets Thailand apart from most other Asian counterparts has got to be its beautiful beaches. With over 1500 miles of beaches to choose from, you can never be too far away from Thailand's sandy white beaches. While there are some beaches such as Bang Saen and in Chonburi that have been vastly overrun by crowds of tourists in the past years, there are still stretches of beach such as Hat Sawan Beach which is just pure bliss to spend time at – the best thing about it being that accommodation is never really far away with hotels the likes of Avani Khon Kaen Hotel & Convention Centre being just a whizz away.


Rich Thai History and Culture

Like most other Asian countries, the history of Thailand is fascinatingly long and complex. Their earliest kingdoms date as far back as the Paleolithic period over 20,000 years ago. Since then up until as recent as the 16th century, there are numerous tales to be heard and experienced that roughly paints a picture of Thailand's eventful history and rich culture.


Ancient Thai Temples

Did you know that Thailand houses more than approximately 40,000 Buddhist temples throughout the country? Imaginably so, therefore no matter where in the country you go, chances are you will be close enough to a temple to admire its beautiful shrines and dome-shaped pagodas that the Buddhists respect and venerate fiercely. That being said, the architecture and construction style of each temple can vary widely between the temples and are all pointers towards the dynastical differences they all stipulate.


Thai Food

The Thais love their food- they genuinely do! The Thai cuisine is delicious and diverse and is definitely not for the faint-hearted! Street vendors, especially, have some insane skills whipping up some smacking delicious dishes in seconds with an aromatic mix of ingredients such as lemongrass, kaffir lime leaves, coconut cream, and galangal!


Thai Festivals

If there is one thing that the Thai's love more than their food, it has got to be their celebratory festivals! Festivals take place in different parts of the country and are frequently held on sacred temple grounds. Since the festivals are mainly planned according to the lunar year, the exact dates may vary slightly every year.



Many a luxury hotel in Khon Kaen – or all of Thailand for that matter – costs only a fraction of the price that you would otherwise spend for accommodation at any commercial hotel in Europe or the USA. Do not be fooled – just because the prices are lighter on the eyes, they by no means cut down on the level of luxury and comfort they have to offer!